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Chapter 170


If he met other people, Mo Ziyuan’s actions would definitely take the effect he wanted, but Xu Ziyan and the others simply did not favor that. Firstly, they had no intention of killing or robbing goods. Secondly, if they really wanted to do something bad, they would not have to take action at all since Snowball could just handle Mo Ziyuan alone!

Whether it was because of his own shock or due to the other party who really had a good relationship with Bai Hua, Mo Ziyuan had a good impression of Xu Ziyan’s enthusiastic attitude. Although Bai Hua was still not awake, his body was slowly recovering. That was why Mo Ziyuan was also very relaxed, talking and laughing with Xu Ziyan, trying to find out the details of the other party without a trace.

It was a pity that after a while, he found out. Although Xu Ziyan’s enthusiasm for him could not be overlooked, but apart from knowing that he was a disciple of Liu Guang Sect, he came to explore the mysterious land of Langyu with his younger brother and two of his good friends (including Wei Qing). However, he did not even inquire about anything.

The conversation skills of the other party were very good. Whenever he brought the topics to him, he could change the topic unknowingly…

After talking for half an hour, Mo Ziyuan found tragically that not only did he not find any useful news, but on the contrary, he was getting dug up with a lot of things about himself, which made them could not help but laugh and cry.

“Big brother, I’m hungry.” Xu Zirong was very upset that Mo Ziyuan had occupied the place next to his brother as soon as he came.

In the previous life, he died under the siege of Bai Hua and his three lovers. Even if Mo Ziyuan in this life did not offend him, he would never show him his good side.

It could even be said that it was for the sake of his elder brother that he did not directly seek revenge from them. If he wanted to have a good chat with them, that would definitely a dream!

Since Mo Ziyuan got on the boat, Xu Zirong’s face had no hint of smiling. Even when Mo Ziyuan and Xu Ziyan had a happy chat, his body began to exude a very heavy aura.

Le Hu, who was born in the extreme west, was most sensitive to various auras. He glanced at Xu Zirong in surprise, wondering why he suddenly became like that.

He just wanted to ask the last sentence, but was suddenly pulled by Wei Qing next to him, who was glaring at him, “If you don’t understand, don’t make trouble!”

Le Hu touched his neck, accepted Wei Qing’s kindness, silently turned his face aside and stopped talking.

Seeing him like that, Wei Qing could not help but choke in his heart again, feeling unhappy no matter how he thought about it.

“Huh? Is Zirong hungry?” Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong dubiously. Although he knew that the fellow was deliberately interrupting his chat with Mo Ziyuan, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“Yes, I’m starving!” Xu Zirong nodded, and added an accent to the word starving.

Xu Ziyan’s face flushed suddenly. When he was on the island a few days ago, Xu Zirong kept complaining that he was very hungry and starving, and then ate him over and over again…

After being interrupted by Zirong like that, Xu Ziyan and Mo Ziyuan could not talk anymore. To be more precise, it was Mo Ziyuan who was good at observing words and expressions. He found that the other’s younger brother did not seem to like meeting him, so he drew himself away cleanly.

He did not know why Xu Zirong would look at him unpleasantly, but he never intended to go into it. He was not a spirit stone after all, so of course it was impossible to win everyone’s favor.

Noticing that Mo Ziyuan stopped chatting with his brother, Xu Zirong’s expression finally got better.

Xu Ziyan did not have any solution to his brother’s overbearing exclusivity. Fortunately, Xu Zirong’s behavior at that time was not too outrageous, so he simply let him take him away.

After two days in the same expedition, Mo Ziyuan quickly became acquaintances with everyone on the boat–except for Xu Zirong.

As a successful businessman, not only did Mo Ziyuan have no traits of a usual city worker, he was rather generous. Moreover, he was all-faced and exquisite. No matter it was facing the arrogant Wei Qing or the bold Le Hu, he could talk to them very well. It was hard for people to hate him.

Xu Ziyan himself had no opinions about Mo Ziyuan. It was purely because of his identity as Bai Hua’s lover. That was why he was more jealous. However, after two days of interactions, he found that this person and the Mo Ziyuan in his memory lane was very different instead, almost making him thought that Mo Ziyuan had also been crossing timelines… _( : 3」∠)_

Mo Ziyuan in his memory of the original body had never smiled as cheerful and unburdened as he was now. Although Mo Ziyuan also laughed at that time, he always carried a faint bitterness. His original body might not understand why he had such a performance, but when it was put in Xu Ziyan’s body, he vaguely understood…

Never look at the novel and thought that Bai Hua and the three sadistics get along very harmoniously and perfectly. But Xu Ziyan felt that if he would compare their hearts, he was afraid that any man did not want to share his love with others.

In terms of identity and background, the original body could be said to be the worst of the three of them, but the original body always gotten more attention from Bai Hua.

It turned out that Xu Ziyan had not understood it, but now that he had come into contact with Mo Ziyuan, and thought about their personalities, he immediately understood.

