81 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 81


Let’s Break Out Of Our Shells!





Even though they were in a state of emergency, Karen lost control of herself and ended up shouting.

While she was trying to escape, Haruki got hit by the monster’s attack.

And it had been a direct hit.


Haruki’s body was sent flying.


— Karaboshi…


Karen’s blood froze over.

At this rate, Karaboshi Haruki would most certainly die.


An intense despair rushed over Karen.

As soon as she imagined Haruki’s death, the color disappeared from her field of vision, leaving only a scenery of black and white.



Once again, she had been unable to do anything.

She had only been in the way, nothing but a nuisance to him.


Even though she really wanted to be able to help him…

Even though she was trying really hard…


But trying hard doesn’t mean you’ll get results.

And in the end, she was driven to a corner.


Her despair dragged out something from the past she didn’t want to remember.


The shadows of her parents, who died shielding her from harm, and now Haruki…

She was never able to return the favor. That past that she continued to regret.

The scenes repeated themselves over and over, overlapping with each other.


Once again, she was unable to do anything…

Her despair turned into tears that began to run non-stop down her cheeks.


(Can you really let this happen again?)


Suddenly, a voice echoed inside her head.

Or was it her own voice?


(Even when it comes to taking a monster’s life

And even when it comes to save someone’s life

You haven’t put anything on the line yet.

Always a fake.

Always make-believe.

Is that how much you’re willing to do?)


— No, you’re wrong!

Karen strongly denied what that voice was saying.


(Then, prepare yourself.

Risk your body.

Risk your life.

Risk your soul.

Put everything on the table.


Then, hope for power…

The power to protect everything.


Even if it makes you turn into a monster yourself,

Be ready to receive the power needed to protect that which is important to you.


I am darker and stronger than anything.

I can see the egoism of humans.


Be selfish. Be stubborn.

Thinking is an indulgent nuisance.

Love yourself!

Then I will see that you have what it takes.


So come on!

Cast away the pretense.

Show me the real you!

And then, rebel against the despair in front of you!)


The voice’s strength began to wane until it disappeared completely.

But the voice’s presence became closer and closer to Karen.


The Karen that despaired about a future where she would lose that which was important to her was gone.


What was left was just a thought.


Karen stood up, wiping out her tears and biting her lips.


(So, are you ready?

Then take my hand!)


She held her staff up high.


The color returned to Karen’s world.


In an instant…

Countless lightning bolts fell on the deer from the sky.




One after the other.

Lightning bolts as thick as a tree fell on the deer’s antlers.


Each lightning bolt that hit the deer made its muscles twitch and bend.


(I’ll definitely lend a hand.

I will help you!)


Even if her life were to burn out, or if she were to be seen as a fool…

Even if they call her a monster, and put a price on her head…


— I don’t want to lose something important in front of me ever again…


Magical power converged at the tip of her staff.


— That’s why I’ll change that future with this power!!




An unprecedented amount of magical power was gathering at the tip of her staff, without leaving Karen’s control.


Her weak self.

The worst possible outcome.
Karen denied it all.




A dazzling light flashed, and lightning bolted from the tip of Karen’s staff, hitting the deer directly.

The sheer force of the attack caused the deer to stumble and fall.


“Haaah… Haaaahhhh…”


Despite being hit by such lightning, the deer was still breathing.

So far, all it did was restrict its movements.


(Once I get back on my feet, I will end you!)

Such a powerful killing intent pierced through Karen’s body.

However, Karen was no longer intimidated by it.


After confirming that the deer was temporarily incapacitated, Karen turned to see Haruki.


“Kara… bo… shi?”


Haruki, who had fallen onto the ground after being hit by the deer’s attack, had disappeared from where he should have been.


— No way.

Karen feared the worst.

Earlier, she had heard from Haruki that the deer was attacking Werewolves.

The Werewolves would fall onto the ground and disappear shortly after being hit by the deer’s attacks.


The dark-purple mass had hit Haruki directly.

Could it be that he was absorbed into the dungeon?


The fainting sound of blood echoed in Karen’s ears.


“That was an impressive attack. It really surprised me!”



A voice suddenly spoke next to Karen, making her jump.


That voice… She had to see for herself.




Karen was overtaken by an immense feeling of joy.


* * * * * * * * *


Where did that voice come from?


Karen’s sudden outburst caused Haruki to almost forget what had happened so far.


“You… You’re alive!”

“Don’t write me off just yet.”


Even if she didn’t think he was dead, it would have made sense to think that he would at least be seriously injured.

Karen helplessly sank to her knees after seeing Haruki reply with such an aloof expression on his face.


“But how? Didn’t the attack hit you directly?”

“That’s what I thought.”


Haruki was attacked by the deer during the moment he realized something had coiled around his legs.


He thought he had received a serious amount of damage.

But the reality was different.


Esta was sitting on Haruki’s abdomen when he received the attack.

His tough carapace was able to easily repel the boss’ attack.


There wasn’t a single scratch on Esta’s carapace.

Haruki had increased his Damage Reduction skill, but Esta never imagined it would be this effective.

Haruki was surprised at the skill’s high reduction rate as well.


The one who actually received the attack was constantly moving his feelers, as if asking Haruki to compliment him.


— Ahaha. Stop it, that tickles!

Haruki patted Esta’s head.


However, he was more impressed by Karen than by Esta’s great efforts.

Immediately after he was hit, she had released an impressive number of lightning attacks from the sky that fell directly on the deer.


Had it been a regular monster, it would definitely be nothing but charred remains by now.

That’s how powerful her attacks were.

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