Chapter 112

“Brother, leave it to me. Xu Zirong smiled and said.

“Well, that’s fine too.” Xu Ziyan thought for a while and agreed. Zirong had never liked socializing, and such a character was not good for his future development. Although Xu Ziyan didn’t know why he made such a request, he was still happy to see it happen.

“Brother, just wait for me to come back. If I do it well, brother has to reward me.” Xu Zirong suggested happily.

“No problem, let’s do it this way. If you can spend a hundred spiritual stones, then I’ll give you…” Before he finished, he was interrupted, “brother, I’d like to choose my own reward. You just need to give it to me at that time.”

Xu Zirong looked indifferent when he said so.

“Okay.” Xu Ziyan agreed with a smile. He didn’t think that Zirong would make any unreasonable requests, so he didn’t have any pressure.

Xu Zirong smiled lightly, turned around and went to solve the problem of the Yu family. Xu Ziyan stayed in the room to meditate and recover. The spiritual power in his body had reached a bottleneck, as long as he could break through, he could then enter the next realm – Qi condensation.

However, it was quite difficult to break through this bottleneck. For Xu Ziyan, this siege of the monsters was a great opportunity for him to break through.

After making up his mind, Xu Ziyan began to cultivate. He had to recover all his spiritual power as quickly as possible, then fight and recover again. He had to use this repeated process to maximize the use of these monsters to cultivate.

At night, when the lanterns were on, Xu Ziyan slowly opened his eyes, he opened his lips slightly and spit out a light cyan mist.

“Puff…cough cough cough…Zirong, what are you doing?!!!” Before he spit out the Qi, Xu Ziyan got choked. He saw a really gorgeous face. Aside from Xu Zirong, who else could it be?

“Brother, I’m waiting for you.” Xu Zirong said innocently.

Xu Ziyan looked up and realized that it was dark outside. He didn’t expect that it took such a long after for him to wake up after the meditation. He felt apologetic for his tone just now.

He touched Xu Zirong’s hair and said, “cough…I’m sorry, brother’s tone was quite rude. It’s just that I was shocked. Weren’t you scared that I attacked you out of reflective behavior? Wouldn’t that be too sad?”

“If my brother wants to beat me, there must be a reason. I believe in my brother.” Xu Zirong said lightly, there was an unquestionable trust in his tone.

Xu Ziyan felt warm and he couldn’t help but stroke Xu Zirong’s head a few more times, making it look really messy. Seeing his hair like a bird nest, Xu Ziyan burst into laughter. Well, he admitted that he had been unkind enough to stroke his hair like that, but that’s just to show how close they were. However, ever since those female cultivators always looked at Xu Zirong whenever they stood together, there had been a sense of revenge in his action…

So what if Xu Zirong was a beauty? Xu Ziyan was free to do anything to him. When his hair looked messy like that, he would look less handsome!

“Brother…” Xu Zirong didn’t really hate his brother’s action. He even took this opportunity to throw himself in his brother’s arms and the two started laughing.

The two laughed and rolled around on the bed. Although this action looked pretty childish, it increased their extent of intimacy – at least Xu Ziyan thought so.

And Xu Zirong knew exactly what he got from playing with Xu Ziyan…

The siege of monsters was not endless, they also needed to rest. There were no longer problems with food. No matter if it was a dead cultivator or a monster, those monsters which were still alive could feast on the corpses.

When it was dawn the next day, the giant python showing off on the battlefield had become a skeleton. Although its blood and flesh were far more inferior than the golden color and liquid flowing out of its head, it was still a good meal for most low-level monsters.

After resting for one night, most of the cultivators who fought outside the city the previous day had resumed to their peak state, and even a few of them had reached breakthrough out of the battle.

“How is the situation?” Xu Ziyan asked in a low voice, while looking at the pack of monsters in the distance.

“It’s okay, but there seems to be more monsters gathered in West Gate than yesterday.” Jiang Tianxing sounded a bit tired. As the person in charge of West Gate, he also needed to find out who’s the traitor. He hadn’t rested a little for the while day. Fortunately, he had already reached the later stage of Qi condensation, and there were no problems for him to not rest for half of a month.

“Be careful that someone would raid the city gate.” Xu Ziyan did not tell Jiang Tianxing that the traitor would use the West Gate as a breakthrough. He just led the opponent to realize that the defense array on the city gate below was destroyed. This alone would be enough to prove that the monsters would use the West Gate as a breakthrough.

“Yeah.” Jiang Tianxing’s facial expression remained unchanged. Now that he knew about this, how could he have no countermeasures? The three cultivators reaching the later stage of Qi condensation all guarded on the wall, but there was one hidden elder obeying the order of Jiang Tianxing and he was guarding the West Gate firmly.

