Chapter 460 The Apostle Advances


The adventurers were wondering. The adventurers were wondering whether or not they should challenge a single enemy called Sariel.

“Seriously,… the [Iron Demon Brigade] lost.”

“Hey, what should we do? Isn’t she a little too dangerous?”

Such whispers could be heard throughout the battlefield.

The adventurers of Spada are not so weak that they would get scared just because one of their party was easily defeated, but in this case, the defeated party was special. A Rank 5 adventurer party, had challenged the enemy, and they had all been defeated without leaving a single scratch on the enemy.

If the battle had been close, morale would still have been high and there would have been people who wanted to follow suit. However, the battle of the [Iron Demon Brigade] had turned out to be a demonstration of Sariel’s extraordinary strength.

Maybe Sariel herself saw them as strong enemies and deliberately attacked them, and then defeated them with impunity to show the difference in strength. With her true strength, she could pierce any Rank 5 adventurer with that shining white spear in the blink of an eye… The fact that her strength was so unfathomable was probably the biggest reason why the adventurers hesitated.

But for Sariel, their situation was completely unkonwn. On the battlefield, if the distinction between friend and foe is clear, there is only one thing to do.

“أنا التقاط الهدف (Target Spotted)”

Sariel began to chant. She began to walk slowly, holding the spear in her hand like a staff.

“قد تكون الفعالية (Start Ballistic Calculation)”

With each step she took, the adventurers took an involuntary step backward.

However, they were not so frightened that they would continue to be foolish enough to simply stand at a distance, stunned, in front of an enemy who was obviously preparing an attack.

“This is our chance while she is chanting! If you can shoot arrows, magic, or anything else, shoot!”

It was the Pink Arrow of the [Blade Ranger] who shouted sharp attack orders.

Targeting mages who are chanting is a basic battle theory that even new adventurers know. If you’re an experienced adventurer, you’ll reflexively see him as a target.

No matter how strong Sariel was, they no longer hesitated in the slightest to take aim at her, who was chanting as she walked head-on, without any vanguard or defensive magic.

“Eat this, little girl! [Heartbreak Shot]!”

The Pink Arrow unleashed a dazzling, shocking pink, light-magic-like blow from its large peach-colored bow, and all the mage and archer classes present followed suit.

A number of long-distance attacks of various attributes and shining colors were aimed at just one person. The majority of them were made up of low-grade attack magic such as the [Fire Arrow] and the [Lightning Arrow], or Martial Arts techniques such as the [One Shot] and the [Strong Bullet]. This is because it is the only way to do it, or rather, it is the most appropriate way to hit the target immediately and in large quantities.

The other half of the magic and Martial Arts were the more powerful Intermediate and Advanced magic and Martial Arts of those who are skilled in abbreviated short spells, shrinking techniques, and other means of reducing the activation time. A small number of them were using the Primordial magic originals.

And so, the adventurers’ murderous intent, more like a prayer for her to fall, rushed towards Sariel. With the impact, the ultra-high heat, the ultra-low temperature, and the shockwave all blew at the same time, and Sariel’s small shadow disappeared in the black and white of smoke and the redness of flame.

“إعداد الغايات النار (Ready For Launch)

The sight of Sariel stepping out unharmed from beyond the flames of the explosion was truly despairing.

Instead of damaging her, they couldn’t even get her to stop chanting. It seemed that Sariel’s magic had already been completed at this time.

“[Fierce God Spear]”

With a white light at the tip of her spear, Sariel shot her cross-shaped spear into the sky. Her slender body gave no hint of strength, but the spear left her soft white hands and flew through the sky with more force and speed than a flicked arrow.

Naturally, there was no enemy adventurer at the tip of the spear, which was shot at a steep angle, almost directly overhead. The airborne troops of Spada’s Dragon Knight Dragoon were also absent, at least not in the sky above Sariel.

In other words, it was just a spear thrusting through the sky – but the next moment, it pointed its  at all the enemies.

When the spear that Sariel threw into the air reached a height of about a hundred meters above the ground, it formed a large, circular magic circle as it was, with a burst of bright light. It seemed as if the spear itself had shattered and turned into a magic circle.

A rain of light began to fall from the magic circle ten meters in diameter.

It was a shining white spear, similar to the Light-attribute Intermediate-level attack magic [Light Arrow]. However, the amount and density of magic power contained in each arrow was so great that even a non-mage could feel tingling on his skin.

