The God Slaying Hero and the Seven Covenants


Silver Ghost’s Sword


Cling, clang. Cling, clang.


I can hear metal striking from far away. As I listen, I think of breakfast… no, yesterday’s di—lunch? Perhaps I’m thinking of the dishes and utensils we used a few days ago.

I scrub stubborn residue from dishes with a washcloth and then hand them over to Miss Francesca, who wipes them dry. Then, Miss Francesca Sollunea takes the dishes dried off by Miss Francesca, and stores them neatly on a shelf.


Miss Francesca, rather than wearing her customary blue mantle, now wears a lavishly frilly white apron. Sollunea, of course follows, but wears a pink apron. Maintaining her cool composure, the beautiful pink-aproned Sollunea appears quite surreal.

These aprons – why on earth would one be interested something like that? It’s not that they’re bad, but to be honest, except for being fitting for Miss Francesca, I think it’s not a house-owner like thing to use. But really, while they are aprons, they are nice and like new. They are likely to never be used again.


Why would someone used to live alone have a whole bunch of aprons to use in the first place? And, they come in all sorts of colors. Just from here, I can see three different ones hanging on the back wall.


[What’s wrong, Renji?]

“Nothing. But why would they be using aprons that were never to be used?”

[Don’t put it like that…]

Ermenhilde’s words had no power because she herself would most certainly not use them, I imagine.

In another world, I tightened a water faucet that wasn’t installed properly and wiped my wet hands with a dry towel. The sink I saw before, which was full of dirty dishes, is from the looks of it has been cleaned.

If I could, I would clean up every corner of this place. But then landlord of this house would start to not clean at all and everything would get messed up again. Then I would be drive once again to clean the whole place. In any case it’s the landlord’s problem whether this place is clean or not, regardless if he does any cleaning or not.


At that time, even with fists dropping in my head, I driven to clean.

“Looks like everything’s been tidied up.”

[Only on the surface.]


Replying to Miss Francesca’s voice, Ermenhilde’s true intentions behind those words remained hidden as she looked up. Answering with a cute shrug of the shoulders, she continues directing her gaze towards the second floor.


In another world, even with a ceiling of unfitting, hardened concrete I could hear Aya’s loud, reverberating voice through the wall and bed. Probably hearing that same voice, Miss Francesca looked up at me and smiled wryly.

The first floor used to be a place for luggage but has since been changed into a living room and guest room. Besides that, there’s a bathroom, a work room… a room for taking care of housework, an alchemy room, a medicine room…

Looking at it from the outside, it seems like any other normal house. But inside, it can only be described as the confused creation of a lunatic. The house itself is made of concrete with black, discolored walls strung with dried lizards, wings of bats, hallucinogenic medicinal plant, and other curios.

Taking a whiff of one of those potent plants, which become stronger when dried, I felt really dizzy. If I hadn’t opened some windows, I’d probably have ended up a drug addict–though, these plants are not illegal drugs.

Doing a major cleaning, Miss Francesca, Sollunea, and I deal with this madness while Aya and Mururu take care of second floor and Feirona handles the front entrance.

It’s because it’s so dirty here.

…should I call them my old companions, or my friends? I want them to be able to understand my feelings through how I refer to them.

Showing friends some house, only to find out it’s haunted. I can’t get myself to smile to laugh.

Miss Francesca is grinning now, enjoying cleaning. But when we first got here, I was anxious because I didn’t know what to do. Evidently, Feirona and Mururu are talking less than when we first arrived. As usual, Sollunea looks indifferent. Someday, I would like to see Sollunea show some surprise.

Now then, what shall we do next?

Just as I was thinking this, someone came down from the stairs leading to the second floor. I turned to see a beautiful pair of legs in black stockings. It’s Aya.

“Aya, that’s–”

“Hey. Don’t look at me like that.”

Whenever I greet her, she always replies in a louder voice. She’s probably surprised that the luggage I hold is luggage indeed.

From a distance, it appears smaller than an apron, but it’s also colorful fabric–well, it’s what’s called undergarments. Aka lingerie.

