The Black Haired King ~The Rise of a Magical Swordsman Who Cannot Use Magic

Chapter 1 The Black Haired Young Man

“Long live the Black king! Long live Redius-sama!”

“Long live Black king!”

“Long live the Alnordo kingdom!”

From the terrace of the newly built castle, one could see the scenery of the newly created city spreading with its citizens cheering.

“….I have finally come this far.”

I murmured while gazing at that spectacle. I went through various different experiences along the way. Pain, bitterness, tragedies, joy, times I thought I would actually die. Many, many different experiences. But after overcoming all that, I finally arrived here.

“But, in a sense, this is only just the beginning.”

Yes, this is not the end. My objective does not end at building just this country. I fixed my eyes on my hand and grasped it tightly. This is the real beginning.




In this world, Grintia, the concept of magic exists. Fire, water, earth, wind, light, and darkness. Most of the living beings in this world possess at least one of these 6 elements.

And the talent to use such magic is decided from the moment of their birth. The reason for that is that it shows in one’s hair colour.

If they possess 1 or 2 elements, their hair color is brown. 2 or 3, the colour would be blonde. If they possess 4 elements, it would be red or blue. And if they possess 5, it would definitely be purple. The ones who can use all 6 of them are white-haired.

Most of the people in this world have either brown or blonde hair. Occasionally, children born to nobility are gifted with red, blue or even purple. But most of the time, it is one of the two.

Most can only use fire type magic but the more elements one can use, the more magical power they possess. When one can use 4 or more elements, they are sometimes enrolled to the magic division regardless of their status.

However, there were times when a person who had mastered one element defeated one with 4 elements so a definite rule can’t be made.

The advantages one receives from the moment they’re born with 4 elements is huge compared to one with 1 element but, this can all be changed with hard work.

And the people who come up in fairy tales mostly have white hair. White-haired people who possess all of the elements are next to none and are said to be born only once in a few hundred years, mostly being during times of turning points of the period.

Now that I think about it, the times probably changed because the white-haired, all element using person appeared. Those people possess quite the strength.

In contrast to that white/silver-haired people who carve history, there was a being who was treated as a taboo child. That person is…..





“Oi, incompetents should not walk in the middle of the corridor! How filthy!”

Shouted the young boy as he rocked his blonde hair.

The eldest son of this Gremond household, Bart Gremond. A nine year old kid who appeared fat compared to the others, and was always seen to be sweating. He, who had only compatibility with two elements, fire and earth. And at every opportunity, would used said elements on me.

I, Redius, was being punched by this boy. This was an everyday occurrence so I had gotten pretty used to it but, what hurts always hurts. I would become 7 years old this year but by the time I realized that, I was being beaten everyday.

Behind him, stood his private tutor, Grukkas. Grukkas did nothing to stop him. In fact, he looked at me with cold eyes. The other attendants also looked at me with similar eyes.

There are two reasons for that, one being the color of my hair. I too just learnt a bit from my older sister but, it seems that one’s hair color changes depending on their magic elements in this world.

Among all that, my hair, being black, did not fall into any specific category. People with compatibility to none of the elements seem to have this hair color and are often treated as incompetents or taboo children. Just like what I was facing right now.

The second reason being that my mother was the mistress of the head of this house, Greman Gremond.

And also, for that reason, older sister and Bart’s mother, Kerii, had also tormented my mother.

The only ones who treat me normally in this residence are mother, mother’s attendant, and elder sister.

“Ah, I know. I should practice my magic with him as my target. That way, I could improve myself more, right?!”

“Oohh! That is an excellent thought, Bart-sama. Oi, brat. Get up right now and go out into the garden! You can not move no matter how much Bart-sama hits you with his magic.”

Saying that, Grukkas gripped my hair, smiling unpleasantly. I ended up glaring at him out of pain,

“Oi, who do you think you are glaring at, stupid brat?!”

Then he kicked my stomach.

“Gehh! Geh, ahh, oeeh, geho”

“Tch! He started puking! Dirty brat!”

Then I was stepped on, over and over and over….. Darn it. If, if only I had a bit of strength. If only I had just enough strength to not be picked on by these guys.

While I was wishing of such an improbable thing, enduring Grukkas’ violence,

“What are you people doing!?”

A voice, whose normally was as pretty as a soft melody, was now shouting angrily. I was not able to get up due to the unbearable pain but, I was able to move my body a little. And so, I moved to face towards where the voice came from.

“Bart! What do you think you are doing?! Such horrible things!”

“Ah, sister. Th-this is, I-I was teaching him discipline.”

“Don’t joke around with me! Doing such horrible things and you say discipline!? Grukkas! What do you think you’re doing!? You were normally supposed to stop this from happening!”

“I-I’m very sorry, Miss Erishia.”

Erishia Gremond, the person who defends me. A young girl who would turn 11 this year, the only one in this household to possess a burning red hair.

She can use fire, water, wind and light, and her enrollment to the magic division in the future has been set in stone. She is also a hard-worker so she has quite the potential. So much that households of marquis or higher status have already proposed marriage. Even Greman could not speak freely to her.

“Are you okay, Redius?!”

She held me up as she said that. Ouch! It hurts when you touch the wounds. She probably realized that as my face was getting distorted due to the pain and so she stopped and chanted,

“Cure his body– Heal.”

And used magic upon me. And like that, I was able to slowly move my body which I wasn’t able to just a while before.

“Thank you very much, elder sister. The pain has subsided so I am fine now.”


I immediately took some distance from her after I could move a bit. It was because Mrs Kerii had instructed me to not talk with her much. And if I had, Kerii would again torment my mother. She probably does not want me to get friendly with elder sister, who has an influential voice in this household.

Elder sister made a sad expression as I took some distance but, that too, would result in my mother being tormented. And so, honestly, I do not want to get involved with them. I didn’t want my mother getting tormented because of me.

“Then, please excuse me.”

And so, I left that place immediately. I could feel that Bart and Grukkas were glaring at me from behind but I didn’t pay them any heed and just left.

…..How pathetic. To not even be able to protect myself with my strength. Frustrated, I left that place with my teeth clenched tightly.

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