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59 Part 1

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 59


Let’s Wipe Our Tears Away And Resume Our Exploration!



Upon returning to K-Town, Haruki found himself staring distantly towards the hotel.

A lot of sad events had happened…


After having exterminated the Monster Parade, Haruki and Aerial went to the ”Hero’s Bar”.

Drinks were on Aerial.


It had been a hard work’s day. They were entitled to enjoy some delicious sake.

Sadly, Haruki couldn’t have more than a single mug himself.


“Huh? Going back home already, Air?”

“Aren’t you gonna drink that?”

“Well, don’t mind if I do!”

“Ok, where do we go after here? The night is still young!”

“Air’s not coming with us, but oh well!”


Aerial’s high detection abilities could barely notice that Haruki had not been wearing his mask.

Though the alcohol wouldn’t let anyone from Aerial, Kagemitsu included, pay too much attention to Haruki.


Yup. It was the alcohol, no doubt.

He didn’t want to remove his mask just because he was going to grab a few drinks.

The beer he had ordered would be snatched away, and no one would notice him even if he were to call out to the others.

The green beans at the “Hero’s Bar” were too salty…


That wasn’t the only sad event.


Karaboshi Haruki (27) Gender: Male

Skill Points: 3 → 6

Class: Hidden Sword Master

Divine Protection: Overthrowing God <Medjed>



Stamina 3

Natural Recovery 2



Strength 3 → 4



Instantaneous Power 3 → 4

Dexterity 3 → 4



Equipment Mastery

One-handed Sword 3

Throwing 2

Light Armor Mastery 3

Kicking 1

Stealth 3

Imitating 2



Detection 2

Weakpoint Exploit 0 → 1



Growth Acceleration MAX

Time 1

Divine Protection MAX


Could it be that the world was making the wrong choices for Haruki?


Against Haruki’s will, his skills and his own presence were getting closer to those of an assassin.

That was not what he had been aiming for…


After exterminating the Monster Parade, Kagemitsu mentioned Haruki in his blog.

On top of that, he even went and added a link to Haruki’s own blog at the end of his post.


Now a lot more people would be visiting his blog!


But contrary to that expectation, the number of views on Haruki’s blog hadn’t increased that much.

Even when looking at the analytics, the link on Kagemitsu’s blog hadn’t been followed that much.


Come on!

Haruki was at his wit’s end, sobbing in his hotel room.


Even though that link stood out the most, why had no one visited his own blog? Haruki could not figure out the reason.


(Why? My blog was promoted by a celebrity and all…)

Haruki was in low spirits.


Of course, it wasn’t all bad things.

Good stuff had happened, too.


Unrelated to Kagemitsu’s blog entry, the number of bookmarks on Haruki’s blog had been multiplied by five.


He wasn’t sure exactly why his bookmarks had gone up by that much.

But he had some ideas.


This was the happiest Haruki had been ever since going to Chikaho.

Seeing his increased number of bookmarks moved Haruki to tears.


“At last, I feel like I have a strong presence!”

Though that assumption of his could be completely denied by Kagemitsu’s next post…


Lastly, a nice piece of equipment had appeared when cutting up the defeated Lizardman.

Why were all drops from rare monsters found in their stomach? It had been the same with that Centipede from before.

(Even though getting a rare item should be something to be happy about, the girls from Aerial were turning their faces away as if they were about to throw up.)


It was a coat covered with Lizardman scales.

Its defensive power was higher than Centipede shells, though it was still considered light armor.


Hitting the scales produced a sound similar to striking on iron plating, but it still felt relatively lightweight.

It was quite a nice thing to have.


After Aerial had discussed amongst themselves about it, they decided to give Haruki the Lizardman Coat.

After all, he was the only one who could actually equip it.


The drop was from a monster from the 30th floor, and the highest Aerial had reached was the 24th floor.

They were barely there at the right level, but still none of them was able to equip it.


It was the same reason why a greatsword user can’t equip a dagger.

They simply didn’t have the required aptitude to equip it.


That Lizardman Coat was an excellent piece of equipment for Haruki.


Not only he was given the coat, he could actually equip it.


Could that be thanks to his Divine Protection as well?


Haruki’s Divine Protection, “Overthrow God <Medjed>” used to be “Cloth One” at Lv. 1.

So as the name implies, there could have been some hidden effect that benefited him in that regard.

Haruki’s guess was that this effect could have been “Increases aptitude and lowers the level requirement for equipping cloth-based equipment”, or something like that.


If his guess were to be correct, he should be able to equip any piece of equipment as long as it’s cloth-based, even the ones that would be considered too strong for his current level.

That would be a fantastic effect.


Still, there seemed to be only a few pieces of cloth-based equipment.

That effect would then be rather niche, but it would still be worth having.


Incidentally, his Divine Protection at Lv. 2 was “Transparent One”



That Divine Protection’s effect stated that it dramatically raised aptitude.

In that case…


It would appear that Haruki’s Divine Protection was insanely powerful.


After leaving his luggage in his room, Haruki headed for the prefab.


At a distance, the prefab’s front seemed to be distorted due to it being exposed to the intense mid-summer heat.

It looked like a heated-up iron plate.


Wiping the sweat off his forehead, Haruki opened the door of the prefab.


It was much, much hotter inside.

Almost like a sauna.


Two women were trembling and weeping inside.

They were Karen and Akane.

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