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68 Part 1


Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 68


Let’s Have A Rematch With A Beautiful Monster!



“What are you?”




Karen let out a little shriek.

Haruki, who was standing beside her, looked at the creature that appeared with a bit of disappointment.


It was a little over 1 meter long, and thick like a baseball bat.

Its deep black body was covered with a slimy membrane.

The eight pairs of eyes on its head all looked straight at Haruki simultaneously.


The thing that appeared from out of the water was a Slimy Eel, a type of monster that had been helpful to him many times.


“But this is a food floor, so why did this monster… Wait. Food floor?”


While avoiding the slimy mucus the eel had fired at him, Haruki suddenly realized.


— Maybe you can eat these guys?


The moment he realized that, he moved fast.

After cutting off its head, he proceeded to cut the eel vertically along its body.


The eel’s entrails and mucus make a loud noise as they fall onto the ground.




When she saw that, Karen’s face went pale.

She then covered her mouth with her hand as she crouched, trembling.


Leaving Karen alone, Haruki then proceeded to pick up the Slimy Eel he had just defeated.




Haruki had already used these eels before, but up until now, he had only seen them as something used to ward off other monsters.


But after handling this eel now, he quickly understood.

These Slimy Eels had the best type of white meat there was.


“White rice and… fresh eels… ehehe…”


Laughing creepily, Haruki jumped into the wetlands.


— Bam!

With an explosive sound, Haruki stopped as his legs felt numb.


He had 6 eels on both hands.

And 4 more were hanging from his belt.



Rhea, who should have been on Haruki’s back all this time, was instead waiting for him at the gate with Karen.




What had come over him?

Haruki tried to remember his own actions so far.


After defeating the first one, Haruki gave way to his appetite and made every effort to get as many eels as he could.

However, even though they were food monsters, they were still monsters in an intermediate floor of this dungeon.

The slimy mucus from the eels hampered Haruki’s ability to attack with his short sword.


The eels’ defense was rather high as well.

The slimy membrane covering their bodies also lowered his blade’s sharpness whenever it came into contact with them.


Defeating those eels took Haruki an exceptional amount of work.

Still, the battle ended rather quickly.


The slimy mucus released by the eels was so effective that even the eels themselves had a hard time moving around it.


Haruki mercilessly stabbed the eels’ necks with his short sword as they became stuck with the slimy mucus they themselves had released.


If you can’t control a powerful ability, it could become a hindrance.

The fact that something meant to protect them would become their ruin was quite the irony.


With his legs completely drenched in slimy mucus, Haruki approached the gate making wet-sounding footsteps, trying his best not to slip and fall.





Karen and Rhea stared at Haruki, looking as if they were staring at a wild beast


— Why are you looking at me like that?


“I’m sorry, I got so immersed that I ended up hunting them all on my own.”

“Ah, no, don’t worry about that.”


Then what was it?

Unable to understand, Haruki tilted his head to the side.


Haruki took out all of the eels he had and lay them on the ground.

The moment he started to chop them up, both Karen and Rhea stepped away from him.


“What is it?”

“Ah, don’t mind us, please go on.”

“Oh, okay.”


Urged by Karen, Haruki continued to chop up the eels.


There were ten eels in total.

Just with that many, there were several possible dishes that came to Haruki’s mind.


He tried to stash the processed eels into the Magic Bag, but Karen refused.

Then he tried to put them in his own backpack, but Rhea got angry.


“Oh, come on…”


There was no helping it. He’d have to take them back home in his hands.

Frustrated by both Karen and Rhea’s rejection, Haruki headed for the gate while holding five eels in each hand.


After returning to the surface, Haruki went to the prefab.




Akane’s eyes went wide open as Haruki entered the shop.

It was rare for Haruki to see Akane react to him so quickly after coming in.


“I’ve come to sell these.”

“Noooo! Don’t come any closer. Don’t you dare come near me looking like that, you degenerate!”

“What the hell did I do!?”


Why was she being so harsh with him?.


He wasn’t some sort of criminal or anything like that.


No matter how you looked at him, Haruki was an upstanding adventurer like any other!

To be rejected to that extent…


“Umm, Karaboshi?”

“What is it?”

“It might be a little weird for you to go into the shop looking like that…”


Haruki finally realized.

His entire body was completely covered by the slimy mucus released by the eels.


Haruki was heartbroken because even Esta tried to avoid physical contact with him.

He washed his body as well as his tears away by bathing with water from the well.


After selling the materials, he gave some leftover grasshoppers to Esta as a treat.

Then, Haruki prepared the brazier.


He cut the harvested eels into small pieces and placed them over the grill.

The eel’s fat bubbled upwards and then fell onto the brazier’s hot stones.


“Mmm, smells good!”

Akane’s nose was tingling.

She already had her chopsticks ready in her hand.


“Why are you here…?”


Of course, Haruki hadn’t called her.

Just as he started grilling up the eels, she flew to it like moths drawn in by a lantern.


“You’ve gotten my shop dirty with that slimy stuff you brought in, so you owe me some kind of apology, don’t you think?”



Certainly, Haruki had entered her store while being completely covered by that slimy stuff.

He had been in the wrong there, so he should treat her to some eels as an apology.


But the nerve…

She was so mean to him when all he was trying to do was so some good business.


He prepared the dishes by laying some grilled eel steaks over rice.

It would have been great if only he had some wasabi soy sauce, but they’d do without.

After adding some salt on top, the dishes were ready.


“Well, enjoy!”


Both Haruki and Karen start by trying some eel steak.

Akane also skillfully used her chopsticks to dig in.




The eel’s fatty meat spreaded inside their mouths.

The more they chewed on the fatty meat, the tastier it became.


Its texture was the best, with a crunchy mix of cartilage and meat.


The strong seasoning was not enough to deceive the senses, as the eel’s natural flavor was evident.


Its flavor was similar to that of other white-fleshed fish.

Its texture was more like that of a lamprey or a hagfish rather than the usual for kabayaki.


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