440 Part 3


The same was true for Haunted Grave, whose sharpness was appropriate for a cursed weapon of its caliber.


In other words, even if my attack connected, I wouldn’t be able to defeat the knights, who have switched to a defensive position.


That is, of course, if it had been a normal “Dual Black Blades” attack.


“– Grudge Resonance.”


A high-pitched sound echoed. It was the manifestation of Haunted Grave’s ability to increase its sharpness by vibrating its blade at high speed. However, at that moment, the blade of “Absolute Cursed Blade – Kubidan” –which had no such vibration-based abilities– trembled while making an eerie sound like a woman’s wailing.


The power of these high-pitched vibrations, along with the sheer power of the “Dual Black Blades” sliced through the shield of the Armor Knights.






The Armor Knights, their torsos separated from their hips by the attack, collapsed on the spot, leaving only their grunts of pain behind.


I tried out this skill before against the Lich King during the battle at the Revival Catacombs.


This technique used a mechanism in which the high-speed vibration ability of Haunted Grave is conducted by the melody emitted from its cursed blade, and resonates with the other weapon like a tuning fork. This could also be used to apply this vibration to the blades of nearby allies, working in a similar way as an Enchantment would. In theory, that is.


If you are not good at it, the singing voice of the curse could disturb your concentration, or it can simply make you feel uncomfortable. And if you are not a user of cursed weapons, you will not be able to get the benefits of the vibration effect.


For the time being, there would be no problem as long as I used it in the dual-wield style.


Haunted Grave brilliantly enhanced the power of “Absolute Grudge Blade – Kubidan” making it possible to slice those Tower Shields in half with a single stroke. To be more precise, about 70% of the cutting is made by Kubidan’s sheer power, and the rest is dealt by Haunted Grave. Still, I had no complaints about their power.


Thus, the Armor Knights were sliced in half in a single attack. The fresh blood spouting from the four large men instantly dyed my feet and surroundings in red.


I can’t afford worrying about getting splattered on by their spurts of blood. With a rattling noise, I calmly walk through the puddle of blood.


In front of me were more Armor Knights lined up and the bespectacled priest standing behind them. I couldn’t see the Armor Knight’s face because their helmets covered their entire heads, but they were probably astonished by my sudden intrusion, very much like that priest.


Even so, this bespectacled priest was hopelessly handsome. While that red-haired man had a wild handsomeness about him, those glasses made him look like the intelligent-handsome type.


I wondered if his looks had anything to do with his strength… Sariel, Ai, and Misa were all beautiful girls, so one of the conditions for being chosen as an apostle of the white god might have been to have good looks. The possibility that those special talents were limited to beautiful people, even if they weren’t apostles, couldn’t be denied.


While such meaningless thoughts crossed my mind, the handsome priest immediately tightened his expression and stared at me sharply with those blue eyes that shone behind his glasses.


“I’ve been thinking for a while that it was rather noisy around here, but… I see… You’re the rumored devil of Alsace?


“Hey, swordsman, are you okay?”


The priest uttered something, but I had no time to pay attention to him. My priority was rescuing the ally I had in front of me.


After slashing my way through those four Armor Knights, the way to the besieged swordsman was completely clear.


I called out to him behind his small-looking back, which had become considerably tattered, while being cautious of the surroundings. Of course, I had the High Potion ready for Hitsugi to use on him for some quick recovery. But please, don’t just splash it all over his face like you did with Eliwood.


“Sorry, Kurono… But that won’t be necessary.”


The swordsman in the black coat slowly turned around, saying that with a whisper that I could strangely hear very clearly.


His blond hair looked as if it had become dull with age and weariness. His skin was pale, but his vitality could be seen in the white of his eyes, completely injected with blood, making them more brilliant and glaring-looking. And his mouth, which revealed two white fangs, let out a rough, exhausted breath.


He was a vampire, without a shade of a doubt. Which meant…


“Wait, is that you, Rudra!?”


“Phew, I’m glad you could recognize me.”


His face, together with his grinning and fearless smile perfectly matched that vampire samurai who I once had a one-on-one match with during the fight against the bandits, despite him looking as pale as someone with a life-threatening illness.


“No way, so you did survive that.”


“Make sure you pierce through my heart next time.”


Apparently, Rudra also joined the ranks of those who did not die even if they had their heads cut off. As expected, vampires had a terrifying resilience, which made them near-immortal.


“Are you okay fighting on our side?”


“Of course. I may be how I am, but I still have good judgment.”


I was glad to hear that. He didn’t seem to be crazy enough to suddenly say that he wanted to have his revenge here.


“Can you still fight?”


“I’ll manage. If I can take care of that priest, then I won’t die.”


A priest would be the worst possible match for a vampire. Moreover, the priest had enchanted his allies’ weapons with his pale light precisely because his opponent was Rudra.


The reason why other soldiers didn’t dare to get close to Rudra was that they couldn’t simply risk getting their blood sucked and turned into his servant. Their risk was kept to a minimum by having only the priest and the soldiers that backed him up fight Rudra.


However, that safety net was destroyed the moment I showed up.


“I’ll take care of the priest.”


“My, what a life-saver.”


“Ah, so the devil is in cahoots with the vampire! But it’s useless! No matter what you try to pull off, you shall all be destroyed here!”


The priest seemed to be losing his temper, probably because I’ve been ignoring it. Well, no matter if you’re in a good mood or not, I can’t just leave you be.


With his murderous intent clearly visible on his face, the priest raised his spellbook, putting up a stream of holy water in front of him, and the Armor Knights that were in front of him lined up to protect him as well.


An excellent rearguard that can recover and strike back at a hard frontal assault. It was a powerful formation, but…


“I’m sorry, but I’m in a bit of a hurry. Could you just hurry up and die?”

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