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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 57


The Garage Dungeon’s Food Situation



* Onion (B2F)

It releases a tear gas (syn-Propanethial-S-oxide) when cut, blurring its attacker’s vision.

Ways to counter this tear gas include subjecting the onion to cold, breathing through the mouth while cutting it, and not cutting it at all.

Its seedlings look exactly like those of the bunching onion. The average untrained eye would be unable to tell them apart.

Hokkaido is the No. 1 producer of onions in Japan.


Common Species: Yellow Onion

Garage Dungeon’s Endemic Species: Sapporo Yellow / Smooth Red



* Potato (B4F)

A covert species that mimics the dungeon’s walls. It shoots “Potato bullets” from a short distance. A “self-sacrifice” type that shaves off pieces of itself in order to attack.

The kanji in its Japanese name (Shagaimo) include the characters for horse and bell, the reason for that being that potatoes seemed to resemble the bells that usually hung from horses’ necks.

It goes without saying, but Hokkaido is the No. 1 producer of potatoes in Japan.


Common Species: Irish Cobbler

Garage Dungeon’s Endemic Species: May Queen / Kita-Akari



* Eggplant (B6F)

The common eggplant found in Hokkaido. Despite it being quite a predominant vegetable, Hokkaido is actually the worst producer of eggplants in all of Japan.

It releases sharp barbs from its stem when prodded, which are harmful to the touch.

In ancient times, these sharpened stems were used to remove hardened warts.

An unfortunate species believed to have no nutritional value. A few years ago, it was found that it was actually quite nutritious, so it has been trying to regain its popularity.


Common Species: Rice Eggplant

Garage Dungeon’s Endemic Species: None



* Kokko (B7F)

A monster commonly seen in the market for use as food. They are usually hunted down by adventurers who prefer to hunt for a living instead of conquering the dungeon.

Not being able to do much other than nervously flap their wings make them an easy target for rookie adventurers.

They’re famous for their gamefowl and cochin variants.


Common Species: Chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus)

Garage Dungeon’s Endemic Species: None



* Melon (B8F)

A monster that has three perfectly round fruits attached to a stretched ivy. A self-sacrifice type that attacks by firing the seeds those fruits contain.

In the production areas, melons are cut in half and eaten just like that, however, children tend to prefer watermelons to melons.

Contrary to popular belief, Hokkaido is not the No. 1 producer of melons.


Common Species: Muskmelon

Garage Dungeon’s Endemic Species: Yubari King / Kirara Queen




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