88 Part 2

Just like Haruki, her face seemed as if she had just witnessed the end of the world.


“So, what are you going to do? I’d probably quit being an adventurer if I were in your shoes…”

“… If possible, I’d like to continue being an adventurer.”


However, if he were to continue, he could eventually become a monster.


No matter how strong he wanted his presence to be, Haruki didn’t want to become a burden to others.


To begin with, Haruki was already unable to fight properly.

Even if he decided to keep being an adventurer, there was a chance he would not be able to fight because of his intense pain.

With that in mind, Haruki couldn’t bring himself to say “I want to continue being an adventurer no matter what”.


Akane, who had been staring motionlessly at Haruki, suddenly relaxed her shoulders.


“… Oh well. I understand how you feel. I don’t recommend it very much, but there might be a way to get rid of this condition.”


“This doesn’t mean that it’s guaranteed to improve your situation, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.”


That said, Akane took out a map from under the counter.

She flipped through the pages, stopped at the page showing Asahikawa and pointed at it with her finger.


“There’s a hot spring here called ‘Kamui Springs’. The hot water of these springs comes from out of a dungeon.”

“Will I get better if I drink the water from those hot springs?”

“… Huh? W-Wait, I didn’t–”

“How many litres? How many litres should I drink!?”

“W-Wait! Calm down!!”


Akane desperately tried to calm the overly excited Haruki.


“All you need to do is soak in its waters! There were some cases where people got better from their ailments by soaking in the hot springs that come out of that dungeon. Drinking the hot water could be more effective, but there’s no need to gulp the whole thing down, you know!?”


Haruki tilted his head in confusion as if he hadn’t expected that answer from the flustered Akane.


“… Will that really help me get better?”


He was about to become a monster. It was hard to believe that such an abnormal condition could be alleviated just by soaking in a hot spring.


“I’m not talking about these Kamui Springs in particular, but I’ve heard that people have gotten better by soaking in the hot water that comes from the dungeon.

I don’t know if hot water will dissipate the energy that wasn’t absorbed into your body, or if it will promote its absorption by improving your circulation.

This is information that our company has gathered, but there’s a good chance it’s all nonsense, so again, don’t get your hopes up just yet. If anything bad happens, it’ll be your responsibility.”

“Ah… I see.”


That made sense.
Haruki nodded humbly.


“By the way, how many days should I stay soaking in the hot spring?”

“Why are you assuming you have to stay in there for days? Just stay for a while and come out before you get all soggy!”


Akane raised her voice behind the counter.

Why was she making such a big deal out of this?

Haruki was confused.


“If it’s Karaboshi, I wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed inside the hot springs for a long time…”

Karen was staring down and smiling bitterly as she said that. She probably understood what Akane was feeling.


“What are you girls talking about? If I stay in for a long time, I should get better faster, right?”



Both Karen and Akane were staring at him with eyes so cold he could almost hear them say “Look here” and “I knew it”.


“Karen. Do me a favor and do keep an eye on this guy…”

“Yes. Leave it to me…”


— Excuse me? You’re saying I need to be taken care of, like some child?

Haruki, 28, was no longer at an age where he would have to be under anyone’s care.


— Please don’t treat me like a child…

With a sour face, Haruki folded his arms.


“Soaking in the hot springs for one hour a day should be enough. The effects should be starting to appear in anywhere between three days to a week. Since so few adventurers are known to have this condition, I don’t know for certain exactly how long it will take.”

“So if I just stay soaking in them the whole day, I should get better faster, righ– ouch!?”


Rhea slapped Haruki on the back of his head.


Trembling, Haruki nodded at Rhea’s intimidating pose, as if she was saying “Cut it out and listen to them.”


“Well, you’ve been spending all these days inside of dungeons, right? Think of it as a break, soak in the hot springs and just relax.”

“That’s true, but…”


Akane’s words made sense.

He had become an intermediate adventurer after the second Stampede. Then he fought against Chikaho’s Monster Parade, and survived the fierce battle against the rare species of deer without any rest.


He wanted to look ahead sooner.

More than anything, he wanted to enjoy a scenery no one had experienced from a special seat.


That uncontrollable urge was still swirling inside Haruki’s chest.

However, no matter how eager he was, Haruki couldn’t fight at his best. He would just end up getting himself killed.

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