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Black Demon King

521 Confession of Guilt

Apparently, Baron Herman kept his promise. Enroute to the Galahad Fortress, no pursuers could be seen, let alone servants.

Although, it was also possible that the pursuers simply missed us…

When we were about to approach the enemy fortress, Lily and Fiona prepared as accordingly. For example, there was a magic item called the Predator Coat, which could completely conceal one’s appearance.

The principle was to distort visible light with light magic, making the wearer transparent. However, if we were frolicking too much, the distortion of light would be disrupted. As such, it’d seem as if there was a movement or even a blur in the surrounding scenery. Suffice to say, the item didn’t provide absolute concealment.

Nevertheless, as long as we remained calm, we could enjoy the effect to the fullest. If we were careful, I doubted we’d be discovered by either the guards or the servants.

By the way, even though it was called a coat, it was actually a fairly large piece of cloth. Not only that, the Predator Coat could only be used by those with aptitude for light magic. Thus, Lily ended up wearing it with Fiona in tow, making it seem like a two-person shirt.

As for why there were various items for concealment, it was because Lily and Fiona were lucky enough to receive my letter during their stay in the Galahad Fortress. Upon sensing the situation, Lily rushed to Spada to prepare the necessary equipment and supplies to aid my return.

All the necessary preparation were complete. Although there were some twists and turns, I somehow managed to regroup with the two at the Alsace Fortress.

Once we reach Galahad Fortress, all we had to do was to take safe domestic roads without worrying about enemy attacks. As there shouldn’t be any obstacles to hinder our path, the journey should progress smoothly.

Thus, for the first time in months, I returned to Spada.

“…Aah, finally, we’ve returned.”

As I swayed on the back of Mary—the immortal horse, Nightmare—with whom I was reunited for the first time, I murmured poignantly as I gazed at the Great Wall of the Capital City of Spada in the distance.

As the month changed to the 2nd of the Pristine Water, March, I decided to return to Spada.

Once we’d safely escaped from Daedalus, there was no longer any reason to stay in Galahad Fortress, since the war was over.

Mary had to live in the Galahad stables for a while, but Fiona and Lily seemed to take good care of her. So, even after a long absence, the horse was still in pristine condition.

…I felt truly ashamed for endlessly burdening the two.

As I rode Mary and marched forward, Sariel sat behind me.

I hadn’t reported to the Spada Army that I’d captured Sariel.

It wasn’t like I wanted to hide her or anything. Even though I was supposed to turn in the enemy general… As I thought, it’d be better to stop now. Actually, it was none other than Lily and Fiona who stopped me.

In short, they wanted to hear my explanation about Sariel first. After all, if I were to sent Sariel over to Spada Army, they’d certainly take her into custody.

According to what I heard, the 8th Apostle—Ai, was captured during the Galahad War, and was incarcerated in a special underground prison at the Royal Castle of Sparda. Sariel, who’d lost her power as an apostle, shouldn’t need a grand prison. Even if so, it was possible that she’d be locked up in the same place and never saw the light of the day again.

Since we didn’t know how the Spada Army would treat Sariel, the two wanted to learn everything they could.

Only then would they decide what to do with Sariel—or, to be precise, how to send her to the Spada Army. By knowing the details, we could set the conditions. In the worst-case scenario, there was also an option of continuing to shelter her.

Perhaps, if I had disclosed the situation right away, we wouldn’t have to smuggle her. Upon my arriving at the Galahad Fortress, I’d already informed the Spada Army of my return. As soon as I reached Spada, I was required to report through the adventurer’s guild HQ, before receiving a summoning order from the royal castle.

In any case, I was a heroic figure who’d vanquished a powerful enemy, and it seemed that King Leonhard had his eyes on me.

Anyway, I was obligated to report my movements. However, when we actually arrived at the fortress, I hid Sariel. I used the magic item that Lily and Fiona had to disguise her as another person. Luckily, I was able to get out without being asked, “Who’s that?”

We left the Galahad Fortress in a bit of a hurry, partly because we were afraid they’d find out. In the end, we opted to return to Spada’s dormitory in order to have a talk.

By then, it had been a few days since I was reunited with both Lily and Fiona. I was going through a harsh situation in which I couldn’t confide to anyone. Day by day, the gazes of the two became more severe as they watched Sariel and I. In the end, we reached the dormitory without being able to have a decent conversation.

The stress was about to rupture my stomach. To be honest, I’d like to return to the cultivation village and led the carefree life of a fake priest once again.

