Chapter 242

Wei Liancheng shook his head lightly, “so far, it has only happened twice that the soul furnace was opened in the True Dragon maze. Besides the first time, when a disciple escaped with luck, there hadn’t been anyone coming out alive. Even the disciple who escaped successfully died soon after, though we managed to get the remaining information from him before he took his last breath.

Everyone fell silent. As cultivators, they could clearly tell that Wei Liancheng was telling the truth.

This means that all exits would become random teleportation points unless the soul furnace went dormant again. They’d have to walk to the center of the maze and find the real exit to escape alive.

“Damn it, what the hell is going on?” A cultivator in green clothes chopped off a monster with a sword and wiped his face with indescribable anxiety.

“Strange, why can’t we get out?! Aren’t these teleportation arrays supposed to take us to the exit? Why did they become random teleportation?” A female cultivator in red robe asked her sister suspiciously.

“Ah!” With a scream, a cultivator with a low cultivation base had his throat bitten off by a huge wolf-shaped monster. The huge black wolf monster dragged its prey with blood-red eyes and slowly disappeared in the dark passage…

Similar things were happening every moment, and within a few days, all the cultivators had noticed the changes in the True Dragon maze.

The number of monsters increased, and even their level of cultivation also slowly improved.

Some careful people counted that on the first day they entered, most of the enemies they saw were in the late stage of building base, but as time passed, those low-level monsters were completely invisible, and what appeared were monsters of the middle stage of Qi condensation.

In the face of such monsters, some cultivators could no longer resist. Those who formed a small group and entered together turned out to be fine, yet the few cultivators who were alone became the dinner for the monsters eventually.

“It doesn’t look fine.” Wei Qing said in a low voice, staring at the unusually calm passage.

After another three days, no matter how much Wei Qing tried to pretend, he had to admit that the number of monsters in the maze was really too numerous to ignore.

Almost every time they turned a corridor, there would be a fight. The monsters that usually slaughtered at will in the forest made use of the traps there, making them in a tricky situation. If the Xu brothers weren’t golden core cultivators, Wei Qing and Le Hu would surely be injured.

“What can you feel?” Xu Ziyan asked.

“I don’t know, I just feel a little uneasy.” Wei Qing looked solemn, his fingers clenched into fists unconsciously.

Xu Ziyan’s heart moved slightly, and he stopped talking, just watched the surroundings vigilantly.

The passage was unusually quiet, except for the sound of a few people breathing, there was not even a little extra sound.

The surrounding air seemed to be solidified, making it difficult to breathe.

Originally, Xu Ziyan could bring Snowball with him to enter, but it refused after knowing that they were going to the True Dragon maze.

Besides Snowball, Pink Hair, the proud kitten of Wei Qing and Pudding of Le Hu all rejected to enter the True Dragon maze. They wanted to stay in the Liu Guang sect instead, so obedient that they weren’t like dragon sons at all…

Previously, Xu Ziyan also found it strange, but it seemed to him that it’s a good thing they hadn’t entered the maze.

The monsters in the maze seemed to be undergoing some changes and it might be due to the “soul furnace”.

In the past few days, Xu Ziyan and the others hunted at least over 100 monsters, and among them, 50% of them were in the late stage of Qi condensation, just a few steps away from golden core.

What was more horrifying was that the strength of these monsters was still increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye. The day before yesterday, Xu Ziyan and the others were attacked by a group of flaming lions. While being not careful enough, one of them escaped.

Two days later, the flaming lion, which was seriously injured at the time, came to take revenge on them, and it also became a golden core monster. If Xu Zirong wasn’t careful enough to place enough blood vines behind them, Le Hu would be heavily injured under the attack of the flaming lion.

“It’s too quiet.” Le Hu squeezed his fist irritably. He liked fighting and the battlefield, and in this extremely quiet environment, he felt very anxious and had an inexplicable sense of depression.

Tick tock!

In such a quiet environment, the sudden sound of water suddenly shocked everyone.

“Above us!” Xu Zirong responded very quickly, raising his hand and releasing a blood vine.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he released it, they felt as if it had fallen into a swamp. They heard a purring sound like a bubbling mud, and the whole blood vine rose up suddenly and flew towards the ceiling.

“Everyone, be careful!” Xu Zirong’s expression changed suddenly, and he released four thick blood vines again to protect everyone.