That piece of cloth, for some reason, taking a moment to register, caused a flustered Miss Francesca to hurry down the stairs, grab half of the laundry, and dash off toward the dressing room.


As Aya came downstairs, she gave me the other half of the laundry, still enough to hold in both arms, and continued her way.

…. Now that I think about it, how many weeks of laundry have accumulated on the second floor? Just thinking about it is horrible. For Mururu’s sharp sense of smell, is it not hell? Concerning a woman’s smell, I want to stop thinking about it.

As I still thought, I picked up a black cloth with my fingers, which had fallen after Aya and Miss Francesca had passed. Cloth is cloth, no matter its layout, right? I thought of someone I could show this to.

[What are you doing?]

It was a cold voice.

While listening to the neutral voice that could be taken as either man or woman, I felt different from the gaze I saw, as Sollunea glanced at the cloth in my hand. It’s a thong. Whatever.

“Do you like those types of things?”

“It’s not like that.”

Straight to the point. I carried a bitter smile as I grasped the cloth piece that I held between my fingers. It is a stupid sight that a man looks forever at underwear like this.

At the same time, Mururu comes down from the second floor. She has laundry in her arms just like Aya, so it’s hard to differentiate her because of their similar heights. I’m coming down the stairs with a feeling of stupidity.

“Halfway done.”


As I speak, Mururu is unable to see what I am holding. In the protruding direction, Sollunea stares at me like I’m in trouble.


I’m suspected to be a beast. Even if I block her field of vision, someone will come to understand her worried look.


While in an awkward position, I receive another pile of laundry from the side. …I think it’s going tough washing all of this. There is no such thing as a washing machine here, so all washing is done by hand. As there is still a lot to do, I don’t plan to finish doing the laundry, but I still think it’s troublesome.


I quietly hide the garment that I held in my hands into the laundry, and head for the washroom. Behind the house, next to the renovated washroom is a well-maintained water system. It seems that it is pumping water from a well nearby, I wonder how it works?


I don’t know how long it will take others to understand, but I think that water supply is not suitable for different worlds. Even so, guns and cars are still viewed as common, so it’s still good, but… It’s Kotarou’s saying that guns and cars are just rocks in the world of swords and magic.


I agree with him, but iron-making technology has not developed enough to make guns and cars. Before then, there was no fuel, and no knowledge available in this world even if they did try. Even if it is only an imitation, even preparing a screw will take a lot of time, plus, it’s hard to understand how gasoline moves a car. Even if we tell them how to make these items, only we will be able to use them properly.


Guns and cars are precise. If you distort the barrel just a little bit, or do not use the right pieces for the car, you can hurt someone or not have a running car. Since we don’t know how to repair them, we cannot make them either. It is not realistic because only Kudou would know how to do it.


Most of all, the exhaust gas emitted by the car affects nature. For that reason, we are refraining from using modern technology that is too prominent.


Is the tap water part of the maintenance system? Well, it is necessary to make life easier, not to spoil the world if it is about water service.


Even so, although the sewerage technology has not developed enough to have proper water supply even in Mediore, what has become the price of land?


Well, Aya and Miss Francesca have already started washing clothes, underwear, sheets, etc. with washing boards in the washroom.


“That seems difficult.”






“We are fine here, please clean the entrance with Feirona-san.”


“Got it,” I replied briefly to Aya with a smile, putting the baggage in my hand and turning right.


Apart from maliciousness, I think it is rude to have a man in a place where women are washing clothes and underwear.


I asked Sollunea to help Aya and Mururu, and headed towards the entrance as I was told.


Although the building is made of concrete, the door is made of wood unique to the living world. …Were wooden doors also common in our world?


When I got out from the entrance while recalling that, I saw Feirona with a broom cleaning with dexterity. He is handsome no matter what he does. Being a handsome young man is a privilege. I stand right next to him. There is a slight twinkle of a person who would be able to get a woman of marriage glittering here and there — not me, but Feirona. God damn.


