Kuro no Maou 428 – Part 2/2

Full Order



“I’m sure this has been made clear from our earlier conversation, but all parties who have a technique that is effective against the Taurus should follow the commands of the Spada Army. This means that they will not be allowed to engage in battle until the enemy deploys the Taurus.”


Certainly, anyone can understand what a waste of magic would be to use a one-shot special technique on a group of random soldiers. I don’t think that any of these experienced adventurers would make such a mistake, but still, it might be better to leave that to the Spada Army’s judgment.


“The same goes for the Pharos Gun. We have no choice but to rely on it to defeat the Taurus as well. If it doesn’t come out, please assume that the situation is severe enough that our secret weapon had to be sealed away.”


I already knew that the Battle Tower Pharos, which had fired a terrific beam, was the pride and joy of Galahad Fortress, but after watching it do a tremendous job destroying four Sample Taurus, I could realize its true power.


Since the Fulltune Taurus are the enemy’s definite weapon that can destroy our walls, we need to preserve the few powerful attacks we have that can destroy them, like the Pharos Gun and the ‘Five Blade Shot’. We can’t be using attacks like those haphazardly against Crusader soldiers, no matter how many of them come swarming through our walls.


The Crusaders are also probably expecting this, too. It’s possible that they’re planning on just attacking the castle relentlessly without sending out the Taurus, just so we don’t use our most powerful attacks.


Perhaps they also used their first assault with the Sample Taurus to gather intel on what kind of counter-attacks we had prepared as well.


“Well then, returning to our main topic… The right side will be under the vice commander’s orders.”


“I’m Vice Commander Elwood. I’m looking forward to working with you, fellow adventurers.”


The one who had just introduced himself was a Spada Knight in a full set of red armor sitting next to Prince Eisenhart. A rugged middle-aged looking man whose face reminded me of the typical Hollywood macho.


But if I’m not mistaken, that man’s long and pointy ears meant that he was actually an elf. So those rugged features could also be found even among elves. It seems I had learned another bit of common knowledge of this strange world.


“There won’t be as many people assigned to this side, but that will be covered by General Gessenbull from the Third Company, ‘Rampage’. No, let me rephrase that. ‘Rampage’ will be in charge of defending the hole on the right side, with support from ‘Gladiator’.”


So as far as deployment was concerned, General Gessenbull will be at the hole in the right, while the left side will be handled by Prince Eisenhart, so defending the holes will be the generals’ duty.


“The commanders will be Tania and Bran. Their Order Raid will be ‘Element Masters’ and Farkius.”


“All right, Kurono! We’ll be fighting side by side!”


Farkius’ outrageous and simple-minded remark echoed throughout the cold Control Room.


“…Looks like it.”


That was all the strength I could pour into my reply.


Oblivious to such a complex state of mind, the simple-minded Farkius patted me on the shoulder with a big smile on his face. I wished he stopped that act. He looked like a young schoolboy swooping down on a girl he likes by changing seats in a classroom.


“I will be giving both Kurono from ‘Element Masters’ and Farkius the new ‘Full Order’.”


“Oh, that’s quite the drastic move, Eis.”


Just as if the childish behavior he had been treating me with thus far had been a lie all along, Farkius quickly said that with a mysterious tone of voice.


“That wasn’t my call, it was my father’s– err, the King’s.”


“Hoho, I see! I then humbly accept your appointment, Your Majesty.”


After standing up and bowing to his king, Farkius returned to his seat. On the other hand, King Leonhart nodded solemnly and replied with a calm ‘Hmm’.


This is bad, I had been distracted by the conversation.


“Umm, what is this ‘Full Order’?”


“Ah, I’m sorry, Kurono. You haven’t been here on Spada for long, so it’s not unusual that you don’t know about it.”


I had tried to secretly ask Farkius about it, but Prince Eisenhart heard me anyway, so he replied instead.


“Come on, Eis…  Kurono asked me, didn’t he?”


“To put it simply, ‘Full Order’ is when an Order Raid is given the power to act at the same level as a commander. It means that you get the same level of authority as them and are able to exercise the right to command as well. Isn’t that great?”


