Chapter 331

Xu Ziyan was just joking with her – although this female cultivator looked relatively strong, any cultivator who could survive until then must be proficient in the simple arrays of three talents.

“In a word, the cooperation among us cultivators will be hundreds or thousands of times stronger than that of the demon race. With the same level of cultivation, if a cultivator encounters a demon race, the cultivator might fail, but if ten cultivators encounter that demon race, it might be a fair end. Imagine, if therere over a hundred human cultivators who can cooperate with each other perfectly, then victory will surely belong to the humankind!

He looked at the excited cultivators below and said in a deep voice, the war has come. I am asking you to learn the array of three talents in the shortest possible time. You can also choose your teammates. Those who are better in arrays can choose a square array or a five-element array. After three days, I want to see everyone join a team of at least three people.” He waved his arm and he looked more serious, if someone thinks that they are superior in strength and can kill the demon race without cooperating with others, that’s okay, but they must report to me first. If you pass my test, then you can act alone without joining a team. Otherwise, you must cooperate with the others without hesitation!

After this nascent soul cultivator gave his order, everyone instantly understood that although senior Xu had a generally good temperament, hes not someone to mess with.

Everyone saluted respectfully,we would like to abide by senior Xu’s decree.”

“Well, that’s enough.” Xu Ziyan waved his hand, and then seemed to look casual. With a force out of thin air, he suddenly grabbed two people from the crowd below. “However…before we set off, itd be better to catch these little worms in advance.”

“Ah!” The two exclaimed, then struggled again and again, one of them shouted angrily, senior Xu, what do you mean by this?

“What do I mean?” Xu Ziyan sneered, “I don’t mean anything, I just think that since you like worms so much, you should go to hell with them!”

“Do it!” Another cultivators pupils shrank suddenly when he heard so, and he planned to escape as soon as his identity was revealed.

The aura of the two skyrocketed, and they broke through from the middle stage of Qi condensation to its great completion, almost comparable to 50% of golden core.

Hmph. Xu Ziyan snorted coldly, flicked his fingers lightly, and two tiny thunderbolts rushed towards the two.

Those two people knew something was wrong, the spiritual power in their bodies exploded, they broke free from Xu Ziyan’s control in silence, turned around and wanted to escape.

It’s a pity that Xu Ziyan wasn’t the only nascent soul cultivator there. Xu Zirong, who had been waiting by the side, just tapped his finger lightly, and a layer of blood mist suddenly exploded from the two, wrapping their bodies.

There were continuous screaming sounds in the blood mist, and all the cultivators around instantly took a few steps back. The few people who were familiar with these two cultivators were all in panic, as if they didn’t understand why their comrades suddenly became cultivators possessed by blood-sucking worms.

The two cultivators covered by the blood mist quickly fell silent. Xu Zirong flipped his wrist, sucking the blood mist into his sleeve again, leaving only two mutilated corpses on the deck.

Such a quick and ruthless method really shocked those who were still having some evil ideas, and they were especially shocked by the strong breath of blood in the blood mist…all the cultivators who got closer were all intimidated by the strong breath of blood.

Theres no need for people who betray the human race to live.” Xu Ziyan glanced coldly at everyone,this is a battle between two races, a battle between two races for living space. We have no way to retreat. All our traitors must die!”

“I hope that everyone can think more clearly and not be tempted by short-term profit in front of you. Its not worth spending your entire future for such tiny profits! Xu Ziyan sounded very determined, his cold yet substantial gaze made everyone feel like being pricked by needles.

Everyone kept silent and looked at Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong with awe.

“Of course.” Xu Ziyan is well aware of the essence of punishment and pacification. After punishment, he had to use something to pacify the group. His tone changed, I wont let anyone fight bravely in vain. You should know that…” He slowly gazed at everyone below him and the corner of his mouth twitched, although the demon race feasts on human flesh, their bodies are also an excellent material for refining. You all know that theres not much stuff to obtain from the bodies of blood-sucking worms, but the horns, wings and skin of the demon race can all be used to refine as weapons. Even the inner alchemy in the body of those high-level demon individuals can be combined with spiritual herbs to refine huge amount of cultivation-boosting pills! As long as we win, you will definitely gain something. I will also teach you how to refine a weapon and alchemy for free. There must be someone among you whos good at that. If we can cooperate well, we might as well grow from this fortune-making opportunity!