Countless such objects – or, more accurately, as many as Sariel aimed at – rained down from the circle above the adventurers’ heads.

“This is bad…”

Not many of them were able to take defensive action. They had less than three seconds before a spear falling sharply from the sky would reach the ground.


For a brief moment, there was a mournful cry that made me want to cover my ears.

Those who were unable to respond to the oncoming arrow of light were pierced in the head or chest, while those who barely deployed defensive magic had their shields pierced as well.

A swordsman saw that the arrow was taking a simple trajectory that flew straight from the sky to the ground, and just as he narrowly avoided it, the arrow made a sudden turn like a bee above his head and stabbed him to death.

The power to penetrate defensive magic without difficulty, and the ability to track with high accuracy, as if to mock evasive action, it was a perfect special move with both afro-mentioned qualities. All the arrows raining down had the same dangerous effect.

The scene of shining rain pouring down from a large circle of light was fantastic, but what unfolded underneath was a bloody and realistic picture of hell where many people were stabbed to death at the same time.

“Oh no, why… everyone…”

The number of adventurers who have survived Sariel’s [Fierce God Spear] could be counted on two hands. Some had defensive capabilities that could stop the penetrating power, some could move fast enough to shake off the tracking, and some were lucky enough to escape the sting due to their miraculous positioning.

And some were fortunate enough to have survived, protected by others. This was the Pink Arrow from [Blade Ranger].

“Protecting your friend is the basis of justice. ……, right?”

The red-haired young man, Red Sword, smiled gently as he received one spear of light each in his chest and stomach.

“Justice must be served.”

“Because we’re…”

“Because I’m a Blade Ranger!”

Blue, Yellow, and Green stretched their bodies even more to catch the arrows like Red. All three of them received the spear that was aimed at her.

However, the righteous four took one more shot at the leader, the red-haired Pink Arrow, and stood up to protect her with their own bodies. She didn’t even have a scratch on her.

“You… You guys are really … stupid..”

It was a beautiful, tearful ending, but as it turned out, it was only a single blow. Sariel, the source of the powerful and cruel ranged attack, was still alive and well.

In spite of such a large scale of magic, the silvery aura that she wore did not fade, and her face remained as expressionless as before. There was no sign of her magic power being depleted.


Before I knew it, Sariel was standing in front of the saved Pink Arrow with the spear she had thrown in her right hand again. It would be more correct to say that she happened to be on her path as she continued walking straight ahead.

“I give up. …Please go ahead and proceed…”

The Pink Arrow, spitting out a pathetic line, rolled over in a heap and gave way to Sariel. She left her dead companions body and moved away. What was justice all about?


Sariel walked on without a second glance, ignoring the Pink Arrow. The only thing that was fortunate was that she went without stepping on the corpses of her companions.

“Oh! There’s a chance!”

Suddenly, the Pink Arrow stood up, drawing her bow. She was about ten meters away from Sariel. Her back, exposed and unprotected, was the best target Pink could ever have hope for.

“[White Stake]”


Before the string, which was squeezed with the power of Martial Arts, could leave her fingers, a white stake was thrust into Pink Arrow’s abdomen. The weapon, which resembled a white wooden stake used to pierce a vampire’s heart and kill them, had successfully smashed through her stomach. The sharp, bloodied tip was peeking out from her back.

Sariel merely sensed her attack and fired in advance. Without looking back, without chanting, without movement, to accurately shoot through the back of her standing in a complete blind spot would have been a no-brainer for her, who had survived the onslaught of the [Iron Demon Brigade] unscathed.

“Gah, haha … tsk, shhhh…”

After receiving the surprise attack, Pink Arrow collapsed while spouting words like a petty villain. Even so, she fought to defeat her enemy and avenge her friends until the end, and her stance may be called justice.

However, at this moment, Sariel did not stop walking because she felt any emotion at Pink Arrow’s actions. What she sensed was the appearance of a new enemy.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey. Wait a minute.’

Sariel turned around, her large silvery-white ponytail swaying faintly, and saw a boy.

He was a large man, but his face suggested that he was in his late teens. He had distinctive blond hair, but his body was equipped with solid equipment that didn’t impede his movements, yet covered his vital points with minimum of defense.