While feeling a meaningless sense of defeat in my mind, I pick up the other broom.


“Help me.”




Less words, more cleaning.


Is what I think, but it seems that it is almost over already. As usual, he performs like a good guy.


“It’s crowded in there, isn’t it?”


“What, were you lonely?”


“Hmph. Maybe, I guess.”


He made me speak a little, however his words stopped him from cleaning.


It may not be lonely, but it may be that it was certainly boring to say that cleaning the entrance door by myself was one thing. Well, it might have been entertaining just watching him clean.


“Well, I’m worried about crowds too.”


[I know, right?]


“Did something happen?”


Ermenhilde takes the words right out of my mouth. Interested in who replied, Feirona stopped her hand and turned to gaze. Ermenhilde shrugged her shoulders and spoke.


“What? When cleaning a woman’s house, the man is in the way.”




“To put it briefly, there were a lot of problems with the laundry.”


“Ah, I see.”


It seems like he must figure out what I want to say, and it strikes me as if I am just an acquaintance.


“It is hard to be loved, “ Feirona said, amusingly.


It seems that he’s talking more than before, but I don’t care too much.


I am aware, though.


I do not know whether it is love or not, but Aya, Miss Francesca, and Mururu are strangely sweet.


Aya has times where she seems to like to show skin, but I am doubtful that she has been intending to dress like this.


A trip to save the world… It may not be such a big trip as to say, but it is still a life-long journey. Aya should know about it—perhaps, because she knows.


If you think about, it’s hard to confidently say it. Adventurers… we have no idea when we will die. Most importantly, we must be able to leave something without any regrets.


I know that. Those who have tried so hard and became exhausted, those who cried without fulfilling their purpose, and those who were not able to keep promises. Maybe Aya’s actions are the result of seeing so many people in this state.


Well, in other words.


“Stop looking at me like that.”


“I don’t intend to.”


When I sigh, Feirona laughs and smiles.


“I’m older than you, so listen to me.”


“Sure, sure.”


“Be more serious.”


“I know.”


I say that, but Feirona keeps cleaning with no worries.


However, there hasn’t been any visible garbage falling to the entrance of Kudou’s house anymore. It seems that it is also to keep the conversation going that I keep on cleaning.


“Besides, it is impossible for Kudou to be strange to me.”


“Did you say that to Rin?”


“No, I didn’t have anything to say because there was nothing to talk about.”


For example, drinking alcohol at night, watching stars, and talking about firefighters.


Even if I spend that kind of time with her, there is nothing between me and Kudou. If said strictly, there are things like friendship and similarities between similar people. I have never spent time with her.


Neither I nor Kudou know well of each other. I may have known a little about her when I was summoned to this world, but it feels like a long time ago. Or perhaps I have not been conscious of our interactions recently. Cleaning this way, I think of the lingerie I found. I think whether it is hers. I want to think I am not a bad person.


I guess I am now making bad jokes.


So… well…


“I have good taste, and that is too flamboyant for my style.”


“I see.”


Not knowing how serious his answer was, we resumed cleaning.


Since there was no longer debris falling from above, it must seem stupid that we are still cleaning.


“I have not felt this way until now, but maybe in the future, I wonder if I might have anxiety.”


“I think it is impossible, but….”


“Keep it in mind.”


“I understand, I should remember my senpai’s words for life.”




From the one round with Griffin, Aya is often aware of me. I’m not as careful as I thought I was, but I am aware. I don’t just have pride for myself.


As for today, it will pass, and as I said before, just seeing Kudou’s underwear…. I will not be the same. Rather, I can say that I am accustomed to Kudou being my comrade too much and lack a sense of delicacy.


Is it a change of mind, or a woman’s heart? I don’t understand men’s point of — this way of escape is about to be useless.



“The hell?”


Feeling a gaze, I turned towards Feirona.


“What? I don’t have anything to say that I know of.”




Jokingly saying so, the door of Kudou’s house opened as though it had been perfect timing. Kudo, who is in front of the entrance, is covered in soot and dirt. There are famous words which state that a beautiful woman will not react even when dirtied. Since it did not come to mind, I do not tell her. Although I would love to see her reaction.