Still, compared to me, the two probably had it worse.

Thus, I made up my mind. I had no regrets. This was the result of my choice. No matter how painful or sad the outcome might be, I’d accept it.


The sky I looked up at was still blue.

We should be able to return to the dormitory before dusk.

So, it’s tonight.

It was time for me to tell them everything.

Be it the reason why I kept Sariel away, snatched her divine protection—everything.

The sun had already set, and the lounge of the dilapidated dormitory was dimly illuminated.

It was a tranquil night, one where I couldn’t even hear a single insect. In the night sky, only thin stripes of clouds were adrift, while the waning moon shone vaguely.

Simon wasn’t in the dormitory. I was told that he was off to some quest. I also didn’t know when he’d return.

As of the present, Lily and Fiona gathered around the table, sitting across from me and Sariel. Without anyone interfering, the four of us could finally talk.

…I’m ready.

I couldn’t back down anymore. I couldn’t possibly drag this any longer

Now, let’s start talking.

“…First of all, let’s talk about what happened after I got caught in the teleportation magic.”

Lily and Fiona nodded in silence.

“It seemed to be called ‘Heaven’s Gate.’ An emergency spell to aid an apostle in escaping, made by Bishop Judas, the man who experimented on me.”

“Then, you arrived at the ‘Fountain of Light’, right?”

“T-that’s right, did I tell you that…?”

For a moment, Lily’s question caught me off guard. Also, no, I definitely hadn’t told her that I was sent at the Fountain of Light.

“Apparently, the teleportation magic utilizes the veins of the earth. Due to that, one can’t freely set the destination. Since the caster has a light attribute, the destination should be where the veins of light emerge on the earth’s surface—in other words, the dragon holes. While the original destination should’ve been the cathedral of Daedalus, but before that, there was a powerful dragon hole of light… That is, the Fountain of Light.”

I was half-dumbfounded as I listened to Lily’s crisp explanation. No way, I didn’t know that the mysterious teleportation magic could be explained?

Lily, who looked much younger than even Reki or Ursula, didn’t fail to surprise me with her knowledge of magic.

“It seems that the hole still possesses some magic. If it were left for another year—no, for six months, then Kurono’d be teleported right in the middle of the enemy as planned. I must thank Her Majesty the Queen for protection.” Lily smiled softly.

She seemed to genuinely thank the Fairy Goddess—that, or she was glad that I was safe.

However, the sight of her childish smile, which should’ve offered utmost comfort, chills ran down my spine.

While Lily hadn’t transformed, she had completely regained consciousness. Lies and deceits wouldn’t work on her. On the contrary, she might discover my deepest secret—one that not even I was aware of.

“Well, that’s enough about the teleportation magic. Hey, Kurono, exactly what did you see at the Fountain of Light?”

Enduring the reflexive desire to run away, I stared straight into Lily’s eyes.

“I saw Sariel’s memory.”

I told her the whole truth.

“Sariel, who was hit with Memory Burst, strongly counter-interfered me, who was nearby, causing Backdoor. From then on, I was treated to her memories.”

First, the memory of that day’s battle. I saw myself transforming into a woman as I merged with Lily from Sariel’s perspective.

“So, our strategy as a success.”

“It was. At that time, Sariel almost lost consciousness and was in no condition to retaliate.”

Unable to distinguish between the past and reality, Sariel ate my Wrath Impact.

“Then, all of her sealed memories were released.”

I saw Sariel fought as an apostle. I saw her communing with some of her apostolic companions—

—and before she woke up as an apostle.

“—As expected, just like Kurono, she was also an experimental subject.”

“You’re correct, Lily.”

A pitiful victim of the White Sacrament led by Judas.

“Did you end up sympathizing with her because of that?”

“Not really, Fiona. If that’s all, I could still kill Sariel.”

I was definitely wavering. Nevertheless, at the bank of the spring, I still wrung her scrawny neck. despite knowing that she was the same as me; a victim of a hellish human experimentation, I was able to show no mercy.

“—But then, just before I broke her neck, I discovered that she was an acquaintance from my hometown.”

“…Another transmigrator, huh?”

I was summoned, while Sariel was reincarnated. While our situations were subtly different, we both came from another world.

“Even if I was once a Japanese, I could still kill a total stranger. But, if it’s someone I recognized, someone I had spoken with, even if just a little… It’s just impossible for me…”

I’m sorry…

I could only apologize for my weakness.

Of course, they didn’t simply forgive me. Lily and Fiona remained silent.

