67 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 67


Let’s Explore A New Floor!



— Yeah, this is weird…

After a good night’s rest, Haruki found himself confused by the situation that had been thrust upon him.


An adventurer was someone who investigated dungeons and protected people from the threat of monsters.

Haruki had become an adventurer because he wanted to be someone that could save people.


Following this initial plan, Haruki became stronger.

And to some extent, he gained the power to protect people.


However, things had gotten a little too strange.


A potato monster was living together with him.

And now a Centipede was taking care of his house.


Both were monsters that he had tamed.


There was probably nothing wrong about Rhea, though.

Having her on his back had been giving Haruki a certain safety margin.


Several of the Monster Parades he had broken through would have been impossible without her help.


But Esta was a different story.


Haruki had wanted a Silver Wolf to be the kind of monster that would be protecting his house.

A Caterpillar was definitely not what he had expected.


The night before, Haruki didn’t question it because he was extremely tired of hunting all night long.

In all honesty, what happened the day before happened by mere chance.


“Well, he’s kinda cute, so he should be fine…”


Leaving home, Haruki said hi to Esta.

Then Esta replied by cheerfully wiggling his feet.


He was really cute.

Esta’s gestures smashed Haruki’s doubts.


A Silver Wolf taking care of his house?


The one to protect his house had to be that Centipede!


“Um, can I ask you something?”


Karen, who had showed up in front of Haruki’s house, seemed rather troubled.


“What is it?”

“What on earth happened last night?”


Her question made sense.

There was nothing crawling on his walls the day before, and now there was a Centipede there.


“It’s tame.”


“I tamed this Centipede. His name is Esta. He’s in charge of taking care of the house.”



Karen’s face showed she was having a hard time fully grasping the situation.


“You really are the type to come up with the most ridiculous things the moment I take my eyes off you, huh?”


Haruki felt as if more than “come up with”, she had meant something like “have me suffer”.


How rude.

All Haruki was doing was taking his adventuring life seriously.


He had always taken things seriously when it came to adventuring.

It was just that the results so far have been a bit unexpected.


The other day, after harvesting rice, Haruki activated the door to the 13th floor.

So they headed to the 13th floor and began exploring.


Since it was an odd-numbered floor, there would only be regular monsters there.

Haruki progressed through the floor with more caution than what he normally had for even floors.


Like in the 11th floor, there were Chachas on this floor as well.

But unlike the Chachas on the 11th floor, these had brown fur.


“Brown Chachas?”


They looked a lot more like brown bears.


Haruki thought of attacking one in order to see what their abilities were.

They were stronger.


As the Silver Wolves varied in the color of their fur, their strength increased little by little.

Compared to that correlation, this Chacha was something else entirely.


It was very strong.

Its attacks were quick.

And it was considerably tough.


— This is good.
— This is really good!


Haruki licked his own lips.


Wielding his short sword with notable elegance, he delivered one attack after another.

The Chacha counterattacked, relying entirely on its own brutal strength.


If that attack were to connect, even someone like Haruki would be easily blown away.

The sound the attack made in the air as the Chacha’s arm went down made it easy to understand its sheer strength.


Seeing through the Chacha’s movements, Haruki was able to parry its attacks.




At Karen’s signal, Haruki stepped to the side.

At that moment…

A flicker.


— Vrooom!


Lightning struck and the air was shattered.

Shortly after, a white magical wave motion followed the path the lightning had gone through.


— Thud!


It exploded on the stunned Chacha.

The shock made the Chacha’s eyes roll back.




Haruki did not miss that chance.

He quickly readied his blade and attacked the Chacha.


What Karen had done was to let loose a series of consecutive magical attacks.

Her first attack was meant to paralyze the opponent, to make sure that the second attack would hit.

It had been a well-executed tactic.


— This is good.
— This is really good!


Haruki got fired up after seeing Karen’s new techniques.


Karen was working hard.

He couldn’t let himself fall behind.

Haruki continued attacking in quick succession.


Slash, tear, thrust, and cut it down.


Though it was a Chacha with higher defense, it stood no chance before Haruki’s onslaught of repeated attacks.


After his attacks were over, Haruki put away his blade and loosened up.

By that time, the Chacha had already drawn its last breath.


After taking a deep breath and turning away, he noticed that Karen was puffing up her cheeks a little.


Haruki wondered if she was holding some kind of grudge against him.

Or maybe she was just mad because her new technique seemed to go unnoticed by him?


“Those consecutive attacks were really something.”

“Do you really think so?”


Karen opened her eyes wide.

She seemed to doubt Haruki’s words, but there was a glimpse of a smile on her face as well.


It would appear that the latter was the correct answer.


Maybe it wasn’t the right time to be giving praise, but Haruki was glad he did anyway.

Haruki really meant what he said.


“These Chachas are way harder than the ones in the 11th floor.”

“Yeah. Ah, do you think they will hear our footsteps and come to us as well?”

“There’s a possibility, yeah.”


Haruki took out what little medicine for removing smells and sounds, and sprinkled it on Karen and on himself.


They approached the center of the floor without making any sound.



“They seem to have noticed us…”


Haruki’s Detection picked up the sign of a monster approaching them.


Once again he got ready for battle, and defeated the incoming Chacha.

Haruki was ready to escape at any moment if it turned out they needed to, but the Chacha came alone and didn’t call for any reinforcements during their battle.


The Chachas on the 13th floor were clearly different from the ones on the 11th floor.

Could it be that they were using their eyes to find them, rather than their noses and ears?


Also the phenomenon which linked all of the Chachas on the 11th floor together did not occur here.

Haruki used the medicine just in case, but had it been really useless?


Haruki and Karen pressed forward as they kept on defeating Chachas.


The level of the monsters on the 13th floor was getting closer to the one seen on the last Monster Parade and the Lizardman that Haruki fought recently.

However, since Haruki’s ability with the short sword had improved, he had an easier time keeping up with his opponents.


He could currently defeat a single Chacha in twenty seconds.

As long as he fought them one-on-one, there wouldn’t be much of a problem.


But what would happen if he was forced to fight two of them at a time?


Should he level up a bit more?

Leaving Haruki’s concerns aside, having felt a Level Up sickness several times, the difference with the Chachas quickly became evident.


The reason for that sudden difference was due to the influence of Haruki’s Growth Acceleration skill.

However, it seemed that Haruki’s and the Chacha’s abilities were not as close to each other as Haruki initially anticipated.


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