435 Part 2

The Black Demon King

Chapter 23: Holy Maiden of Helvetia

Episode 435: Heavy Infantry vs. Armor Knights (Part 2)


Although the Armor Knights’ formation faltered, they received an overwhelming number of ally reinforcements from all directions and launched a fearless retaliation.

On the other hand, the heavy infantry filled the vacant spaces left by the fallen and quickly reconstructed a solid assault formation. Of course, it would be smaller by that number. The pressure from the enemies was even stronger and more intense, attacking Eliwood’s army.


The heavy infantry was displaying their cooperation that resulted from their constant training: maintaining formation, timing of attack or defense. However, all that was due to their ally fighting alongside them.

One, two, three steps — he pushed forward at least ten steps. There were no longer any comrades next to Eliwood. He was surrounded by the silvery-white Armor Knights that were stained with blood.

The current situation at the battlefield was depicting a raging battle; more precisely, a battle where a small number of soldiers were being crushed by a larger number of soldiers.

“— Break!”

A martial art technique that swung the Halberd with one arm was unleashed. Eliwood was assaulted with a good coordination of double attacks from his right and left.


The “Golden Torus” he suddenly deployed was under tremendous pressure. While another battle scar was carved onto his golden shield, Eliwood was able to perfectly repel the double attacks with his combat skills.


The Armor Knight on his right was losing his balance. With a pierce that resembled a quick and accurate jab, Eliwood aimed at his throat. A sheet of plate and the chain mail underneath impeded the piercing attack and temporarily protected his throat. However, he still pierced through. He did not use any martial arts techniques, only brute force.

Fresh blood was gushing out of his throat. With a swift continuous motion, Eliwood was aiming at the knight on the left with his return swing.

That guy took a step to dodge the attack and quickly regained his bearing. He seemed to be able to predict the attack and calmly held up his Tower Shield that bore a hawk’s coat of arms.

“Do you think you will be able to block my attack with that stance?!”

With a shout, he unleashed his fighting spirit. Eliwood slammed the Armor Knight’s shield with a heavy blow from his right-handed attack. A newbie knight would be able to deliver the finishing blow by exploiting the gap he created.

Eliwood took another step forward as the second victim of his deadly pierce crumbled onto the patch of ground where the snow had melted.


“Ignis Break!!”

Before he could take another step forward, a new enemy stood in his way.

No matter how many enemies came to confront him, he would not yield. It would be more accurate to say that the path was already blocked.

There was no doubt that we were stronger than the Armor Knights. However, the Armor Knights were so much harder to defeat than mere infantry. They were strong enough to stop us from breaking through.

Eliwood assumed a defensive position with his shield while thinking hard.

“I-is this it for us …?”

He mumbled to himself while seeing another heavy infantry fell at the corner of his eye.

He was a young knight; the young man who recklessly approached and flirted with my daughter. I recalled the young man happily telling me that he found a lover that spring without feeling discouraged from a broken heart. Although she was not as beautiful as my daughter, she was pretty cute.

I felt sorry for not being able to bring him back alive. He felt overwhelmed by his own helplessness.

“— Break Impact!!”

Could the wavering of the heart have led to carelessness? Or, be that as it may, even Eliwood could not handle the succession of assaults from the three Armor Knights one after another.


Finally, my shield was knocked away. He was still gripping it. However, his defensive posture was thrown out of balance, and the front of his body was unguarded. He received the blows which shock waves damaged the surrounding enemies as well. Those were indeed master-level martial art attacks.

For a moment, Eliwood was completely exposed to enemy assaults – a situation that an expert could have prevented.

Darn it! However, there was no time to regret such moves.

“Vermillion Flash!”

The reason was because the fatal blow that should have followed immediately after was not unleashed.

Instead, the sword was brandished with a red flash. A blood-like flash, redder than the “Vermilion Pilum” sliced through the neck of the Armor Knight who was swinging his halberd. Everything seemed to be in extremely slow motion.

Like pieces of broken junk, the other two Armor Knights were found crumbling down into the dark red pool of blood with their heads separated from their torsi.

And then, the only one left standing was a figure of a man in black.

With his below-average height, he would have been left unnoticed in the middle of the crowd. The built under the black coat seemed to be at least twice as thin as the trained muscular body of an average soldier.

His hand, which resembled a wilted tree branches, was gripping a longsword– no, it was a katana to be exact.

I had seen katana often given as gifts at the Spada Royal Palace, or when I visited the weapon store. The gleaming silver blade had a beautifully designed curve. It certainly was beautiful and gave the impression of a strong weapon as well.

However, the katana wielded by the man in front of me was far from the dignified and beautiful figure I remembered.

An eerie red aura resembling evaporating fresh blood was constantly oozing out of the pitch-black blade. The agony of the three dead Armor Knights was as though could still be heard.

It was no doubt a cursed weapon.

“Please, go ahead, Mr. Vice-Captain.”

The man’s face, which turned this way once, revealed a white skull mask. His real face was not visible – however, his brightly shining eyes under that mask were clearly visible. He did not look like a mere human being.

“Thank you for your help, Mr. Samurai.”

After giving a little nod, the Samurai in black transformed into a jet-black whirlwind and slashed through the enemy.

His high-speed movements and swings of the extremely sharp crimson sword were barely visible to the naked eye. The Armor Knights fell to the ground one after another as if they were corpses trapped inside steel coffins.

“It never crossed my mind that an adventurer could have such skills ….”

Looking around again, the adventurers falling in behind him, replacing the fallen heavy infantry were fighting better than expected.

“Get out of my way, bastards! Don’t get in the way of Lord Gardin that will become the strongest Spada knight!”

In contrast to the agile Samurai, there was a man with a huge build that was crushing the Armor Knights with his overwhelming power.

His head seemed to be twice as big as mine, and his height was over two meters tall. The mace in his right hand was massive, complemented by the massive and thick shield in his left hand. He was wearing armors and equipment heavier than the heavy infantry or the Armor Knights – a dark grey iron golem with a bright red eye and glorified steel body.

“Hehehehe, I’ll defeat the enemy general here, and become a general myself!!”

The golem triumphantly announced his ambition while going on rampage. But thanks to that, the path was about to be cleared for us to go through.

“Oohhhh! Now is the chance, push forward!!”

The unexpected breakthrough resulted from the strenuous battle fought by the adventurers.

Eliwood raised his spear high and carried out the final assault with only a few remaining heavy infantry.

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