70 Part 2

Bar brawling, for example.

When adventurers are exchanging words and they break out into a fight, it’s usually not much of a problem unless they’re seen by the police, depending on how bad it actually gets.


Hot-blooded adventurers often talk with their fists, but the police actively intervening often leads to the adventurers having their license revoked, and this could potentially become a disadvantage for Japan in the future.

So as long as it’s considered a one-sided act of violence or there are no serious injuries, the police will usually let it pass.

At least it helps blow off some steam.


Shigure’s “game” was another one of those loopholes.

She wanted to have a “training session”.


It was dangerous to arrange for something like that without knowing when a monster would show up.

For that reason, they returned to the surface.


Their training session would be held in a section of Mr. Kitora’s fallow land.




How did this happen?

Sighing, Haruki checked his equipment.


He was going to fight Shigure.

She was one of the few warriors that have actually defeated Masatsugu in combat.


While Masatsugu was recognized as being the one who reached the deepest part of a dungeon, it was said that Shigure was cut above the rest when it came to swordsmanship and PvP.

There was no way Haruki could feel motivated to fight someone like her.


The fight would end in an instant.

That’s the only future that Haruki could see.


The one most excited about this match was Rare.

Her leaves were all thorny, as if she was asking Haruki to let her join the fight.


Haruki could almost hear Rhea thinking “This country girl isn’t even in good shape!”, but it probably was just his imagination.


However, Haruki thoroughly persuaded Rhea and convinced her not to participate.


Haruki didn’t necessarily have to win this battle.

So it was best for him to just fight one-on-one.


Teaming up with Rhea in order to face someone much stronger than himself wouldn’t have been an act of cowardice.

But something inside of him wouldn’t allow it.


The fact that Shigure had called him “normal” still seemed to be pulling on Haruki’s tail.


“But this is a great chance.”


Seeing it in another way, this was a great opportunity to have a match against a Top Ranker.

This wasn’t something any nameless adventurer could ever dream about doing.


Of course, Haruki wasn’t hoping to use this opportunity to show her his real strength or anything like that.

He knew he wasn’t strong enough to be recognized by Shigure.


She would notice that instantly.

Bluffing would be pointless as well.

Even if he were to try to show off, it wouldn’t help the battle go any better for him.


The most important thing for Haruki was to be able to see Shigure’s moves.


Haruki had the Imitation skill.

Just being able to see the opponent’s moves would mean a lot to him.


This was an opportunity that would probably never present itself again.


When she finished her preparations, Shigure took her longsword in hand.

Just as she did that, the air around them became sharp.

Haruki felt a chill run down his spine due to the sudden change of air.


The Top Rankers’ weapons were given names by a third party.


Masatsugu’s weapon was called “Excalibur Longsword”. He really seemed to hate that name.

Bacon’s weapon was “My Toy’s Power”. One would think that his fists were regarded as weapons, but it was actually his muscles!


And Shigure’s longsword was called “Bloody Sakura”. It was named like that since it was said there was nothing it couldn’t cut down.

No one knows if that was actually true or not. But no one has ever seen anyone or anything blocking one of her attacks.


Most of Haruki’s interest in fighting Shigure was just in seeing her use her Bloody Sakura.


Katanas are some of the weapons that have been established as both a work of art and a powerful weapon, all while being very enticing for a large number of young people.


They are much sharper than western swords.

However, they are much more difficult to use, as even making the slightest mistake in how the blade is lifted can easily damage it.


They were weapons for professionals.

Just being able to use a katana was proof enough of one’s ability.


Haruki wished to someday be skilled enough to be able to properly handle a katana.

Both Shigure and her Bloody Sakura were a symbol of Haruki’s goals as an adventurer.


Taking his eyes off Shigure’s sword, Haruki took a deep breath.

Breathing out, he deeply expanded his consciousness.


A fallow land where rapeseed, winter vetch, and sunflowers were gently brushed by the wind.

His consciousness took a bird’s eye view of that.


Haruki’s concentration made a single second feel like an eternity.


Rhea threw a potato stone high up into the air.

The match would start when the rock touched the ground.





Look at your opponent and observe them.

Imagine with every single fiber in your body, and make assumptions.


Even if the match were to be over in an instant, grasp your opponent’s power and imprint it in your brain!


The potato stone thrown by Rhea entered Haruki’s field of vision, and then it made contact with the floor.


In an instant, Shigure was in front of Haruki.


There was no preparation, no build-up, nothing.

As soon as Haruki realized she was moving, she appeared in front of him.


It was the apex of mobility.

So wonderful and beautiful.


But Haruki had also started to move as well.


Haruki moved almost instinctively.

Though he hadn’t seen Shigure head his way, his experience fighting a few formidable monsters moved his body.


Just like Shigure, he kept all build-up to a minimum as he moved away.

For a split second, Shigure raised her eyebrows.


The Bloody Sakura was drawing near Haruki’s neck.

He lifted his Magic Sword in order to try to block the attack.


Then the Bloody Sakura stopped, and suddenly changed direction.




Haruki unconsciously screamed after seeing such an abrupt move, which was so different from Shigure’s previous elegant and fluid moves.

Avoiding Haruki’s block attempt, the Bloody Sakura once again headed for his neck.


Instead of an aggressive slash, the Bloody Sakura flowed over Haruki’s nape of the neck.


“… I’ve lost.”



Shigure lifts her chin a bit after hearing Haruki surrender.


He couldn’t even cross swords with her.

The fight lasted less than a second.

It would have been an instant kill.




Karen, who had been watching from behind, lets out a greatly discouraged sigh.

Haruki also sighed feeling the exact same as her, thinking how quickly the match had been decided.


But that discouragement gave way to an uplifting.


Indeed, he had seen some good stuff.

Her approach with zero build-up. Her beautiful footwork.

And the chaotic flow of her sword.


If he could imitate all these things, he would surely be able to reach new heights.

Haruki was convinced of that.


“… Again.”


“Let’s do it again.”


“Get ready.”


He thought it had been over already, but Shigure offered him a rematch.

Haruki was caught off-guard by Shigure’s unpredictable words.


Shigure’s face seemed a bit bent as the word “rematch” came out of his mouth.

Had she been displeased by Haruki’s ability?


–Could it be that she’s actually pitying me?

–Wh… What should I do?


Haruki’s knees began to tremble after Shigure’s half-angry expression.


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