86 Part 1

Chapter 86


The elegant Jiang Ying suddenly burst out into laughter, “it’s clearly you who dresses like a woman every time you see him, right? How could you blame him?”


The evil Jiang Ying turned his head away furiously and he frowned tightly.


The elegant Jiang Ying sighed slightly, “according to what Ying’er just said, I’m guessing that he’s in a shock now.”


The evil Jiang Ying rubbed the chair twice uncomfortably.


The elegant Jiang Ying looked worried, “you can’t continue lying like that. Judging from his personality, if Ying’er and Fang Tianyun get married, there’s no way he’d develop an intimate relationship with ‘the wife of his cousin’. That’s to say, it’s entirely impossible to pretend as Ying’er and see him in private.”


The facial expression of the evil Jiang Ying was more than complicated. Obviously, he knew already that it’s impossible to make that old-fashioned, rigid man date his “sister-in-law” in private.


“And… don’t forget one fact. He has always thought that the ‘Jiang Ying’ that he’s been seeing is a woman. Even if you see him now, are you sure that he can accept you as a male?” The elegant Jiang Ying still analyzed this calmly.


The evil Jiang Ying slammed the table, “how dare he! Even if I’m a guy, so what? He did promise that he’d be with me forever! If he ever regrets, I…I…” At the end, the evil Jiang Ying couldn’t utter a word, he just sat down in frustration.


The gentle Jiang Ying wasn’t surprised at all, since he had been in the same body as the evil Jiang Ying for so many years, he knew perfectly well the character of his “other half”.


“I have told you long time ago, that you’d encounter trouble if you continued like this.”


“Okay! I knew that you’re into him as well! If you have any ideas, tell me now!” The evil Jiang Ying was obviously getting impatient.


The gentle Jiang Ying curled his lips slightly. Yes, he was also into Fang Tianrui very much. It’s just that when he got along with Fang Tianrui, it’s the evil Jiang Ying who showed up. Also, what he said that day meant that he wanted to share Fang Tianrui with his “other half”.


They were actually two souls in one body, and naturally two sides of each other. Although they had different characters, they liked and disliked almost the same things. Since the evil Jiang Ying fell in love with Fang Tianrui, the gentle Jiang Ying would of course feel the same way.


However… As Jiang Ying’s manipulator during the day, he didn’t want to give up the right to enjoy some nights with Fang Tianrui. In this case, he had to communicate well with the “night version” of Jiang Ying.


He whispered to the evil Jiang Ying, who showed an obviously delightful expression. The gentle Jiang Ying smiled lightly. His family had always thought that this “evil” Jiang Ying would drag his feet. Without him, Jiang Ying would never enter this “demonic path”.

It’s a pity that…the gentle Jiang Ying smiled. They had never had an idea that the real “evil” one was him.

The Xu brothers had no idea with all these that had happened with the Jiang family. They were busy getting on the cloud shuttle.

Initially, they had a lot of time, but since Xu Ziyan spoilt Xu Zirong too much, their schedule became very tight. While Xu Ziyan blamed himself, he had no intention to change.

It would be appropriate to describe him as someone reluctant to repent or change…

He could warn himself as much as he wanted, that he really had to stop spoiling Xu Zirong, yet once his little brother showed that kind of pathetic look, he couldn’t reject at all.

As a result, Xu Ziyan got himself drunk in a market operated by immortal cultivators and slept for three days in a row.


The facts have proved that he could no longer stop himself from getting drunk.  Given his current body, it would already be good if he didn’t get drunk after three glasses.

Of course, the high purity of the spiritual wine was one of the reasons. However, the culprit that had caused all this was Xu Zirong, who was rubbing his brother’s forehead gently at this moment.

“Brother, are you feeling better?” Xu Zirong asked softly.

“I’m okay.” Xu Ziyan shook his head vigorously, trying to make himself think more clearly. He thought that he’d been so careless. He didn’t expect the spiritual wine to be so powerful, as he recalled himself just having taken four glasses. It would be so shameful if Zirong wasn’t there to take care of him.

“I didn’t do anything after getting drunk, did I?” Xu Ziyan asked, rubbing his forehead. If it was the original him, he would not have the consciousness of being drunk at all, and naturally he didn’t know what would happen if he was drunk. However, he had seen others getting drunk before and he knew that anything could happen. He couldn’t help but worry a bit about what he could do if he got drunk.

“It’s okay. After getting drunk, my brother went to bed and slept very tightly. But brother, you must never drink other people’s wine in the future. After you fell asleep, you had really…no reaction at all.” At the end, Xu Zirong couldn’t bear it anymore and he started laughing.

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