I was interrupted by Lily’s innocent voice while I was thinking of the war situation seriously.

In the direction her small index finger pointed, there was a gaudy group standing out noticeably more. They were wearing a plate armor like in ancient Rome and it was radiant with all the gold ornaments. However, even at this distance, I understood that that was actually quite practical and had quite a high magic effect hidden inside. Although weak, my 6th sense is sense various different magic from it.

Naturally, the ones who normally wear such equipment are very muscular men. No, it is actually kinda obvious for adventurers who wear those to be muscular but this group looked considerably stronger. As there were portions in the armor revealing their bodies, their muscles were visible.

“I see, so they are the pro gladiators.”

It is my first time seeing one but there’s probably no mistaking that they are gladiators. Their splendor equipment was befitting of their reputation and the way they walked majestically gave off no weak spots, showing how they were experts in battles. Above all, even the adventurers moved to give way to them, parting the crowd of people to create a line. I experienced this when I was in the victory celebration.

“It feels like one of them is kinda coming our way, doesn’t it…?”

Just as Fiona said, someone was coming straight towards us after separating with the gladiators. Even before I could think why or who is that, the crowd split, creating a line towards us.

“Yo, good morning. You guys are the Element Masters, right?”

He stated imposingly with a refreshing smile.

“…Yes, why do you ask?”

He had an incredibly beautiful face.

He had wavy blonde hair reaching his shoulders and mild blue eyes with a striking mole under the eye. Even though he is a guy, his platinum blonde hair looked as charming as Lily’s and his sapphire eyes were as radiant as Nell’s.

I could declare that he had this charm. Even I was captivated for a moment there.

On top of that beautiful face, he also had a trained body with armor on. He didn’t have a single mark on his white skin, let alone any scars. It was clean to the point that it was creepy—as if he was a moving sculpture. With that gold plate mail and crimson mantle, he looked like a work of art.

“Nice to meet you, I am Farkius. I am the principal of the Gladiators squad ‘Starlight Spada’ but—judging from your expressions, it seems like you guys never heard of me, huh?”

Even his awkward ‘ahaha’ laugh looked like a picture. He even had a tenor voice. If he were to ask someone out with that face and voice, any Spada woman will surely fall in love.

“No, I have heard the name. But if I am not wrong, you’re supposed to be the most popular gladiator in Spada, right?”

If one lives in Spada, they will naturally hear topics about sword fights. Sword battles in Spada is like a fusion of idols, soccer and baseball in Japan.

And so naturally, even I heard the name of the person who reigns over the sword fighting world. Of course, I didn’t know how he looked but I can guess he is the one now that he is in front of me.

Either way, I don’t feel any hostility from this Farkius dude. I guess I will get off the horse and greet him for now.

“I am the Element Master Kurono. Well, what would a star athlete like you have to do with us?”

“Fufu, I would like it if you didn’t get so stiff. Aren’t you more famous now, Iskia’s hero-san?”

Farkius-san put his hand on my shoulder and said with a refreshing smile which could even stop a sobbing child from crying.

His touch was so gentle that one would doubt that his wrists really handle swords.

“Rank 5 adventurer and the principal, there’s no need to put one on top of another. There’s no need for formal language either, please refer to freely as Far.”

No, that’s a bit… I guess I will compromise a little here.

“Thank you, Farkius.”

“Fufu, I guess that’s fine for now. Well then, I will be calling you as Kurono-kun.”

Farkius looked straight into my eyes wearing a smile without any worries. I could relax knowing that I was straight as I didn’t get startled by him.

“Ah, well, the reason I came by like this today was really just to greet you. As a gladiator who will be fighting alongside you.”

I see, I guess he doesn’t have anything up his sleeve.

And just when I was convinced of that, he slid his hand from my shoulder to my other shoulder and joined shoulders naturally. This guy is smooth.

“But, you see, you have such a terrifying 2nd name—’Nightmare Berserker’, so I was curious before. I had heard in rumors that you were a demon-like man but—”

Our bodies were basically glued to each other. And since he was only a few centimeters shorter than me, our faces were close too. On top of that, he gave off this flowery scent too. The scent of a high-class perfume.

“I was surprised, seeing you’re such a beautiful person. Especially this black hair. It’s even darker and more black than the Avalon royalty’s and it’s very charming as well, to the point that it makes me kinda jealous.”

Farkius’ other hand gently stroked my hair ends.

I jumped back in reflex.

“Could you, move away a bit?”

“Innocent too, huh? That’s cute too.”

I felt a chill down my spine. Quite seriously too.

And what passed my mind was the scene of my elder sister being hit on by a flashy guy in the city. My sister’s expression left an impression on me as she gave a scornful look towards the gaudy guy who frivolously said some flowery words.

Well, we were able to get through that situation without any problems as the guy made a run for it after giving his wallet and saying ‘please, this is all I have now, please let me’ when I talked to him.

To think me, the guy who made the playboy run away, would be hit upon… Was this world such a scary place?

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