As soon as Xu Ziyan said so, the cultivators below all started to have starry eyes.

Those disciples of Xuan Jia sect had a stable income every month as they all belonged to a sect, but things were different for the casual cultivators, as all of them had to earn every bit of resources required for refining.

In their mind, materials = spiritual stones = medicinal pills = cultivation.

As for the disciples of the sect, they also had another conversion formula: material = magic weapon = life-saving = survive and continue to cultivate.

With these two formulas in place, Xu Ziyan almost didn’t need to do any mobilization, and the cultivators naturally became determined to fight against the demon race to death.

As for danger? What is never dangerous these days? Even when walking on the streets, they might be provoked by a few high-level cultivators as well. These cultivators thought that theyd have everything once they had the materials and medicinal pills.

Xu Ziyan: == Well, I indeed underestimated the desire for high-level materials among these cultivatorsfortunately, the few golden core elders were smart enough not to believe the few disciples who talked about fighting against the demon race directly. Otherwise, they wouldve just rushed towards the gathering place of the demon race without a thorough plan.

Although Xu Ziyan had become a nascent soul cultivator, hed never provoke a silent tiger when facing the stronghold occupied by the demon race. Its easy to know that there must be a few high-level demon cultivators who could become the advance team. There must also be a few deity cultivators, as even the same applied in the Xuan Yu realm. As such a large race, how could the demon race not have a demon king of the same strength?

Xu Ziyan’s willingness to contribute to Xuan Yu realm fight against the demon race did not mean that hed like to commit suicide. He would never do such a stupid thing that obviously could bring him no return.

He still hoped to follow the command of a charismatic leader to participate in this battle. After all, he really did not have any domineering characteristics. It would be too difficult for him to ask people to bow in front of him and to be submissive.

He was very clear about his position, that he was just a relatively talented cultivator. Itd be good enough to do what he could and he didnt want to ask for more.

With this thought in mind, Xu Ziyan really didnt hope for any accidents to happen during this journey. However, things are never within ones control. For example, Xu Ziyan had been praying that alld go well, but they still encountered a squad of demon race for exploration.

Its still quite a numerous squad, as there were more than a hundred people, most of them were mantis demons. They were strong and held knives in both hands, with two fangs protruding from their lips, looking extremely ferocious.

Aside from these mantis demons, there were more than a dozen witches with thorn tails. They obviously looked much weaker. Besides their thorn tails, theres not even a single ferocious-looking part.

Still, those who looked down on them had to pay a big price, as they were a rare race among the low-level demons that could use spells to attack.

Most of the low-level demons of the demon race were strong races like the mantis. Compared with human cultivators, the demon race paid much more attention to physical training.

To put it more exaggeratedly, with the same level of cultivation, an ordinary cultivator would be like a piece of tofu and an individual of demon race would be like a piece of stone. There were even some demon soldiers with special talents, who could attack human cultivators weapons with their bodies.

More than a hundred mantis were equivalent to more than a hundred physical cultivators of building base. Facing such a number of demons, even Xu Ziyan had to think twice before carrying out plans to wipe them out.

There were currently about 300 cultivators, and less than 100 of them were at the level of Qi condensation, most of the remaining ones were building base cultivators.

If these cultivators were placed in the former Xuan Yu realm, they would definitely be the most top elites. As long as they survived, there would certainly be a bright future for them, but Xu Ziyan knew that its far from enough.

Fighting against blood-sucking worms didn’t make them realize the power of the demon race, so Xu Ziyan took the demon squad in front of him as his training ground.

Xu Ziyan had no big ambitions, but he was no fool either. In this troubled world, strength is the most important thing. It would be easy for him to survive after becoming a nascent soul, but he still had to protect the Xu family. It would thus be impossible to protect the whole Xuan Yu realm alone, as any corner might be attacked by the blood-sucking worms.

When Xu Ziyan noticed the gratitude and awe of those cultivators towards him, he started having the idea of taking them for his own use. Although they werent super powerful, theres still great potential for development and its of high importance for him.


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