Whether it was Lin Xiaotian or Mo Ziyuan, their identity background was destined to have a proud side in their character.

Just like Wei Qing, his origin had already destined him to have the capital of pride.

Such two people had to share their love with others for various reasons. It was conceivable that even if they accepted that fact on the surface, according to their personalities, it was no doubt they were not the kind of person who could tolerate that matter. Only Xu Ziyan’s background was very poor. Although he was very talented as a person, he was far inferior to Bai Hua’s first and second pursuers.

Perhaps it was for that reason which made Xu Ziyan, who had no great background, did not show strong dissatisfaction after becoming Bai Hua’s third pursuer. At least combining Xu Ziyan’s memory and the content of the novel, although the original body was jealous because of Bai Hua’s two other lovers, but he never had the idea of ​​leaving Bai Hua.

Instead, Mo Ziyuan and Lin Xiaotian both lost their tempers because of the appearance of their rivals, and even almost turned against Bai Hua. Later, because Bai Hua was in danger several times, they happened to encounter him. As a result, they were disconnected and finally reached a 4P finale…

Thinking of that, Xu Ziyan could not help but touched his chin. Once Wei Qing, that stinky kid put himself up on air, he could be quite arrogant. As for Lin Xiaotian and Mo Ziyuan, who were equal to him in terms of status, they did not seem to be able to tolerate their lover’s cheating.

Seeing Mo Ziyuan who was talking with Le Hu, Xu Ziyan shook his head slightly. Lin Xiaotian and he only met one time, and he just made contact with Mo Ziyuan. With only with those two impressions, he could tell the arrogance of those two people deep in their bones.

How could such a person share a lover with others?

No matter how he thought about it, it felt impossible! ╮(╯_╰)╭It was said that love made people blind, but Xu Ziyan did not think that a person like the proud man of heaven would become an idiot with a negative IQ for that reason.

Taking him as an example, he considered himself just an ordinary person, and he was still a little away from the proud man of heaven. He and Zirong had many reasons for being together, such as family affection, love, saving the world (???) and so on, but the largest comparison of them was definitely the transformation of love from family affection.

Xu Ziyan did not know what other people’s love was, but the love he believed must be unique and exclusive. That was why he could tolerate Xu Zirong’s perverted possessiveness to a large extent.

He felt that Xu Zirong’s possessiveness was normal, but it was a bit exaggerated than others. He himself possessed Xu Zirong as well, but in contrast with Xu Zirong, his possessiveness was not so obvious.

But that did not meant that he could share Xu Zirong with others!

Even if he loved Zirong again, if one day Zirong brought another person back and told him that in the future, he would share him with that person, then his only choice was bound to break.

Just because he felt that ordinary people (??) like him could not tolerate that kind of thing, then it was even more impossible for the pride of heaven like Lin Xiaotian and Mo Ziyuan to tolerate it!

So what was the reason why those two people could share Bai Hua with other men even after being betrayed by their lover?

Xu Ziyan felt that he had touched the veil of a certain secret. As long as the veil was lifted, he could easily discover the deepest hidden secret of Bai Hua, and then easily K.O him without causing the halo effect of the male protagonist…

Xu Ziyan always felt that his intuition had become much sharper since he traveled to this world, as if he had vaguely realized from the beginning of the journey that he could not go home to fulfill his filial piety. Later, when he got along with Xu Zirong, his intuition was in fact keeping on reminding him, but he was bewildered by the performance of the acting king Xu at the time, so he had never discovered the true face of that snake-crazed diseased person.

After that, whenever it was anything related to Bai Hua, his intuition was particularly keen. Just now, he felt that he had discovered the secret of Bai Hua becoming the male protagonist…

Gently tapping on the corner of his forehead, Xu Ziyan felt that maybe he should think about why he traveled to this world. He always thought that…it did not seem so simple.


The peaceful journey continued, but after a day, Bai Hua woke up.

Bai Hua who had awoken suddenly became Xu Ziyan’s nightmare, especially after he realized that both Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong no longer possessed a primordial yang body, his eyes were full of bitter hatred when he looked at Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan was numb in his scalp, but he did not know what the reason was. He remembered that the separation from Bai Hua was the last time he was in Wuti City. After that, they had not seen each other. Why did Bai Hua always give him a look like meeting his father’s murderer and enemy?

He naturally would not know that, relying on the senses of the primordial yang body, when Bai Hua discovered that their two primordial yangs were gone, it was almost as if he was struck by lightning.

If it was someone else, they would only think that the relationship between the two brothers was very close after seeing their interaction. However, in Bai Hua’s eyes, it was simply a naked show of affection.

Occasionally, the eyes met each other, the secret touch between the fingers, and the feeling between the two brothers that made others distance themselves was getting heavier and thicker. All of that was like a sharp blade inserted into Bai Hua’s heart.

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