89 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 89


Let’s Get Healed In Asahikawa’s Hot Springs!



“Hmph. Give me the details first.”

“The request is for intermediate adventurers. It’s an extermination request in which all adventurers who applied for it must participate. To complete the request, thirty of the monsters that lurk around the dungeon must be exterminated. There will be no reward for participating, and traveling fees will be at the participant’s expense.

The reward is 30,000 yen per subjugated monster. Request clear points for “Narou” will be paid according to the degree of contribution. The more you defeat, the more points you will get.

You will be free to keep the materials harvested from the monsters you defeat and do with them as you see fit. Ah, Ichibishi is planning to open a branch office on the day this request starts, so please sell your materials there ♪”

“Would anyone take on that request?”


According to Akane’s explanation, the request was full of disadvantages.

If there was one advantage to this request, apart from the materials one could obtain, was the reward of 30,000 yen per defeated monster.


Selling the material of a single Werewolf can yield up to 10,000 yen.

But to get 30,000 yen just by defeating a monster that is overwhelmingly weaker than a werewolf would be a good profit.

Add that to the money one could make by selling the materials obtained from each monster, and one could get quite a lot of money from this request.


However, if a lot of adventurers were to participate, there could be a lot of competition, and it was possible some of them wouldn’t be able to defeat a single monster.

Not being able to defeat a single monster meant you actually lose money for taking this request.


In addition, the request also awarded points for the “Narou” ranking depending on the number of monsters defeated.

The request wasn’t that appealing to Haruki.


“You’re saying you won’t participate?”

“Why would I? I mean, of course, I have to go to Asahikawa either way, but with a request like that I think I’d be better off just jumping into the dungeon and defeating the monsters that are still inside.”


Especially now, Haruki could get around 10,000 yen from defeating a single Werewolf.

It was more convenient for him in terms of both money and battle experience to get better and then continue to hunt in the garage dungeon, where the income was more reliable than to take on this request.


To make things worse, one could get more points for “Narou” by taking several material delivery jobs than with this request.

Unfortunately, the monster material delivery jobs that currently appeared in the garage dungeon had yet to be posted on the “Narou” request boards…


— Why isn’t there any delivery request for Werewolf materials here in Hokkaido? That’s strange…


“They couldn’t make the request higher, could they?”

“They can’t. The money for it comes from the local government.”

“I see.”


If the local government was the client, it made sense that they couldn’t afford to pay a lot of money.


The local government gets its money from taxes.

And money to cover any expenses that would greatly exceed the budget set at the beginning of the year cannot be procured that quickly.


Large sums of money can be moved given proper time.

But this was a race against time.

There would be no time to wait for both the preparation of the supplementary budget and the diet’s approval.


Stampedes were similar to natural disasters, but it was difficult to prepare a budget in advance for them because they did not always occur.


The state’s budget wasn’t infinite.

They needed to be prepared in an organized and limited way.

If there is a possibility that some of it would not be used, both the diet and the government would feel that the budget will be better placed where it was needed.


However, dealing with monsters was something that needed to be done immediately.

If the government knows that the monsters are on the loose and do nothing until they’re financially prepared to deal with it, people would surely be hurt and they would be held accountable for it.


So they had to deal with these situations as fast as possible, but with as little money as possible…

That was why the reward for this request was so low.


“How about doing it as a contribution to society?”

“Yeah, but…”


Haruki didn’t seem convinced.

Akane sighed deliberately.


“Team Aerial is in charge of this request.”


“The lack of reward for simply participating in this request was Kagemitsu’s decision.”


Haruki owed Aerial a lot. And to Kagemitsu in particular.

Kagemitsu had helped him defeat the rare species monster in the garage dungeon.

(Though Kagemitsu did so in order to repay Haruki for his help during the Monster Parade in Chikaho).


If he were to sponsor an extermination battle, Haruki wouldn’t be too reluctant to join him…


“Ah, I’ve just remembered! It seems that the three adventurers and teams with the highest number of defeated monsters in this request will be posted on Kagemitsu’s blog later.”


Haruki’s ears twitched at those words Akane said with a nasty smile on her face.


“If you are the one who defeats the most monsters, it means that you are the best among the adventurers who have taken that request. That’s something very appealing to companies looking for adventurers to sponsor, you know? And it’s very noticeable…”

“Let’s go, Karen. I’ll do my best… I’ll do my best to get 1st place!!”


* * * * * * * * *


Haruki had distanced himself from the dungeons in order to get healed at a hot spring and accepted a request that wasn’t appealing for him, but he didn’t feel discouraged at all.

Rather than that, he was more motivated than ever.


The reason for that was that he had a good chance to get noticed if he were to get 1st place at that extermination battle.


The extent of his ability would be displayed in a ranking, and he would be commended in Kagemitsu’s blog, which had a lot of visitors.

This was a rare opportunity for him to increase his presence.

There was no way Haruki wouldn’t be excited about this.


After preparing for their expedition, Haruki starts the car.

Karen was sitting on the passenger’s seat, while Rhea and Esta were sitting on the back seats.


It seemed that Rhea and Karen stared fiercely at each other, fighting over who would get the passenger’s seat, but Rhea had promised to look after Esta.


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