Chapter 162

Snowball and Pink Hair were not affected by this pressure, but one of them squatted on Xu Ziyan’s flying sword, and the other laid on Xu Zirong’s shoulder. Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong fell into the water, and they both fell without checking what’s below.

After falling into the sea water full of stumps, Snowball suddenly stared at Pink Hair angrily. It usually ate by just swallowing, and it’d never made things so bloody before.

Pink Hair ignored Snowball’s gaze, it just sniffed the air hard and looked at Snowball suspiciously, “Puff.” (Do you think this taste is very familiar?)

“Meh?” Snowball was taken aback for a moment, and it started sniffing hard. After a while, its figure suddenly got larger, turning into a creature with a human’s face and a sheep’s body, roaring into the air with a deafening voice…

Just before Snowball roared again, a powerful divine consciousness swept across Xu Ziyan and the others one by one. The divine consciousness carried a heavy and majestic momentum, and based on this momentum, it’s easy to conclude that this monster’s strength far exceeded their expectations.

Ever since he practiced the Spell of Refining Consciousness, Xu Ziyan had been extremely sensitive to the intensity of his divine consciousness. If his divine consciousness was like a small river before practicing it, then the old ancestor of the Yuan family would be like a big one. However, no matter if it’s a small or big one, it’s still inferior when facing this strong divine consciousness. This monster’s divine consciousness was like a boundless sea, or it’s no longer a divine consciousness, but more like a divine thought…

At the end of Xu Ziyan’s sight, a huge sea monster appeared in the distance. If that sea monster wasn’t moving fast, Xu Ziyan might even think that it’s an island.

Although he had predicted the size of this sea monster, Xu Ziyan was still shocked when he saw such a huge creature.

When he saw blue whales on TV in the past, Xu Ziyan felt that the sea was amazing, as such amazing creatures could be born in it, but compared with the sea monster that looked like a tortoise, the size of the blue whale was almost as small as a kid.

——This sea monster looked easily offended, and when its divine thought noticed that Snowball had changed back to its original form, it shrank after roaring once, then turned and ran away…

That speed…it was definitely a monster of deity…

Xu Ziyan and others: =口=

What the hell was going on?

Snowball roared after turning into its original form and stared fiercely at the direction to which the sea monster had fled. It was ready for a life-and-death fight…

“What’s going on?” Xu Ziyan asked and he felt speechless, “this sea monster…was scared away?!”

After such a terrifying sea monster, Xu Ziyan thought that they were waiting for a fierce battle, yet a single roar of Snowball was sufficient to scare it away, what a huge difference…

“Puff……” Pink Hair sneered, then turned to Xu Zirong for some communication.

Xu Zirong was silent for a moment, and Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but continue asking.

Xu Zirong hesitated and said, “Pink Hair told me that it knew that sea monster well, and it used to steal Snowball’s food. Then, Snowball beat it up and it’s now traumatized…”

“Meh!” After scaring away the sea monster, Snowball resumed its original state. It kept complaining to Xu Ziyan, “I will never forget about that incident…”

Xu Ziyan was speechless for a while. Well, he didn’t understand about the world of monsters, but they were so lucky to have escaped from the hands of a monster of deity.


Just when Xu Ziyan was about to take out the big ship, Snowball suddenly let out a scream.

Everyone was startled at once, almost reflexively preparing various attack spells, yet they didn’t see any enemy. And Xu Ziyan’s divine consciousness also hadn’t discovered anything. At this moment, they saw Snowball weeping about the stumps of the golden swordfish in the sea…

Snowball cried like the sky had crumbled. Its tears kept flowing when it looked at those fish, since when Pink Hair was ready to attack, at least several thousands of fish died in its hands.

The rest of the swordfish already fled, and Snowball’s expected big meal had also gone in vain…

“Meh…” Snowball hugged Xu Ziyan’s thigh in tears, expressing its grievances.

Later, Xu Ziyan promised over and over that there’d be other golden swordfish although those had died in the sea. Since the Lang Yu Secret Realm was vast, there would surely be more than one race of golden swordfish. He also promised Snowball that during three months, it’d certainly eat some golden swordfish happily!

In any case, Snowball finally stopped crying while holding Xu Ziyan’s pants…

Xu Ziyan was speechless and watched Snowball wipe its tears with its hooves. He looked so powerful and fierce just now, but whenever it’s about eating, no one could tell that it’s a brutal son of the dragon…

“Puff!” Pink Hair silently jumped from Xu Zirong’s left shoulder to his right shoulder. It always knew that its brother could do everything for food, but it didn’t expect that Snowball turned out to be more shameless than expected.

