99 Part 2

If Xu Zirong really attacked, then it’d naturally be easy to explain his behavior. However, since he took such action even before the other party showed any signs of attack, of course Xu Ziyan would get angry.

Based on his understanding of Xu Ziyan, his love for his younger brother had already reached an unreasonable level, and what he’d done had really offended Xu Ziyan then.

Everyone in the hall could see clearly the behavior of Bai Hua who’d activated the jade, but everyone just saw Bai Hua activating it when he was talking to Xu Ziyan.

Such a move was a very obvious provocation for any cultivator. And Xu Ziyan only treated Bai Hua with a cold attitude, which was already a gesture of giving face to the Yu family

Also a disciple of a big sect, Xu Ziyan’s status was even a bit higher than that of Bai Hua. This has been determined by the level of cultivation of their masters, and it’s common sense that a nascent soul overrides golden core.

Some people in the hall who were less affected by Bai Hua couldn’t help but whisper among themselves, and they all disagreed with the reckless behavior of Bai Hua.

“Brother Fang, Zirong and I have something to do. We will leave first. Could you please tell patriarch Jiang that we will be back in the evening?” Xu Ziyan had a good impression of Fang Tianyu, and he spoke very politely.

Fang Tianyun witnessed what was happening just now, and he didn’t want to stop Xu Ziyan. He only persuaded him for a little before watching them leave. No one had noticed the arch of the corner of Xu Zirong’s mouth when they left.

Before leaving, Fang Tianyun couldn’t help but glance at Bai Hua. He seemed to be standing still at the same place, lowering his head and thinking about something.

Fang Tianyun shook his head secretly, his evaluation of Bai Hua became lower. Originally, he thought that this cultivator Bai from Tian Yu sect was quite innocent and righteous, and that it’s worth being his friend, but after what’d happened…it seemed that he wasn’t as pure as he looked. After such reckless behavior, he even didn’t say a word to apologize, no wonder brother Xu looked for an excuse to leave.

As the protagonist of the wedding, Fang Tianyun could not treat the disciples of Liu Guang sect too lightly. After he sent the Xu brothers out, the young disciples who had an excellent impression of Bai Hua gathered around to comfort him.

Although his behavior was a bit impolite, in the eyes of these people, Bai Hua just made a small mistake. On the contrary, they thought that Xu Ziyan had exaggerated and left too rudely.

Facing these soft, comforting voices, Bai Hua showed a slightly bitter smile. He shook his head gently, “it’s all my fault. I didn’t know what happened just now. I suddenly felt very dangerous. I activated the jade without thinking twice. When we were training in Tian Yu sect, we sometimes ambushed each other too and I already have it as a habit. I forgot that I am not in Tian Yu now.”

“It’s okay, it’s just a small mistake.”

“Yes, yes, who doesn’t make mistakes?”

“Speaking of which, Xu Ziyan was too impolite to have left like this.”

“Yes, he left without listening to cultivator Bai explain, and that’s just too rude.”

After hearing this, Bai Hua shook his head and kept blaming himself for being guilty, and this aroused people’s dissatisfaction with Xu Ziyan. After several rounds of persuasion, although these people had stopped badmouthing Xu Ziyan, they all had determined that Xu Ziyan was overreacting for that day’s incident.

Bai Hua sighed helplessly and left while looking disappointed. He was very enthusiastic about Xu Ziyan, but Xu Ziyan’s attitude was a little cold. Xu Ziyan has already aroused the dissatisfaction of those who had any hidden affection for Bai Hua. These people were even more unhappy because of Xu Ziyan’s unfair treatment. There were even some more extreme people who were planning to teach Xu Ziyan a lesson.

When Bai Hua walked out of the living room, the expression on his face suddenly changed.

There was no more disappointment nor apologetic trace on his face, and in his eyes, there seemed to be a raging fire.

His palm had already been scratched open by himself. If he hadn’t learned how to conceal his true emotions in the brother over the years, he would have just exploded in the living room.

Xu Zirong did it on purpose!

He didn’t know how Xu Zirong made him feel that kind of danger, but he saw the malicious and provocative smile that Xu Zirong had shown before he left, and he was sure that Xu Zirong did it on purpose!

Bai Hua’s facial expression instantly turned gloomy and cold, and his disgust towards Xu Zirong had reached its climax.

Whether it was Xu Ziyan or Xu Zirong, they were both excellent candidates for doing double cultivation with him. In comparison, Xu Ziyan, who practiced the thunder type cultivation, had more positive Qi, and he would be an even better choice.

The breath of Xu Zirong’s body was colder. What Bai Hua wanted to do was to vent his jealousy and anger on Xu Zirong, which had been hidden in his heart all along. After he had seen how Xu Ziyan took care of Xu Zirong carefully and delicately, he had been jealous of Xu Zirong.

Also, Xu Zirong’s appearance was also one of the reasons why Bai Hua was jealous. Perhaps Xu Zirong didn’t care about his own appearance that much, and he even despised his own delicate face, but for Bai Hua, if only he could have Xu Zirong’s gorgeous face, then the effects of his essence core could be better developed.


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