433 Part 2

“I’m afraid intimidation is their main purpose.”


As I predicted, the moment Taurus came into our line of sight, its fate would be sealed if the secret weapon of Galahad stronghold, the beam cannon of the Battle Tower Pharos, was utilized.  Perhaps they could only deploy four shots per day.


Besides the Pharos Cannon, rank five adventurers could unleash one-shot only killer technique that could potentially seal Taurus. However, we had to attack with maximum firepower and use our trump card right off the bat, because we would not be able to defend against Fulltune Taurus’ assaults.


If they did not use Taurus, we had a few killer techniques up our sleeves. It was quite obvious that our side would suffer more from this battle. My speculation was that Taurus had run out of magical power to be utilized in this battle. In other words, there was a high probability that it had become the perfect papier mâché tiger — but just in case, we must deploy our killer technique as a precaution.


“Well, if we can land one shot, it would be enough.”


“Is it about time to get started?”


Fiona yawned. Even though her lax demeanor was questionable, it did not make me anxious or distrust her. Fiona would be reliable in due time, even if she looked dubious.


“That’s right. According to our earlier briefing, Fiona will take the right and Lily the left. Our target is the siege weapon or the group of Armor Knights.”


“Kurono, if you utilize ‘Meteor Strike’ as a signal, we will come back here at once!”


“Unfortunately, I will continue to provide support from above like that.”


Arrangement confirmation, OK.


The plan of attack this time was the same as the one on the last day of the Alsace battle: a huge single blow at the beginning. I arranged the two of them to shoot from a distance. I will launch Gil Bulletless “Plasma Blaster” from here.


This way, the three of us would not redundantly overlap our range of attacks, and we could bring down more enemies.


Most importantly, after finish attacking, we would assume formation “Vertical Limit”, just like on the first day of the previous battle. I would focus on continuing to hit the enemies by the wall, nothing too grand of a plan. As long as our physical power, energy, and magical power still available, we would persist on fighting through that way.


“Well then, see you, Kurono!”


“See you.”


Lily walked away cheerfully as though she was going shopping while waving her small hand at me. Fiona headed for her position while pushing her way through the stampede so dexterously.


The Crusaders were wriggling below, making their way across the snowfield that spread between on their encampment and the castle. They were almost halfway through.


“Okay, Hitsugi, we should start preparing, too — ‘The Greed’, Mode Blaster Gil.”


“Roger that, Master! Starting energy charge!”


The heavy cannon was quietly revealed and set at the ready. I let the magic power and fighting spirit overflow while glaring at the approaching Crusaders.


‘Twas the day that we definitely would go on a rampage to our hearts’ content. The real Crusade Army that came from far across the ocean from Sinclair Republic was my true opponent.


Oh, I could finally slaughter you all. How much I had been waiting for this moment —


“I shall show you the power of the Nightmare Berserker. Bring it on —.”




“… They’re not coming.”


Overwhelmed by impatience and irritation, I muttered in annoyance.


The energy of “The Greed” was already at full charge. With one pull of the trigger, a torrent of purple lightning would be grandly released. However, the said enemies did not appear.


“Master, is it time yet?”

Hitsugi had already finished the countdown and was idling.


The Crusaders suddenly stopped at the edge of our blast range.


All of us were holding our breaths waiting for them to attack. Lily, Fiona, the adventurers with their staffs, and the Spada Knights with their bows were assuming their attack positions.


“Hey! Why, why are the enemies on this side not moving?!”


General Gesenburg barked in anger.


To describe the current situation more accurately, the attack from the Crusaders had already begun. The white army shot an avalanche and pushed forward, catapults fired blazing rock cannonballs in unison, while the siege weapons were rattling and inching toward the castle walls.


In a blink of an eye, the bodies of the perished Crusade Army piled up near the wall due to the surging waves of our counter-attacks. The discord echos of their screams, bellows, and shrieks were reverberating across the battlefield. Meteor-like blazing rocks scattered like flowers as they were blocked by walls and barriers in midair. At an even higher altitude, the Pegasus Knights that finally started attacking rigorously were greeted by the Spada Dragoons. A fierce dogfight had commenced.


Unlike the slave soldiers, the well-armed Crusaders were also making an onslaught; undauntedly and fiercely firing a storm of arrows and assault magic upon us. Some death casualties were starting to occur on the defending Spada Army side as well.


Just like that, the intense battle to the death took place at the Great Wall of Galahad.


We would protect the right side of this Northern wing.


“Damn! What in the world is happening …?!”


The enemy attacks at the main gate and the left side of the Southern wing were concentrated toward the breach. There should be no significant difference in the sizes and the repair condition between the breach here and on the other side. But for some reason, the enemies were ignoring this side.


Hold on. I thought the Armor Knights were equipped with impenetrable shields and armors since they were standing still unscathed, to form a line of battle. It was as if they were excluded from being attacked. However, that was not the case at all.


In that case, they were waiting for the right timing to attack us.


What the hell were they waiting for?


If they possessed a definitive means to destroy this wall, it would not make sense to start attacking elsewhere. I started to wonder if there was something pertinent at that one point where they were standing.


“What are they scheming? – Lily, Fiona, any thoughts on this?”


“I’m sorry, Kurono. Lily doesn’t know.”**


“Same here. I can’t think of anything in particular off the top of my head. I don’t sense anything abnormal either.”


Through telepathy, I tried gathering information from two people who were positioned very far apart from each other. However, the results were inconclusive.


I was being vigilant that perhaps Magic Items, such as bombs, were installed in the wall during the snowstorm, but I could not feel any sign of magical power at the moment.


While I was scanning the wall for anomalies, I heard General Gesenburg gave out orders to check the wall as well. The Spada Army also seemed to be speculating the current bizarre situation.

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