After ten or twenty seconds of silence, Lily was the first to speak.

“Say your name, Sariel. Who were you?”

Her jade gaze pierced Sariel with the sharpness of a blade. Still, Sariel—as emotionless as a puppet, answered promptly without any hesitation.

“My name is Yuriko Shiraasaki. Like Kurono Mao, I was a second-year student at Sakuragi Highschool. I was also a member of the literature club. Back in Japan, I was an ordinary student with neither special abilities nor status.”

“…About Kurono, were you really just an acquaintance?”

“Yuriko Shirasaki had a one-sided love towards Kurono Mao. In fact, on the day of the summons, she was about to confess to him, but it so happened that—”


Upon hearing Lily’s words, Sariel abruptly stopped speaking. It was as if someone had pressed the Stop button on a DVD player.

Silence ensued. Dark, oppressive, silence like the bottom of the sea.

“Long story short, you failed to land the decisive blow, Kurono.”

“That’s right, sorry.”

“No, I’m not blaming you. You must’ve had it rough. It’s not an easy decision to make.”

Those words were supposed to be comforting—

—However, the fact that Fiona was unperturbed terrified me the most.

A sleepy, absent-minded, blank expression. Her face, which was supposed to be familiar to me, seemed like an apathetic goddess who didn’t care about people’s suffering.

I couldn’t grasp her mind at all.

Contrary to her words, was she angry? Or was she genuinely fed up, to the point she didn’t care? It felt as if she was about to disappear, never to be seen again. But then again, that wouldn’t be strange.

“…Despite that, you seemed to lead a peaceful life.”

“…Sariel is no longer hostile. In fact, she has lost all her power and protection as an apostle.”

“After the battle, the two of you hid in Irz Village. The entire time, she didn’t betray or snitch on you, so it’s probably the truth.”

Even though that should be the most suspicious part, Fiona acted nonchalant about it. Certainly, if Sariel had other agenda, she probably wouldn’t spare me. My safe return to Spada was solid evidence… But that didn’t make accepting it any easier.

“I’ll ask this just in case, what did you think of your action back then?”

Fiona’s golden gaze pierced Sariel. Despite that, Sariel didn’t waver, and answered calmly.

“Freed from God’s will, I followed Yuriko Shirasaki’s conviction. I’d like to fulfill her desire.”


“I don’t understand it myself. Regardless, I still wish to fulfill her desire.”

“Are you in love with Kurono?”

“I’m not, Yuriko Shirasaki was the one who did. While I understand the concept of love, I can’t feel it. Due to lacking human emotions, I don’t think I’m capable of loving someone.”

“I see. Well, even without love, two people could still have sex.”

Fiona already saw it coming. Her words were very telling.

…Is that how it is?

In the first place, I came up with that method because of Fiona’s remarks. Since it was her words, there was no way she wouldn’t notice it.

“What’s the matter, Lily? Since a while ago, I’m the only one asking questions.”


An unexpected turn.

Fiona shifted her gaze to Lily, who remained silent. Certainly, ever since then, Lily hadn’t uttered a single word, and Fiona was in charge of the conversation.

“Actually, isn’t there a question you’re dying to ask?”

“I already know the general circumstances… What Kurono thinks of Sariel, and what he wants to do.”

“Is that so? Then, I’ll be the one to ask that question.”

Her golden eyes reflected me. As if disallowing anyone to speak anything other than the truth, they bore a mysterious glow.

“How did Kurono get rid of Sariel’s protection?”

I see, I get it, Fiona.

I wouldn’t lie, or try to run away.



Lily stopped me.

“That’s enough. Don’t say anything anymore…”

With her head lowered, Lily whispered. I couldn’t make out her expression.


“Please, Kurono, anything but that…”

“Lily, are you afraid?” Fiona’s somewhat frigid voice echoed out loud.

“—So am I, but it’s necessary for us to know. Not from anyone else, but from Kurono himself—”

Fiona’s pure white hands reached out to Lily. Gently, affectionately, she embraced Lily, who looked like a glasswork that was about to break.

As she hugged Lily, who trembled with sadness, Fiona seemed like an older sister. I wondered why, but Fiona’s hands, as she entwined the shaking Lily, seemed like a poisonous white snake.

“C’mon, let me hear it. Kurono—all of your sins.”


Fiona covered Lily’s mouth with her hand.

Now, no one could stop my confession.

“By losing her chastity, Sariel’d be unqualified to be an apostle, so I—I violated her.”


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