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60 Part 1

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 60


Let’s Enjoy a Local Delicacy!



Just as Haruki was getting ready, a single monster appeared out of the waist-tall grass.


“… An earthworm?”


The monster that appeared in front of him looked like an earthworm.

Though similar in color, it was about 2 meters tall.

In proportion, it seemed thicker and shorter than a regular earthworm.





Karen and Akane screamed behind Haruki when the monster showed up.


It seemed that they didn’t like to come across monsters like these.

But was this one really that disgusting?

Haruki tilted his head as if puzzled.


If you took a good look at it, the monster looked almost even cute…


Haruki attacked the earthworm-like monster.

His attack, which had been strong enough to defeat the last Monster Parade and that Lizardman, easily cut through the monster’s skin.


Its skin wasn’t hard, rather, it was quite elastic.

If he had attacked with a blunt weapon, damage would have certainly been reduced by it.

And it might be able to even repel blades, if the wielder’s skill isn’t high enough.


Haruki kept on making these observations while attacking the monster.


The monster raised its tail.

Was it trying to counterattack?

When he tried to avoid it…




The monster spit out a transparent fluid from its mouth.

The fluid stuck to Haruki like seaweed, restricting his movements.


It was sticky and oily to the touch.

Haruki’s face bent in disgust, but his nose twitched.


“… Mmm, hmm!?”


It smelled like a rocky beach.



The smell of seashore stimulated Haruki’s hippocampus.

His nerves quickly made the connection and the memory was instantly revived.




Having realized the monster’s true nature, Haruki attacked it with all his might.


Rapidly moving his two daggers, Haruki quickly sliced up the monster.

The monster’s fluids and internal organs popped out of the sliced monster and made a loud noise as they fell on the floor.





Karen and Akane screamed behind Haruki after hearing those noises made by the recently defeated monster.

Despite this, Haruki’s Detection captured the presence of another monster.


Reinforcements, perhaps?




He quickly turned around.



“W-Well, what are you waiting for? Step forward!”

“W-Why me? Aren’t you a frontline fighter, Akane!?”

“It’s not that I’m disgusted by that… worm… It’s just… I don’t mind restraining myself if it means it’ll help you grow stronger–”

“You’re basically admitting it!”

“Aaah… But if I were to fight, then you won’t level up! So you go ahead!”



Akane and Karen were pushing each other to face the newly appeared monster.

Then, using her sheer physical strength, Akane managed to force Karen to step ahead.


Seeing that, Haruki’s tension suddenly went down.

She stopped after taking two steps forward.


Just what was she going to do against that monster…?


Haruki had grown much stronger after defeating the Monster Parade and the Lizardman in Chikaho.

Because of that, monsters in the garage dungeon at this level didn’t pose much of a threat to him.


However, Karen was different.

It was hard to believe that she had become as strong as Haruki, considering he has a passive skill that accelerates his growth.


They should have been paying attention to the monster, though…

While Karen and Akane were arguing, the second earthworm-like monster had gotten closer to them.




“… Oh well.”


Haruki figured he should probably help them.

But at that moment…




The sound of air collapsing echoed all around.




Having seen Karen’s magic, so much had happened that Haruki was unable to move.


After receiving a direct hit from Karen’s magic, the monster lay twitching on the floor.

A faint white smoke was rising from its body.


What Haruki had seen just now was definitely Karen’s magic.

But it was very different from what it used to be.


Before heading to Sapporo at Kagemitsu’s request, Karen’s magic used to be nothing but white lumps, no matter how much she would charge it up.

But things were different now.

Her magic was now like thunder.


A lightning-like thin stream of energy that traveled through the air and hit the monster directly.


But this change wasn’t just for looks.

Its speed had increased so much it was almost scary.

It was exactly like a blitz.


Did an elemental attribute appear on her magic?

A swift numbness spread from the center of Haruki’s body across his entire body.


“That’s amazing, Karen!”


Haruki approached her while trembling with emotion.

As for Karen, the one who had cast that powerful magic…




Looking at the monster, which was still twitching on the floor and with white smoke rising from its body, she turned her eyes to him.

Akane let a bitter smile float on her face as she saw that happen.




There were many things he wanted to ask her… but oh well.

After putting his doubts away for the moment, Haruki finished off the monster.


“It’s alright now, Karen.”


After the battle was over, Karen’s face went pale as she turned around and cowered, all scrunched up on the ground.


“Hey, are you okay?”

“I’m… o… kay…”


She was not okay at all.

Her voice said she was, but her heart said otherwise.


“You can fight these things pretty well, huh, Karaboshi…?”

“These things…? These are food too, you know?”

“Eww, you eat earthworms? Yuck!”


He could feel the chill coming from Akane’s cold stare.

Haruki shook his head in denial.


“There are edible worms in this world, you know–?”

“Why are you talking about this now?


Akane’s eyes were fixed on him.

It would be dangerous to speak any further.

Haruki felt his life was at stake, and quickly swallowed his words.


“These aren’t earthworms. They’re spoon worms.”

“Spoon worms?”

“Yeah. They’re said to be very tasty, actually.”


Spoon worms are creatures that often wash ashore onto the beach the day after a storm.

They’re a delicacy that can be found in several places in Hokkaido, such as Hamamasu.


They’re often regarded as a strange or low-quality product because of their appearance, but they’re also said to be extremely delicious.

Haruki had never mentioned them because they were not in circulation.


He had always wanted to try them at least once.

Excited, Haruki lifted the skin of the defeated spoon worm.


It looked like a fat earthworm, but its contents were nothing but water and internal organs.

When sliced up and cooked, it looks like grilled intestines.


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