Well, no matter how good your appearance is, I’ll still feel sleepy, or have a lack of motivation that can cool down a hundred years of love.


“Oh, you’re still here.”


“What do you mean?”


“Not you, Renji. Him.”


As usual, she has no concern for me.


“What was the spelling of “Raelphia” with the letters that elves use?”

“You remember that much.”


“Unlike Yamada-san, I remember things such as these.”


I think about whether that is true.


While thinking so, she writes the word “Raelphia” on the ground with a broom. Because it is cobblestone, there is no actual trace of her words, but it seems that she remembers, as she murmured the letters.


“Thank you.”


It was not particularly spelled out with magical light, but apparently Kudo understands it.


Because it was a character that I wrote before, I know I remember a little bit.


“Hey, Kudou.”


“What? Just wait for me to finish, I’ll be happy if you do.”


“Not what I mean. This underwear, wash it yourself.”


“You’ve been collecting them, haven’t you?”


Even though she will not do it herself, I manage to stay quiet. I can tell. I’d rather actually have a conversation. But for some reason, both me and Kudou do not dislike this stupid conversation. We are fools to talk to each other, but we have a relationship, whether it is a deep bond or not.


“No, but don’t ask your colleagues to wash your underwear,” I said, as I received a cheerful reply.


“Is that mythril sword cheap?”


[I don’t think that’s a problem, but…]


“Go die.”


“Wow. If Yamada-san had lust for me, I would make fun of Aya.”


“Don’t tell me I have lust for a girl that age.”


It seems she really doesn’t care how she talks to me. I sigh back at her disgusting voice. When I gazed at my shoulders and looked towards Feirona, I saw his tired look.

“Well then, clean up, thank you.”


She closed the door.


“Do you think there is something between me and Kudou?”


“…even if you think there is, you can make sure you have good relations with each other.”


“Good relations.”


But that is a relationship. More or less. That is our relationship. Friends who are easygoing and casual. That’s all I want, nothing more. Surely Kudou feels the same way. Maybe.


I am not Kudou, so I do not understand her thinking exactly. At least I won’t wash another gender’s clothes, albeit underwear, normally.


“Even so…”




“Do you know the alphabet of the elves?”


It’s probably something we talked about the other day.




“Ra” is fire, water, wind, and earth. It represents the so-called “four-spirits”, “four attributes”.

“Elfia” refers to the things in this world.


Perhaps Kudou is engraving on the Mithril sword who was asking for the word of magical power with the character of the Elf so that it could sense the influence of these four spirits who are supposed to make up this world.


As I anticipated it, I breathed out, seeing Feirona’s admiration.


“You’re well informed.”


“To travel with Aya, I must not only be able to carry a sword, but also carry intelligence.”


I studied desperately, you know…


If you have no abilities, great effort, guts, and studying, will cover your weaknesses. In our world, this happens in developments like cartoons which were popular in the nineties. Characters who were hot-blooded.


Even though I came from that world, here it is different, and cannot be helped. Thanks to that, I can help in many ways.


“You’re a hard worker, aren’t you?”


“Stop it~ It doesn’t suit me to have you overestimate me like that.”


[I didn’t think that much, but…]


“To be called a hard worker means I have to continue to be one. I am just desperate, not hard working.”


Finally, I returned the broom to its area and stretched.


Fair weather today. It will soon be a warm season, and a good time for some exercise.


“I know it’s a request, but, I hope we did a good job.”

“It’s fine, because you, Renji, and your friends have completed it.”


“Of course.”


There was confidence in that response.


We don’t share the same feelings, lethargic Kudou Rin.


However, her blacksmith techniques are the real deal. A dwarf taught her, an elf granted her magical powers, and she recieved divine protection from Astraera.


That’s why I requested help.


From here on out, the strong goblins and beasts—perhaps we will battle again.


To fight like that… and see Miss Francesca’s new sword.


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