Kuro no Maou 431 – Part 3/3


“I’d expect us to attract a bit of attention, though. You don’t need to be so alert.”


“I guess it’s just the force of habit.”


Then, they continued to walk under the blizzard, perhaps heading for their tent. Indeed, as Linfelt herself said, she did attract quite the attention from the surrounding guards on duty.


“Ooh, that handsome Sebastian fellow is quite sharp, isn’t he?”


He didn’t seem to be just a regular personal guard for Bergunt’s elegant daughter. More than a simple guard, he looked more like some kind of “guard butler”.


The young guard butler didn’t look like a bad match for the lovely count’s daughter, with his fair blond hair and bright blue eyes. However, Ai wasn’t too interested in him. Even less since he was a man.


Before long, they had reached their tent.


It seemed a bit too tiny for the count’s daughter to use. But perhaps that’s what one could expect to be their tent out in the battlefield in a faraway strange land.


However, it looked a bit out of place that there didn’t seem to be a single guard around it.


Thinking it was rather weird that both Linfield and Sebastian had entered the tent alone, Ai slowly approached it in order to explore its interior, and then…


“Huh!? What’s this…? An invisible wall? Some kind of barrier?”


She repeatedly blinked her blue eyes in surprise before the transparent wall that had suddenly appeared in front of Ai. Or perhaps it had been there all along?


More transparent than glass, the barrier felt very rigid when touched with one’s fingertips, and didn’t seem to be either hot or cold to the touch.


Ai quickly guessed that the invisible wall covered a perimeter of 10 –no, 30, square meters around Linfelt’s tent. The raging blizzard should not be able to get inside that perimeter, it seemed to be warm inside without the need of a lit fireplace, and it would appear to block off sound from going in or out.


“Ah, I see, this is a ‘Sanctuary’… Right, so she can use World Dimension Magic… So she might be on par with an Apostle’s power. Look at that old man, bringing someone like this all the way here.”


Ai gently brushed the invisible wall’s surface, seemingly impressed.


“Well, she would still be no match for a true Apostle, huh!”


At that moment, while Ai was still touching it with her fingertips, a portion of the transparent barrier disappeared without making a single sound. It was a hole big enough for Ai to cross over.


“Hehe, with a barrier like this, you’d need virtually no defense at all. But perhaps you’re being too alert, princess.”


With a bold smile on her face, Ai rapidly got closer to the tent. There were only two people in the back. There she inquisitively got her ears ready, eager to hear some juicy story, some scandal regarding this young lady, this so-called ‘Helvetia saintess’.


“Ah, this is the worst… Hey, Sebas, do I really have to fight?”


“Come on, Lin, you’ve already been bickering about it ever since we left the mansion. Don’t give me that again.”


“Shut up, you’re always complaining! Ah, this is pointless, totally pointless!”


“What an unsightly rattle, and this late at night! You’re worse than thieves and monsters, and yet you can use something like ‘Sanctuary’!”


“But that’s an act of God! I’m being dragged into this fight! Who even likes to be in a war? And being involved with those super dangerous Alsacian demons!? Shit, that damned geezer thinks he can do whatever he likes! I’m going to die, I’m really going to die this time, I tell you!”


The voice she heard from inside the tent was definitely not lovely at all. It was an unbearable outcry of complaints and negative emotions.


“Wow… to think she was this kind of girl…”


Even though she couldn’t see her, Ai could almost picture the black-haired girl rolling on the floor and holding her head, throwing a tantrum. Or perhaps she was actually doing that, because she could hear her hitting the floor.


“We’ve already come all the way here, so give it up already!”


“No wayyyy, let’s go back, let’s goooo-”


“We can’t just go back to the mansion, can we?”


“I don’t care about that place… Even returning to that orphanage in the slums would be good enough for me now.”


“Now that’s nonsense. There’s nothing there for you to go back to anymore.”


“Sebas… Oh, forget it. Give me my cigarettes.”


“Wait a minute, you slum-raised woman! … You can have no more than three for now. It takes time to get rid of the smell, you know?”


It was good that there was no one else around. There was nothing delicate or gracious about this shameless saintess. To Ai, she seemed more like a spoiled child than a priestess.


“Sebas, bring me something to drink! Not wine, I want a beer!”


“Only one glass!”


“Ehh!? You cheapskate!”


“Shut up! Do you want me to take care of you when you’re so drunk you’re no longer able to stand still as well?”


“But I want to drink until I drop dead! I just have to!”


Then, after hearing the priestess gulp down a jug of beer, Ai quietly left that place.


“And there are many people in this world who live happily without knowing about stuff like this, Tsumiki.”


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