The son of a dragon turned out to refuse to let go of its master’s legs for a fish! It’s so shameless for the entire race of dragons!

Snowball, can you be more shameless?!

Pink Hair was very worried about its future…

Although Taotie’s strength was one of the best among their brothers, Pink Hair was worried about whether it would be dragged behind with such an unreliable teammate.

It wasn’t very lucky during the previous battles. Every time, it was the first to be eliminated. Of course, this was due to its bad temper, but it was more related to the master it’d chosen.

When the son of a dragon chose its owner, the first thing to determine would be whether it liked the master or not. Usually, the sons of dragons preferred those human beings with a strong bloody smell.

Obviously, the vast majority of human beings meeting this requirement would be demon cultivators. However, since the demon cultivators murdered too much, they were usually less lucky…

Luck is invisible and intangible, but it really exists. Those who’re lucky are more likely to succeed. To make it sound more exaggerated, as long as they don’t do anything evil, opportunities would come to them even if they just sit at home and wait.

Of course, luck is only one aspect of a cultivator’s path of cultivation. They might also succeed if they work hard enough.

However, every time, the son of a dragon would choose an extremely evil master. They were indeed working hard, but they worked hard in reducing their level of luck…

Perhaps it is for this reason that the son of the dragon was the first to be eliminated in several battles. It’s really a bit too unlucky.

But this time, things would be different!

Although Xu Zirong, whom he’d chosen, also carried a strong bloody smell, he hadn’t killed that many people in his life.

It had no idea how much luck Xu Zirong had, but ever since it signed a contract with Xu Zirong, it had an idea of how many treasures the Xu brothers had gotten.

From this point of view, it had really made the best choice of having chosen Xu Zirong as its master.

Pink Hair sighed slightly and looked at Taotie, which was just squatting beside Xu Ziyan and selling cuteness. It then silently turned it’s the head away.

Would it be a really good idea to team up with this foodie?

He was very satisfied with the Xu brothers, yet in so many multi-dimensional battles, there should be a good cooperation with the son of the dragon and its human being. If Taotie didn’t work hard enough, it would be a real issue as well…

“Brother, what are you thinking?” Xu Zirong noticed that his brother was in a daze and asked softly.

“Ah? Nothing.” Xu Ziyan shook his head.

Xu Zirong’s eyes flashed, “brother, you cannot hide things from me. Are you worrying about Snowball and Pink Hair?”

Xu Ziyan paused, then looked at Xu Zirong suspiciously.

Xu Zirong pointed to his chest (Mr. Blood Contract is showing its existence!), then burst into laughter. Xu Ziyan seemed to have forgotten that Zirong could know everything he’s thinking of. Oh…wait! Does it also mean that he no longer had any privacy?

Xu Ziyan, who’d been slow in reacting, finally understood why Xu Zirong managed to find his pleasure spot every time they were in bed. Also, Xu Zirong always made sure that his brother was exhausted before he finally ended things.

Damn it, so it also means that Xu Zirong knew every little thought of his…

“It’s not like that, brother. I can only sense things if you agree to communicate with me by heart. If there are things that you don’t want me to know, then I can’t feel it.” Xu Zirong told his brother honestly the shortcoming of the blood contract.

Xu Ziyan breathed a sigh of relief. Although he knew that there’s nothing to hide from Xu Zirong, he also wouldn’t Zirong to know some of his dirty thoughts that came up from time to time…it’s really a loss of his self-esteem!

“Ok, so can my brother tell me now?” Xu Zirong smiled softly and whispered.


Xu Ziyan coughed twice and awkwardly withdrew his hands. He turned his eyes around Wei Qing and Le Hu, and realized that they were not paying attention to his side. Then, he secretly glanced at Xu Zirong, “pay attention!”


Xu Zirong pouted and regretfully let go of his brother. He knew that his brother didn’t want to disclose their relationship, yet he really couldn’t endure not having physical contact with his brother for so long.


Xu Ziyan was not only his brother, but also his lover! If it’s because of cultivation, it’s fine to endure for some time, yet Xu Ziyan was right in front of him and he still couldn’t touch him. He really couldn’t bear with it!


After secretly glancing at Wei Qing and Le Hu, there’s a sense of dullness under Xu Zirong’s eyes. He knew that his brother really valued his friendship with Le Hu and Wei Qing, and judging from the current situation, they would be together for quite some time.

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