“Aw, come on… He asked me, I tell you!”


“That doesn’t mean I expect you to command like a professional knight, so please take it easy for now.”


“That’s not all there is to it, isn’t it?”


What’s with this chaotic situation? All I did was ask a simple question. Was my own ignorance such a bad thing?


Wait a second, let’s not get carried away by the mood. The first thing I had to do was to stop Farkuis, who was flaring up at the poor Prince Eisenhart, whose patience seemed to be at its limit.


“Hey Farkius, calm down a bit. I’ll ask you for a more detailed explanation later. Come on, we could go eat something at Galahad Restaurant. It’ll be my treat.”


“Really? I’m so happy you’re taking me out for dinner!”


I didn’t believe that would be so effective. He seemed so happy about being treated to a meal… I didn’t expect him to be the gobbler type, just like Fiona.


Oh well, at least we were finally able to return to talking about more serious matters.


“But is it really all right to give me that kind of authority?”


Being a commander meant that I would be in charge of at least a thousand adventurers.


The only time I had the experience of being in charge of others was during the battle to defend Alzas Village. And even then, it was as part of an alliance of a hundred adventurers where everyone supported one another.


“What do you mean? I’ll be issuing a broad operation order to you. All you need to do is pass it down to your subordinates. ‘Gladiator’ has always been a medley of adventurers from its roots, so I won’t be issuing any complex orders or anything like that.”


No matter how experienced any Rank 5 adventurer is, it might still be impossible to lead over a thousand adventurers perfectly as a commander. If I were able to do that, there would be no point in having experienced commanders after all.


“To begin with, the main duties of any ‘Gladiator’ commander is to fight in a flashy way and raise their troop’s morale. They are expected to be running wild at the front lines, that’s all there is to it.”


At the very least, it’s good that I would get to assemble the adventurers as a group. Since the adventurers from Spada seem to value and respect strength above all else, they should be able to follow a Rank 5 adventurer who is strong enough.


That’s the same as how it was back in Daedalus. Does it mean that those who want the commander position have to duel for it? It was all about a brilliant victory back there.


“Farkius will be in charge of the main gladiator corps. I think it will be better if you choose your corps yourself rather than having me designating them for you.”


“Really? That would work for me as well, but I’ll do as you say.”


How experienced do you need to be to be able to choose the members of an army of adventurers? No, this was probably just because it was Farkius. The title of “Spada’s No. 1 Gladiator” cannot be just for show.


“As for Kurono, well, I’ll be assigning your team for you, but if there’s anyone in particular you want, please let me know.”


All I could manage to do to answer Prince Eisenhart’s question was to remain silent.


You see, I hadn’t exactly agreed to play the part of a commander. Long story short, I wasn’t that confident I was up to par.


Why should I be? After all, last time, when I had a hundred other adventurers under my leadership, we were massacred.




As I was hesitating, the silence was shattered by the voice calling my name. King Leonhart was looking straight at me with those golden eyes of his.


“I’ve heard that you have managed to stall a large Crusader military force at the rural area of Alzas Village. I don’t know for a fact if this is true or not, but I have chosen to believe it is.”


It looked like he already thinks highly of me, or rather, us ‘Element Masters’. However, I couldn’t be pleased with this. I simply couldn’t. After all, we did lose that battle.


“Certainly, you have battled the Crusader army at Alzas with all of your might. Still, despite your valiant efforts, you and your allies fell to their assault. It has become clear to me just how much of a grudge you hold against the Crusaders just by looking at you fight today.”


“…Thank you, Your Majesty.”


No wonder he’s the king of this country. We’ve only had a bit of a conversation at a victory celebration party reunion, and he had been able to see through me with such ease.


“Your strength and determination are remarkable. I am sure that this time you will be able to lead your allies to victory.”


He had high hopes from me. When a king speaks to a man like that, there is no way the man will not feel encouraged.


“What say you, adventurer Kurono? Will you accept the Full Order, and lead your adventurers as a commander?”


I had enough time to consider it and come to my decision.


My mind was set.


I looked straight at King Leonhart through his powerful stare and gave him my answer.


“I am sorry, but I must decline your offer.”

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