93 Part 1

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 93


Let’s Exterminate The Monsters In Kamuikotan! – 2



She seemed overjoyed to be able to move quickly and at will while riding on Esta.

Behind Rhea, who was cheerfully moving her leaves abouts while searching for monsters, Karen was holding the bodies of two Killer Rabbits under her arms.


Her heart seemed to have been almost crushed by worry.


Though she wasn’t worried about monsters.

So far, Esta-Rhea had taken care of two Killer Rabbits.

Both were an insta-kill.

So she wasn’t afraid of getting hurt by a monster’s ambush.


It was other adventurers that Karen was worried about.


The adventurers who had seen Esta-Rhea at the starting point were no problem.

They would surely assume it was a monster that Haruki had tamed.


The issue was with those who didn’t.


— Why is Karaboshi always like this…?


Karen complained about Haruki, who had done something ridiculous.


This wasn’t the first time Haruki had displayed such an unexpected behavior.

Tying Esta and Rhea together was just the beginning.


For the sake of argument, up to that point, Karen could even consent to it with a smile.

Though other adventurers would have a hard time understanding what was going through Haruki’s head…


However, Haruki had come up with a plan to protect Rhea and Esta from adventurers’ attacks.

That was the worst part of it all.


— How could Karaboshi equip that thing in such a terrifying place!?


To protect Esta and Rhea, Haruki had equipped a mask on them.

It was the Noh mask that Masatsugu had given to him, “the strongest one”, with the ability to hide the wearer’s presence.


The appearance of the Noh mask changed between a crying face, a laughing face, or an angry face, depending on the angle it was looked at.

Rhea held that simple but eerie mask with great care.


From a distance, Esta-Rhea looked like a Noh mask running on the ground with countless insect legs growing under its chin.

Furthermore, the legs were overshadowed by the mask due to its ability.


Quite frankly, it was overkill.


What troubled Karen the most was that neither Haruki, Esta, nor Rhea were doing it out of an ill will.

Because of that, it had been very hard for her to say anything against the idea.


But if an adventurer who hadn’t seen Esta-Rhea at the starting point suddenly saw it in the woods…

— I hope it doesn’t give anyone a heart attack…


Aside from that, there was something else troubling Karen.


At this rate, she would be known by others as a member of “Karaboshi Haruki and His Creepy Friends!”

That was something she had to avoid at all costs…


Feeling a strong sense of impending crisis, Karen chased after Esta-Rhea.

At that moment…




A bear suddenly came out of a bush.

It wasn’t a monster. It was a regular brown bear that lived in those woods.


The brown bear stood up in front of Karen, threatening her by raising both of its front paws.


Even though it had been so sudden, Karen wasn’t surprised at all.

After all, she had felt the presence of a nearby bear with her Detection skill.


— Are you very hungry?

She hadn’t expected a regular brown bear, sensitive to human noise and odor, to approach her so straightly.


The bear was tingling its nose, and was staring at Karen with sharp eyes.

His eyes would go from her to the Killer Rabbits. Apparently, his goal wasn’t Karen, but the Killer Rabbits she was holding.




Karen put the Killer Rabbits down and took out her staff.

She couldn’t use magic in this place, where she didn’t know who would be hearing or watching her.


Esta-Rhea shifted their attention to Karen for a fleeting moment.

Then, their eyes were back on the bear, and they quickly moved towards it.


She seemed as if she couldn’t do anything.

But Karen wasn’t anxious. She wasn’t scared.

With all her strength, she raised her staff.

The next moment, the bear swiped at Karen with its sharp claws.


Karen dodged the bear’s attack to the side.

Then, just before getting past the bear, Karen brought her staff down.


It was a menacing counter blow.


— I hope this attack helps me escape.


With a “BAM!” the staff literally smashed the bear’s head.




Karen was stunned by that unexpected result.

Having lost its head, the bear collapsed, causing the ground to shake a bit under its weight.


Karen didn’t have the physical strength needed to crush the bear’s head like that. She didn’t even swing her staff down with all her strength.


The cause for that impressive attack power capable of crushing a bear’s head in one swing was the power that had been charged into the staff.


Karen had charged the staff with the power necessary to use magic.

When it came in contact with the bear’s head, that energy exploded silently.


Its explosive power was tremendous, probably because it had a very small range.

Even when charging the staff with the same amount of power, normal magic didn’t reach this level of power.


Attacking like that had been Haruki’s idea.


He had thought that if Karen were to hit the monster with her staff fully charged with magical power, her attack power would increase a little.

Karen had been worried after Haruki told her that she couldn’t use magic during the contest, and so Haruki told her to try attacking like that instead.


Karen thought it was worth a shot.

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