With a bright blue aura radiating from his entire body, he pointed the tip of the rugged long sword in his hand at Sariel.

“You’re ridiculously strong. Fight me!”

Sariel would know that the boy, with his blue aura, was also a talented person who possessed some kind of divine protection. On the other hand, he must have also seen the Rank 5 adventurers who activated the blessing and fell before her one after another.

Even so, the boy was standing before her with the pure, childish smile on his face, as if he couldn’t contain his excitement. He was undoubtedly a battle fanatic.

“My name is Kai Est Galbraith! Come on, let’s fight.”

With his sword at the ready, Kai looked like a predator who has just set his sights on his prey and was ready to run. Sariel, on the other hand, was still standing still. She was holding her spear in her right hand, looking at Kai with petrified red eyes.


He disappeared. He moved so fast that it made me think so.

But that was just from an ordinary person’s impression. Just because he was fast, her eyes would not be deceived.

“[White Stake]”


Kai had seen through the no-motion attack magic “[White Stake]” that killed the Pink Arrow. He slashed the attack with an attack from his sword.

He continued to deal with not one, not two, not three, but dozens of [White Stake]s that were released in succession. After the thirteenth stake, they were within striking distance of each other with their blades.

“[Polar Ultima–”

Kai’s sword, raised to the top, shone with a strong blue glow. I can’t help but believe that this Martial Art that has the power to slay even the aura-clad Sariel with a single strike.

However, the motion was too large. It was faster for Sariel to thrust out her spear.


Kai was in the midst of executing a Martial Arts move, but he forcefully twisted his body to avoid Sariel’s thrust. The silver tip barely scraped the surface of his Dragon skin armor that protected his chest plate.


The blue light shone divinely, which was completely visible because Sariel was not able to avoid the attack. That was a powerful blow.


However, what the blade of the great sword caused was not a splash of blood that cut through the human body, but a huge spark that was caught by the hard metal surface.

Before I knew it, a spear intervened between the sword and Sariel.

From that position, Kai pulled back to defend himself. That’s all there was to it, but I couldn’t see the crucial movement.

I wondered if Sariel’s small voice, which leaked out just a little, was a sign that she had gotten serious in her own way. Whatever the case, it was unbearable.

Kai had already finished unleashing his full power of Martial Arts. No matter how superhumanly powerful he was, it was impossible for him to defend with his sword with the same blinding speed as she had. There was not enough time.


A fist as heavy as a golem’s hammer struck Kai in the side of the head. It was Sariel’s free left hand. I could tell from the ineffectual motion of her just sticking out her arm that it was a light jab.

Kai leaned back heavily, but was able to fight off the pain and shock to avoid falling over, but before he knew it, Sariel was already in the thrusting motion again, a desperate scene reflected in his blue eyes.

The tip of the blade would pierce his heart with precision. There was no way she could fail at this moment, at this timing.

The fight was over. Kai realized that he was defeated and dead.

“What? Damn, she noticed me!”

A familiar voice reached his ears.

What Sariel unleashed was not a thrust, but a slash.

The target was not Kai, but someone else.


A black-haired, red-eyed figure of his best friend leaps out of the void. There was no sign of his approach, and he suddenly appeared as if he had been instantly teleported or summoned there.

Nero, who always kept a cool expression on his face and was never surprised or impatient even in battle, was now ducking under Sariel’s blow with a line of cold sweat running down his cheek.

“Just stay back!”

Without needing to be told, Kai flew backwards. He flew backwards, out of the range of Sariel’s spear, which was as good as the Grim Reaper’s scythe.

On its horrible tip, a translucent cloth – no, it gradually lost its transparency and quickly revealed itself as a dirty, milky white rag.

“Oh, my precious [Predator Cloak] is … bad, Saffi.”

Nero landed next to Kai, mumbling something like that.

“Nero, you …”

“Damn, you idiot. Because of you, we ended up having to fight with her.”

Despite his ever-so-grumpy expression, Nero clearly stated his intention to fight.

“It’s no use. I’ll fight for you, even though I’m in the red.”

“Hmmm, we’ll defeat her and make the [Wing Road] the best party in Spada!”

Also standing behind Kai, was the black-robed Necromancer Safi and a red-cloaked Thundermage Charlotte.

This is where the members of [Wing Road] all came together.

“Come on, let’s go– formation [Whirlwind]!”

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