No matter how dangerous the situation was, he would not take action, but once someone tried to break through the city gate, he would make all hopes of the opponent disappear with his thunder.


With the iron rhino’s long cry, it signaled the beginning of the second battle.

Those were newcomers who had not participated in the battle the previous day. Among these people, there were casual cultivators and disciples from the Jiang family.

In this battle, Jiang Tianxing made up his mind to carry out a selection of the young disciples of the Jiang family, as he only wanted the elites. As for those disciples who dared not join the battle, Jiang Tianxing did not force them, but he canceled all their privileged treatment. Starting from that day, these people would no longer receive any supply of resources.

Regardless of the disciples of from aristocratic families or those from the sects, the biggest difference between them and the casual cultivators was that they had a stable supply of resources. Without these, they would not be any different from the ordinary casual cultivators, or they might be even worse. After all, most casual cultivators had some ways to get money, but these disciples who were used to having family support had almost no means of making a living.

Unless the disciples deprived of resources gave up on cultivation, they would surely live a harsh life.

The ordinary young man that Jiang Ying (m.) had disguised was hidden among these disciples. In fact, given his character, he initially didn’t like this kind of brutal scenes, but his master just gave a small signal through his eyes, and he obediently jumped off the city wall and started fighting with the monsters.

Jiang Ying’s face got teary, and he pierced a wild boar the size of a tiger with his sword. The bright red blood splashed on his face with a popping sound, even with his disguise, he could feel the warmth of the blood.

“We didn’t offend the master, did we?” The gentle Jiang Ying threw the wild boar to the ground with a look of disgust, and kicked away a monster that wanted to take advantage of it.

“How would I know?!” The evil Jiang Ying said while feeling irritated. Since he had not seen Fang Tianrui for a whole day, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Well, since there is no news from the Fang family, Tianrui must be fine then.” The gentle Jiang Ying felt helpless while he was trying to comfort his other half. Then, he used his sword to open that boar’s brain and dug out a core the size of a thumb.

“I know, but…damn it! He seemed to be injured that night!” The evil Jiang Ying looked gloomy, his eyes were slightly condensed, and a poisonous snake that was leaping towards him suddenly trembled, slowed down, and was penetrated by his sword.

“It’s all because you didn’t know how to control yourself afterwards!” Jiang Ying was furious when he thought of this incident. He had already reminded him three times. As Fang Tianrui was doing it for the first time, he shouldn’t have forced him. In the end, he woke up with an empty bed and some blood stain on the bedsheets…

The evil Jiang Ying was speechless, as he didn’t know what else to say. He just vented all his anger on those pathetic monsters.

Suddenly, all the monsters surrounding Jiang Ying were those within his sight, they all acted as if they were drunk, they were unable to stand still and were thus easily killed.

However, after using this trick, Jiang Ying’s face became very pale. He took a few steps back, fell behind his companion, then he a break under the cover of his companion and rushed forward again.

The gentle Jiang Ying sighed slightly and surrendered the control of his body. He knew that the evil Jiang Ying was venting the anxiety of not being able to find Fang Tianrui. However, his bad owner could at least let him collect two hundred demonic cores, that was a significant number and he had to almost give his life to do that.

Jiang Ying was fighting hard below, but Xu Ziyan stood blankly beside Jiang Tianxing. Since the morning, he had never said a word to Xu Zirong again, as he was obviously still angry.

Xu Zirong still followed his brother closely, never standing more than one meter away. His expression was still cold, but the way he looked at his brother was very gentle. Many people exclaimed in their heart that they really wanted such a loving brother.

“Brother, don’t be angry.” When no one noticed, Xu Zirong took advantage of the opportunity and quietly pulled Xu Ziyan’s sleeves.

“Shut up, I don’t want to talk to you!” The veins on Xu Ziyan’s forehead were obvious, and he pulled away his sleeves bitterly.

Xu Zirong’s eyes dimmed for a moment, but when he recalled what had happened that morning, he suddenly laughed like a fishy cat. He lowered his voice, “brother, I really did not do it on purpose…”

“Damn! Is this kind of thing unintentional? I think you really want a fight!” Xu Ziyan gritted his teeth and glared at him.

Xu Zirong nodded very innocently, “I really slept too much, and besides… didn’t brother also…”

“Shut up! Don’t say it!” Xu Ziyan roared in anger, his entire face turned red.

“Okay, but this is really not my fault… at least not all my entire fault.” Xu Zirong replied with his slightly blushed face.

Xu Ziyan stared at him without any facial expressions, and he wanted to roar in his heart, “I know that I was wrong too, but why did you blush?! You should be embarrassed, right? Why did you look so natural this morning and you’re only blushing now?!”


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