Wei Qing cast a spell and released several fireballs hovering in mid-air, instantly illuminating the dark ceiling.

“What is that…what?” Le Hu stared blankly above, with a disgusted expression on his face.

Not far from where they were, there was a mass of flesh and mud on the ceiling.

This monster didn’t to have a fixed shape. They could only see lumps of minced flesh rolling and boiling. From time to time, they also saw familiar or unfamiliar faces in the flesh. They all had a painful look, and after a while, they melted into the pulp of flesh again.

“Ou…” Wei Qing couldn’t help but start vomiting.

Le Hu and the others were also pale. It’s because they didn’t see only faces, but also a whole arm or leg in the pulp of flesh, as if it was formed by countless corpses.

“What is this?” Xu Zirong had never heard of such a creature after his two lifetimes.

Xu Ziyan shook his head vigorously. His understanding of the world of cultivation was much more backward than that of Xu Zirong. If Xu Zirong had no idea, then how would he know?

Tick tock!

There was another sound of water, yet this time, everyone could see clearly that the so-called “water droplets” were dripping from the pulp of flesh, rolling towards Xu Ziyan and the others.

The facial expressions on Xu Ziyan and the other changed drastically and they quickly retreated. Xu Zirong controlled his blood vines and wanted to pump the drop of flesh away. Unexpectedly, after it came into contact with the blood vine, it quickly merged into it.

Xu Zirong’s face turned pale, and he gave up control of the blood vine immediately Then, he saw that the blood vine began to slowly melt, and finally turned into something like the fleshy pulp.

Xu Zirong’s blood vine originally had the thickness of a bowl, but after it was turned into pulp, it was only the size of a fist.

The fist-sized pulp was rolling on the ground, and occasionally green shoots of blood vines would emerge from it, but after a few breaths, nothing green came out of the pulp again. It became a part of the monster, like a living creature. Along the walls of the maze, it “climbed” back to the ceiling and merged into the big pulp of flesh.

Everyone was horrified after seeing this. They looked at the mass of flesh in horror.

The tumbling pulp of flesh obviously had no face, but everyone felt being looked at.

“Not good!” Xu Ziyan was scared.

They found out about the pulp of flesh because of the water droplet. The drop of pulp flesh that they’d seen already devoured Xu Zirong’s blood vine and crawled back, so what about the first drop of it?

Thinking of this, Xu Ziyan shouted with cold sweat on his head, “everyone, be careful around you, there are two drops of pulp dripping from that monster just now!”

The other three immediately thought of the previous scene. They immediately checked their surroundings with their divine consciousness.

“Brother! Be careful!” Xu Zirong screamed.

Xu Ziyan was startled, and before he could react, his calf felt numb.

He looked down and saw that the spiritual shield he had released was swallowed up by the drop of pulp in silence, and at this time, the blood-red flesh had already covered his calf, and it seemed that it was about to melt into his body.

Xu Ziyan was almost in despair, he never thought that he would die there so soon.

“Don’t come here!” Xu Ziyan shouted. He stared at Xu Zirong firmly, not letting him get close to him.

He could clearly see the process of the blood vine being swallowed by the pulp just now. Almost in the blink of an eye, the huge blood vine turned into a pool of blood and merged into the body of the pulp.

He was sure that his body wouldn’t even last longer than the blood vine.

If Xu Zirong got close, would it eat him as well?

He’d raised his baby brother so hard and it’s not for the dinner of this damn pulp!

“Brother!” Xu Zirong was about to go insane. If Wei Qing and the others had not stopped him in time, he would have rushed over.

Xu Ziyan only felt that the numbness in his calf seemed to be extending all the way up, and the spiritual power in his body was overflowing uncontrollably like a pocket punctured by someone.



Just when Xu Ziyan was about to lose all his hope, a dazzling purple awn suddenly erupted from his Dantian.

There was a bright white light on his wrist, and a spiral mark slowly appeared on his skin.

The white light and the purple light were intertwined, and at the same time, his Dantian trembled again. A flying sword arrived, going straight through the place where the white light and the purple light met.

“Aurora?” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but exclaimed. He always felt that this Aurora was a poor bulliable guy in his Dantian. Unexpectedly, when the snail and little Greenie were fighting, Aurora became the one that stood out.


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