438 Part 1

The Black Demon King

Chapter 23: Holy Maiden of Helvetia

Episode 438: Total Annihilation



What a troublesome opponent.


Rudra instinctively felt that bespectacled and gentle-looking, blue-haired priest coming. He groaned with frustration, blaming his bad luck as he reflexively avoided the stream of water that had been launched at him like a javelin.


To call that attack a “simple javelin throw” wouldn’t have been appropriate. That looked like the Light Magic spell, Ray. The light that could be seen sharply squeezing through the straight lines of water wasn’t just the reflection of the winter sun’s rays.


By the way, such hidden power, which far exceeded that of the “Aqua Sagitta”, was high enough to pierce through the hems of his black coat that fluttered in the wind.


“So you managed to dodge that. Such inhuman abilities are truly worthy of a vampire.”


Rudra corrected his posture before the priest, whose words sounded like mere admiration.


“Using holy water on your Water spells? That’s rich.”


That attack wasn’t made out of magically produced pure water. Rudra instantly knew that it was holy water, which was particularly effective against the undead, just like mithril weapons.


A normal human wouldn’t have known the difference at first glance, but a vampire would never fail to notice that unpleasantly white and clean glow.


“The Lord said: Destroy the evil ones. I’m merely doing my best to carry out His will. Particularly, I won’t spare any resources to destroy a filthy undead like you. Book of Holy Water, verse 14: [Aquarian Shine]”


The priest held an open book with his hands. He read through a passage as if he were chanting. It was a spellbook, which was the next most characteristic weapon of a wizard right after the magic staff.


Most adventurers would be able to tell that “Book of Holy Water” was the name of the spellbook, and “Aquarian Shine” was the name of the spell.


More of those streams of holy water were brought forth by the spell. Dozens of those streams were aimed at Rudra with the momentum of a volley of arrows let loose by the most experienced archers.


They were fast, and very accurate at that.


However, it wasn’t enough to bring down Rudra of the Crimson Blade, who had made himself known as a Samurai in the dark corridors of the city-states.


He had been able to dodge that before even though it had been a surprise attack, so now that he was facing his opponent directly, he had an even easier time avoiding this second attack.


Seen from a third party, he took three steps to the side so quickly that it seemed as if his body had split up, and the streams of holy water passed through him. At this level, it didn’t seem to be comparable to the black bullet storm that had been unleashed upon Kurono.


“Crimson Slash.”


Rudra’s counterattack was a red slash from a sword that was made out of freshly sipped blood. He used this cursed martial art “Crimson Slash” because this sword could reach opponents who stand within a range of 10 meters away from Rudra.


He determined that his distance to the priest was 9 meters 58 centimeters, so he was in range.


The slash, which engraved a bright crimson trajectory in the void, was on a sure trajectory to hit the priest’s torso.


“Book of Holy Water, verse 99: [Holy Crystal Geyser] –I’ve seen that technique before.”


Just like before, the priest was speaking in an uplifting tone as if preaching to a believer. He was completely unharmed. In other words, Rudra’s “Crimson Slash” had been totally prevented.


“This much holy water in front of me… it’s making me feel dizzy.”


The thing that had protected the priest was a large pillar of holy water that had spouted like a geyser. This pillar of water that harbored a faint white light was 2 meters in diameter and 4 meters in height.


It was as if a wall of water had expanded into a cylinder with the priest at its center, turning into a pillar that surrounded him completely, effectively making it a barrier that provided perfect defense from all angles. It was an iron-walled defense that stood as a defensive tower made of holy water.


Rudra’s blood-sword was blocked by this wall of water that spewed out of the ground just as it was about to hit the priest. The moment it touched such a holy barrier, the crystallized blood was forcibly returned to its original liquid state, and it was swallowed without leaving a speck of red hue in the gushing water stream, almost as if a drop of blood had fallen on the surface of a river.


“Sucking the blood of a person, and even worse, using that same blood as a weapon to create even more victims… The undead truly are horrifying even in the way they fight.”


Rudra had already moved on to the next attack, not paying attention to the the priest’s cruel gaze, which had a hue of contempt and discrimination.


Since he couldn’t finish him off with his “Crimson Slash”, the only way to break through that holy barrier was to approach and hit it with an even stronger attack. From the beginning, the samurai’s way of fighting was to slash any opponent with its blade.


Rudra didn’t hesitate to approach, even in the face of a large amount of holy water, which was like a deadly poison that could burn through his skin and flesh, and melt his bones away simply by touching it.


His advance without hesitation was surely quick, but the priest’s reaction was not to be taken lightly. In front of the vampire who jumped towards him with a murderous intent strong enough to make any ordinary person pee their pants, he calmly weaved together a spell for interception.


“It’s useless. Book of Holy Water, verse 27: [Aquarian Whip]”


From the pillar of holy water that protected the priest, parts of the water stream became thick and long whips, as if large snakes had jumped out, mowing down through Rudra’s path. There were twenty of those whips in total.


Even someone like Rudra had no choice but to retreat in order to avoid getting hit by those twenty whips of holy water.


He quickly turned around, dodging as he ran on the melting snow.

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