103 Part 1

Chapter 103

Besides, according to the novel, Zirong could restrain his charisma as the male protagonist. It’s obvious that he liked women and there’s no possibility for him to do weird things with his brother!

Because of the above two points, Xu Ziyan took away his suspicion towards Zirong, and he saw himself as having overreacted.

In fact, when he thought about it carefully, Zirong really didn’t do anything just now. In other words, he was just too worried, right?

He felt his heart with lingering fear, Xu Ziyan had to admit that Xu Zirong had a killer face. When viewed from a close distance, that face was as smooth as an egg without any blemishes.

This kind of perfect skin was a waste on a man. However, since Zirong was so gorgeous, then how worrisome would his future wife get?

After quietly mourning for Zirong’s future wife, Xu Ziyan successfully used some messy thoughts to cover up his panic just now.

It took some time to adjust his mood. When Xu Ziyan walked out, he had completely recovered his calmness and became again the good brother who cared for his younger brother.

It’s just…no one knew how long he could keep himself from facing the truth. →. →

Two days later, it was the wedding day of Jiang Ying (f.).

The whole city of Wuti became lively because of this marriage.

Whether it was the Fang family or the Jiang family, they were among the largest families in this city. Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, their families were very small, but in this city, ordinary citizens looked up to them.

The Fang family and the Jiang family united to provide materials, and every street was decorated. In two days, under the command of those middle-level cultivators, many low-level cultivators completed many decorative work which didn’t have any meaning in their eyes.

They didn’t know that after they finished their work, several cultivators above surpassing the level of Qi condensation quietly set a few key nodes under the “decoration” they’d placed, then rearranged a series of arrays on these nodes.

“Father, I’m leaving for the wedding now.” Fang Tianyun said to his father and uncle with joy, wearing a bright red rob

“Well, go, and be careful on the way.” Fang Qin said with a smile. “Hurry up and get my daughter-in-law back. You’re really lucky. Jiang Ying is a good girl. At the beginning, your uncle wanted to marry her to your brother, but you were faster, haha…”

Fang Tianyun suddenly got speechless, “Dad, can you not make it look like I’ve robbed my brother’s wife…”

Fang Mian’s face still looked stern, and he didn’t react to Fang Qin’s words. Luckily, he knew that uncle usually behaved like that, and he wouldn’t get angry because of it.

“Go,” Fang Mian said in a deep voice, and then added, “put on your Kirin Jade armor.”

Fang Tianyun was stunned when he heard it, and Fang Qin frowned slightly, “is that necessary?”

“Safety first.”

“I agree.” Fang Qin nodded, although he felt that those demonic cultivators might not get into the city to assassinate him, it’s always good to add a layer of protection on the wedding day of his son.

“Go, Yun’er, get two pieces of Kirin Jade armor…” He paused for a while and smiled, “Jiang Tianxing would surely prepare a piece of armor for his daughter. And this kirin jade armor represents our attitude…Yun’er, just hand it over to your father-in-law when you get there.”

Fang Tianyun looked at his father and uncle, feeling confused.

Regarding the besiege of the city, the news was only circulated among the patriarchs of their four families in Wuti City and people they trusted.

Patriarch Jiang once quietly inspected the four gates of Wuti City, and almost every place showed signs of being manipulated. The gate of the west city was the most damaged, and according to Jiang Tianxing’s analysis, the other three gates were destroyed by the same group of people. It was very likely that it was the demonic cultivator who had sneaked into the city. As for the gate of the west city, two groups of people did it, which even made him sadder and angrier.

It is already certain that there was an insider in the Jiang family, but no one can guarantee that there was none in other families. In desperation, these patriarchs could only control the spreading of the news within a small range, which made them feel like they were restrained when arranging the defenses.

Fortunately, under the pretext of the marriage between the Fang family and the Jiang family, they took advantage of the opportunity to silently arranged several magic arrays. As long as someone presided over these arrays, they would definitely give the demonic cultivators a big surprise.


“Yes, uncle.”

“Be careful on the way.”

“I’ve got it.” Fang Tianyun felt emotional, yet it wasn’t shown at all on his face.

He said bye to his father and uncle, and went to Jiang’s family to welcome his relatives with joy.

“Tianyun is a good guy.” Fang Mian gave his compliments.

“Ha, really. Well, you have to see who’s his father.” Fang Qin said pleasantly.

“Yeah.” Fang Mian nodded, “my sister-in-law gave birth to a good son.”

Fang Qin, “…”

When no one saw it, Fang Mian’s mouth hooked slightly.

That day, Wuti city was very lively, and people coming and going almost filled all corners.

Looking at the newly decorated streets, some of the cultivators from small sects who came to congratulate couldn’t help but have their jaws dropped. The Fang family and the Jiang family were really generous, and none of the materials used in these decorations were ordinary.

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