Chapter 247

Fortunately, although Xia Rongsheng was a people pleaser, he still knew what he ought to do and he didn’t go pleasing both sides.

Xu Ziyan trusted Xu Zirong, and if Xu Zirong said that there’s no need to hurry, then he would just stop worrying.

The righteous cultivators over there only had a moment of aggression under Gao Yi’s bombardment. Noticing that Xu Ziyan and the others were not in a hurry to rush to the secret doors, Gao Yi started feeling puzzled.

This True Dragon maze had always been under the control of the Wei family, so he immediately assumed that Wei Qing must have some news about this maze. However, seeing that Xu Ziyan and the others didn’t plan to approach the secret door, Gao Yi started doubting if there were any traps inside.

Gao Yi thought for a while and asked a cultivator to open the trap on the Coiling Dragon Pillar that the demon cultivator had used before. Unexpectedly, after the blood dripped into the dragon’s mouth, the secret door opened again.

After realizing that this secret door was not a one-time product, but could be used continuously, the rest of the people couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, especially those who were injured or whose cultivation level was relatively low. Almost all of them secretly rejoiced in their hearts.

If the secret door could only be opened once, these people were undoubtedly the most at risk, and the most likely to be abandoned first.

“Okay, let’s go.” Xu Zirong saw that those people also discovered the secret of the secret door and calmed down. He knew that there wouldn’t be drama anymore and he stopped wasting time.

Originally, he had planned for some other action when Gao Yi couldn’t hold it, but that kid was quite smart and he’d thought about the continuous use of the secret door.

As soon as Xu Ziyan and the others moved, Gao Yi suddenly became nervous, but the other party didn’t seem to take him seriously. He just randomly chose a coiled dragon pillar and opened the door after dripping a drop of blood.

Unlike before, after Xu Ziyan and the others dripped blood into the dragon’s mouth, they all entered the secret door together. Gao Yi thought a long while before selecting the other one.

Now, although he was the temporary leader of this group, he wasn’t sure if he’d be supported if he’s attacked by Xu Ziyan. He dared not take the risk with his life, so he could only choose the other path.

After everyone entered the secret door of the passage, the night pearl on the dome of the entire hall suddenly dimmed.

The carved dragons on the eighteen coiled dragon pillars began to creep slowly, they slowly climbed up the dome along the pillars as if they came alive.

Among them, the blood-drinking dragons were obviously more energetic than the other stone dragons. They tangled and scuffled together, and soon swallowed up the other stone dragons and began attacking each other.

When there was only one huge stone dragon left on the dome, he roared proudly. The entire hall trembled in this deafening roar, the ground cracked, the magma surged up, and soon it turned into a sea of ​​fire.

The stone dragon jumped down from the dome and fell into the magma. After swimming in it, it jumped up suddenly, hovered and danced in mid-air. The dragon body gradually curled up, and finally turned into a huge pill furnace, suspended in mid-air. A lifelike real dragon was lying on the pill stove, and three big characters were engraved in the center of the pill stove – Dragon Soul Furnace!

Xu Ziyan and the others, who had entered the secret door, had no way of knowing about all these changes. After entering the secret door, they only felt that their eyes were dark, their divine consciousness was suppressed to only a few inches away from their side, making it almost impossible to investigate.

After this sudden change, everyone immediately stopped, and at the same time cast a spell to release a spiritual shield for protection.

Without their divine consciousness, they could only observe the surrounding environment with the naked eye, so it was inevitable that there would be some omissions. If they were not careful enough, they might get themselves killed.

Xu Ziyan was attacked secretly by that pulpy monster once before, and he had no confidence in his spiritual power shield. Since the pulpy monster could corrode the spiritual power shield, they would certainly die if they met in this narrow area.

Fortunately, he still had Little Greenie that he could trust. Xu Ziyan ‘borrowed’ one of its younger brothers from his Dantian and put it on the spiritual shield. As a result, except for Xu Zirong, who remained expressionless, the others immediately jumped up and left him eight feet away. They all looked at him with twitching eyes.

“Huh? Why are you looking at me?” Xu Ziyan asked innocently.

Wei Qing’s face twitched, “that’s…Purple Night Divine Thunder, right?”

“Yeah?” Xu Ziyan looked at the Purple Night Divine Thunder that had been integrated into the spiritual shield. Then, he looked at Wei Qing in confusion.

Wei Qing was speechless that Xu Ziyan hadn’t got it. This Purple Night Divine Thunder was the most powerful force in the world. Xu Ziyan had thunder-type spiritual roots and it’s fine for me to devour the Purple Night Divine Thunder, but they wouldn’t dare to touch this powerful stuff as ordinary cultivators.

