102 Part 1

Chapter 102

Looking back just now, although they also experienced a certain extent of danger, their lives weren’t at risk. They felt very fortunate, but now, perhaps that treasure map was actually a trap.

“What should we do now?” The evil Jiang Ying frowned and asked. He didn’t like Xu Zirong, but since Xu Zirong was on a higher position now, he wouldn’t be so stupid to fight against him yet.

“What do you think of his invitation?” The gentle Jiang Ying didn’t answer the evil Jiang Ying. Instead, he asked what he thought about Xu Zirong’s proposal.

“What else can I say? I hate that person, but his strength is too strong. Moreover, his body has a strong smell of blood, not the kind of smell that you smell with your nose, but…when I used the lost soul spell on him, the feedback I got back was that there’s no way we can defeat him.” The evil Jiang Ying looked depressed, but there’s nothing he could do either.

“I think it might be a good choice to follow him.” The gentle Jiang Ying analyzed rationally.

“Why so?”

“He has a normal identity. By following him, we can better cover up our demon-inducing body. And the atmosphere of the Liu Guang sect is quite free, as long as we don’t do cross any boundaries, and if he is willing to protect us, his seniors might even become our protection. If we really follow him, anyone who wants to defeat us will need to think twice. The respect of a nascent soul can never be offended so casually.”

“Well… it makes sense.” The evil Jiang Ying agreed with what the gentle Jiang Ying said.

“There is also another important point.” The gentle Jiang Ying added.

“What is it?”

“We can’t beat him.” The gentle Jiang Ying spread his hands.

“Damn!” The evil Jiang Ying looked disdainfully.

“So… the discussion is over?”

The evil Jiang Ying despised him, “you’ve already said that we can’t beat him. If we can’t beat him, we have to admit it, but we have to discuss with him clearly. We can’t follow him unconditionally, right? There has to be at least a limit, even our lost soul spell has a price, and I’ll leave the negotiation part to you!” Afterwards, the evil Jiang Ying disappeared.

Except for the first time when Jiang Ying was afraid to hurt Fang Tianrui, the previous night, the gentle Jiang Ying took the lead, and it was the evil Jiang Ying who did the rest of the “job”. It was usually quite easy for them to finish this task in rotation, and after doing such an intensive exercise the whole night, they still needed to spare some energy to think about how to deal with Xu Zirong, which was really exhausting.

After the evil Jiang Ying went to rest, the gentle Jiang Ying rubbed his forehead in distress. He really wouldn’t have any benefits from dealing with Xu Zirong. Also, there’s such a big loophole with him. Without any strength, there’s no other way other than cooperating with Xu Zirong.

And what about asking for help from his father? Jiang Ying had never thought of that. Ever since he was imprisoned in that little room since young, he had been used to depending on himself for everything. Also, he didn’t want to bring any troubles to his father, and it’d be a silly idea to offend a nascent soul now.

After saying bye to Jiang Ying, Xu Zirong returned to his bedroom. He heard from a young servant that Xu Ziyan was going out with Jiang Tianxing. And although Xu Ziyan had already told him about this possibility, Xu Zirong still felt displeased.

If he’d known earlier, he wouldn’t look for Jiang Ying, and he might get to go out with his brother! It’s all Jiang Ying’s fault!

Xu Zirong unreasonably blamed Jiang Ying for this, and wrote a note in the notebook in his heart.

The pathetic Jiang Ying didn’t know about this yet. He obviously hadn’t done anything, but he’d already offended Xu Zirong…

(Friendly reminder: there’s always a risk in following perverts, choose your boss wisely!)

When Jiang Tianxing and Xu Ziyan came back, they looked pretty calm and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with them, but Xu Zirong also knew that Jiang Tianxing wasn’t an ordinary person, since he could develop the Jiang family so well, and he should be someone who did concrete things discreetly.

“What did patriarch Jiang say?” After taking Xu Ziyan back to the room, Xu Zirong took off his brother’s coat thoughtfully.

“It’s hard to say. It’s half-half.” Xu Ziyan replied casually. He accidentally saw Zirong’s wrinkled sleeves, and he smoothed it for him.

“He didn’t believe you?”

“It’s not like that, but this matter involves his younger brother after all, I guess he doesn’t want to be harsh.” Xu Ziyan understood Jiang Tianxing very well, and it was really a matter that’s hard to believe.

For him, if someone told him that Zirong had been killing innocent people, he might not believe that person even with evidence.

That’s more like “not willing to believe”, instead of “not believing.”

Xu Ziyan thought that he’s not some kind of great hero, and he wouldn’t do things like accusing his family for righteousness. He looked at Xu Zirong – although that face had become so delicate, there’s still a sense of childishness in the profile.


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