92 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 92


Let’s Exterminate The Monsters In Kamuikotan! – 1



“Well then, take care, everyone! Start!!”


Along with Kagemitsu’s encouraging shout, the participating adventurers stepped into Kamuikotan.


The name “Kamuikotan” meant “the place where the gods live”.

Many would agree that the name was appropriate as they set foot in a valley created by rivers that eroded the ground.

It looked like a place some deity would pick as its dwelling place.


alleys, which were surrounded by an eerie tranquility and mystery.

He teared through the wind’s resistance and pushed forward.


— My body feels light!


Haruki found that his body had become very light. It was as if he had taken off some heavy weights that had been attached to his limbs.


Was this how Haruki’s physical performance truly was after defeating that rare species of deer and raising his level?

He seemed to have achieved a good sense of balance after having soaked in the hot waters of Kamui Springs.

He couldn’t feel any of that pain that had been tormenting him.


However, this alone could not be considered a complete recovery.

But at least he felt that he was getting better.


With this, he felt he could dive into a dungeon without worries.

He could still go out on adventures!


“Ha… Haha!!”


Haruki spontaneously started laughing.

His chest felt hot.

In order to release that heat, Haruki dashed into the woods of Kamuikotan with all his strength.


While running through the woods, Haruki expanded his Detection as much as he could, just as if he was exploring a dungeon.

The wind danced, the leaves of the trees swayed, and the sunbeams filtering through the trees moved on the ground.

Small animals, insects…

The forest was full of life.


All of that came together and shook Haruki’s brain.




Expanding his Detection, while simple within a dungeon, turned out to be quite the burden when done on the surface.

There were way too many reactions from living creatures above ground compared to the dungeons.


Still, Haruki grit his teeth and continued to expand his Detection range.

The activity of all those living creatures reverberated inside Haruki’s brain.


That roaring sound was mixed with noise.

He sensed a slight uncomfortable feeling.

Haruki’s corner of the mouth was bent in discomfort.


Immediately, Haruki jumped at full strength.


The grass was at knee-length.

The footing was bad.

He jumped off a nearby tree’s trunk, and landed on the ground.


Haruki found a rabbit monster ten meters away from where he was.


— A Killer Rabbit!

He immediately pulled out his short sword and performed a “shukuchi”.


Before the Killer Rabbit realized what was going on, Haruki quickly took its life.


“Alright, that’s the first one!”


Haruki made a quick triumphant pose.


In order to get points for each defeated monster, they needed to be brought to the old Kamuikotan Station Building.


It was up to the adventurer to decide whether to take each defeated monster to the Station Building one by one or to take them all at once.

Taking them one by one meant that you would spend a lot of time walking there and back again, but on the other hand, carrying a lot of monsters on you to save trips will make you move much slower due to the increased weight.

Each option had their advantages and disadvantages.


Incidentally, the use of magic bags was prohibited.

The reason for that was that only a few people had a magic bag. Using one would put that adventurer at advantage.


Haruki threw the defeated monster into his backpack.

At that point, he could easily ignore the weight penalty to his movement speed.


He looked around him to check his current position.

Haruki was now descending to the bottom of the valley.


There was a river in front of him, which quietly flowed towards the Sea of ​​Japan like a giant creature.


A thin column of steam was rising from a point in the river.

A part of the hot spring that springs from the Kamuikotan dungeon was flowing into the river.


“Well, what should I do now?”


Should he go up from here, or should he keep going down the valley?


Haruki’s thoughts were full of noise.

At the same time, the surface of the river burst.


Haruki’s first reaction was to get away from there.

He rolled on the ground.


A silver-colored thing wiggled as it passed in front of Haruki.

— This…


Haruki stood up and carefully observed the flying object, and trembled with joy when he saw that…


“It’s a salmon!!”


The flying thing that had appeared before Haruki was a salmon monster.


It was about 30 centimeters long and it had limbs, probably because it was a monster.

Its limbs were slender, thin and fair, and very beautiful.

If he were to just cut those limbs out, no one would think they came from a salmon or even a monster.


With an intense flame in his eyes, Haruki approached the salmon as it leapt and bounced out of the river.


As he reached for his dismantling knife…


“W-Wait! Please, wait!”

“Y-You can speak!?”


— Is it a demi-human?

Haruki became even more alert.


After some more bouncing, the salmon finally set foot on the ground.

Trembling, its round eyes were looking straight at Haruki.


“I’m the best salmon princess. My name is Chep. I’m a spirit mermaid!”

“… Ah, wait a second.”


Haruki had so many problems with it.


He squeezed his temples to control his headache.


First of all, the only river fish who could call herself a princess was the trout.

This one was no trout.


And what did “best salmon princess” even mean?

More than a mermaid, it looked like a fish with arms and legs. And the fact that it had called itself a “spirit” did nothing to add any kind of mysticism to itself.


This was nothing more than a self-proclaimed mermaid.

Everytime it breathed in, its chest moved.


So it has pulmonary respiration.

It wasn’t breathing through its gills.


But back to the main topic…


“A… salmon, huh?”


Haruki slowly approached the salmon with a gloomy-looking face.


Foil-roasted, Ishikari soup, fried, grilled…

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