One must understand that this thing couldn’t tell which one was the enemy, and if Xu Ziyan wasn’t careful enough, the divine thunder would cause them a huge injury by just passing by.


He had never seen anyone who put the Purple Night Divine Thunder on his spiritual shield. That thing was usually used for attack. It’s their first time seeing someone using it for defense. How interesting!

Xu Ziyan didn’t know that Wei Qing was laughing at his weird behavior. Besides, he wouldn’t care if he did. As long as it could make them safer, he wouldn’t care if he’s using it for defense or attack.

The seven people walked in slowly at a slow pace. Although the road was quiet and strange, there were no traps or monsters.

Just when everyone wondered where this passage was leading to, a dim light appeared in front of them.

“There is a door in front of us.” After entering the secret door, Xu Zirong released a large number of blood lice to explore the way, but there seemed to be something strange in it, since those blood lice would disappear quietly after leaving him not far away, not leaving any trace of contact.

In desperation, Xu Zirong could only use these blood lice in a very small range. Its effect of the detection was not very ideal, but it was better than nothing.

When everyone walked to the gate, they couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy. The changes in the True Dragon maze made them feel very uncomfortable, and there might not even be an open path after they dripped their blood,

It’s just that compared to being trapped in that hall, these secret doors still brought a bit of vitality, yet no one knew what’s hidden behind the door…

“I’ll do it.” Xu Zirong stepped forward and blocked his brother.

Although Xu Ziyan was unwilling, he still gave up this position in desperation.

It’s true that the person who opened the door actually had to take the biggest risk. Xu Ziyan didn’t want Xu Zirong to do it, but the pattern on the door looked like a very complicated array. Xu Ziyan burst into tears in his heart and thought, “it’s beyond my capacity!”

Touching his nose and hiding to the side, Xu Ziyan watched Xu Zirong scrutinize the array on the gate with a serious expression.

In Xu Ziyan’s eyes, the pattern of this array was absolutely complicated. Even if his eyes turned into mosquito coils, he couldn’t find the slightest clue. However, Xu Zirong understood it instantly.

He slowly traced the pattern on the door with his fingertips, knocking on the door a few times from time to time. The people around him watched his actions, holding their breath, as they were worried of making a movement and interrupting his thinking.

The more Xu Zirong copied the array, the more familiar it became. After recalling it carefully, he found that the array on this door was obviously the same as that on the dragon-shaped jade pillar on True Dragon Island, but the array here was much simpler than that on the jade pillar. Xu Zirong was sure that he could solve it after some time.

After about three hours, the magic array on the gate suddenly changed into a burst of white light, then the light slowly dimmed. Xu Zirong wiped the sweat on his forehead, and his face did not show the slightest ease of having solved the array.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Ziyan asked quickly.

Xu Zirong frowned, “this is a very strange array. It’s sort of like a teleportation one, yet not entirely the same.”

“Where will we be sent?” Xu Ziyan was taken aback.

“It’s not where we will be teleported…” Xu Zirong’s expression was a bit strange, “instead, this array will teleport something behind the door to…”

“What do you mean?” Xu Ziyan was stunned.

Xu Zirong explained carefully, “this alternative teleportation array is opened through this side, but the transmission is from the other side. That is to say, if someone opens the door, the door may be opened by another person, and something different may appear.”

“Ah?” Xu Ziyan was a little stunned, this teleportation array is just too advanced! What kind of effects are they?

“Forget it, let’s not bother with it. You broke the array, didn’t you?” Xu Ziyan couldn’t figure it out, so he’d rather give up thinking about it. It’s useless now anyway.

Xu Zirong frowned slightly, “I’m not sure if we have completely unlocked it. There’re layers upon layers, as if there’s another layer after we unveil one. I’ve reached the limit for now and I don’t have any other way if this goes on.”

“Is that so…” Xu Ziyan thought for a while, but he still took a step forward and grabbed the door handle.

They have all come here, and there was no turning back. No matter what was hidden behind the door, they could only continue walking.

Boom boom boom…

Xu Ziyan slowly opened the heavy metal door, and everyone was concentrating on their luck at this moment, guarding against any possible sneaky attacks from behind.

Unexpectedly, there was nothing behind the gate. Xu Ziyan tentatively took two steps inside, and found that it was just a very quiet stone room.

The stone room was empty, and the ground was covered with dust. It could have been closed for too long and it had a rotten smell.

The space in the stone room wasn’t that big, and everyone could see it clearly at a glance when they walked in, but it was such a simple room that trapped Xu Ziyan, as there’s simply no way out.

Since entering the secret door, almost everyone had thousands of speculations about the passage behind the secret door, but none of those made them as speechless as now.

“This…cultivator Xu, what should I do?” Xia Rongsheng had no clue when he looked at the empty room.

Never had he expected to encounter this empty room instead of monsters.


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