94 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 94


Let’s Exterminate The Monsters In Kamuikotan! – 3



Having reached the base of Kamui Rock, Haruki looked inside his backpack.
Inside, an empty-eyed Chep was frothing at the mouth.


Her gills weren’t moving.

Did she die?


Just in case, Haruki gently slapped her cheeks.

Then, as if her soul had returned to her body, Chep started breathing again with a “Haaah!”


“A… Are you trying to kill me!?”


Haruki’s new way of moving around seemed to have been a bit too radical for Chep.

Her round eyes were completely bloodshot.


Of course, Haruki had no intention to kill Chep for the time being.

He simply had thought of a way to quickly move around and wanted to try it out.


That new way of moving around was similar to that of the stereotypical ninja.

Jumping from tree to tree by kicking their trunks as one would jump off a wall.


Having leveled up in the dungeon and improved his skills, jumping from trunk to trunk was not such a difficult thing for Haruki.


It was more difficult to control the direction of travel than the actual jumping.

The angle of each jump limited the direction in which he would move next.


— That part needs improvement…


“Ugh… That was an awful experience…”


Haruki looked up, ignoring Chep’s grumbling and complaining.


Kamui Rock was a steep precipice all the way to its summit, and it had no walking route.

So he had no choice but to climb his way up.


He put his hands on the rocks to check their stability.

After making sure the rock was sturdy, he would move on to the next foothold.


Analyzing a rock’s shape, checking it by hand, and memorizing the results.

By the time he had climbed ten meters, he was already able to identify footholds just by looking at them.

After that point, he continued to ascend without hesitating.




— Did she look down?

Chep was trembling inside the backpack.


But Haruki didn’t care about it at all.

He had no time to care.


This was Haruki’s first experience with rock climbing.

He was doing so well so far because he was pushing hard through his own physical strength.

If he were to lose focus, he would instantly make a mistake and end up falling head first.


Haruki continued to climb Kamui Rock while ignoring Chep’s noise through sheer force of concentration.




Haruki voiced his admiration at the scenery he could see from the top of Kamui Rock.


A natural landscape where mountains, rivers, and the blue sky were in complete harmony.

The sight of Kamuikotan made Haruki’s chest tremble.


“Amazing. So beautiful.”

“Don’t try to praise me! You won’t get anything from me, you know?”

“I wasn’t talking about you!”


Haruki dropped his shoulders in response to hearing Chep’s voice.

She had just ruined a perfect moment.


Having reached the top of Kamui Rock, Haruki took Chep out of his backpack.

Chep had spent the whole trip there speaking ill of Haruki, saying he was going to take advantage of her, but now there was a slight hint of tension in her face, probably because she had arrived at Kamui Rock.


— Well then.

Haruki braced himself.


What would happen from here on…?

Contrary to his fast-beating chest, his body was completely relaxed.


There were no monsters other than Chep within Haruki’s Detection range.

There was little chance a monster would attack him all of a sudden.


But still, he couldn’t allow himself to lose focus.

There were monsters roaming on the outskirts of Kamuikotan who couldn’t be subjugated during the Stampede.


Besides, there was this situation too.

What was going to happen there?

What was Chep planning to do?


The nervous Haruki could already imagine what this all was about.

Haruki, who had a habit of collecting myths, could not be unaware of what Chep was trying to do at the top of Kamui Rock.


That’s why he had gone all the way up to that place, despite him being in the middle of a very important mission to increase his own presence.


Kamuikotan was the place where the evil god Ninne Kamui fought against the hero Samaikuru.

And Kamui Rock was believed to be a vestige of Samaikuru’s attack, created as a result of Samaikuru’s attack on Ninne Kamui.


And now, the “best salmon offering to the gods” had come to this place…




As Chep made her way to the center of Kamui Rock, an intense chill went down Haruki’s entire body.


— What was that?

Haruki expanded his Detection range and reached for his short sword.


Nothing had changed according to both his eyes and his Detection skill.

He was simply feeling the chills and there was nothing he could do about them.


But that was a big problem.

Because such chills were similar to the ones he felt when the rare species of deer appeared in the garage dungeon.


Haruki took a single breath and focused, trying to put his disturbed conscience back together.


In the center of Kamui Rock, a kneeling Chep looked up to the sky as if praying.


At that moment, darkness came flying from the sky.


It fell on the center of Kamui Rock, just above Chep.

As it fell, it created a tremor and caused a windstorm to scatter.




With his arms crossed, Haruki bit his back teeth.


The thing that came flying from the sky was black.

A pitch-black thing.


Its large eyeballs glaringly shifted towards Haruki.


A clear murderous intent.

An intense malice.

Haruki got goosebumps all across his back.


The cloud of dust that had been rolled up was cleared away by the wind.

Then, the full picture of the pitch-black thing was revealed.


Its skin was covered by black scales, and it had sharp talons.

Its neck was as thick as a grown man’s thigh.

Its round eyes had cat-like elongated pupils.


The pitch-black thing was a demihuman fish with arms and legs –a Fishman monster.




The Fishman lunged at Haruki with its talons before he could put himself on guard.

Haruki hurriedly pulled out his short sword.


The talons made contact at the same time he raised his short sword.

Haruki’s posture was immediately broken due to his imperfect defense.


The Fishman attacked once again with his talons.

Desperately moving his arms and legs, Haruki put all of his efforts in dodging the attack.


The talons barely grazed at Haruki’s coat.

If Haruki had tried to dodge a fraction of a second later, the Fishman’s talons would already have been dug deep into his neck.


After avoiding the Fishman’s deadly blow, Haruki quickly regains his posture.


Back in the 15th floor of the garage dungeon, Haruki, no longer afraid of losing to any of the werewolves there, was able to hold them back even when he was in a disadvantageous posture.


Haruki was harboring a strong sense of caution this time around.

This seemed to be a monster that he wouldn’t be able to defeat on his own.


Of course, Haruki had never been really alone in his fights thus far.

Rhea would be in his backpack, and Karen would be right behind him.

Esta also proved to be a great asset during the battle against the rare species of deer.


If the opponent was at his level or below, he should be able to take it on solo.

However, from Haruki’s battle experience so far, the enemies that have been appearing seemed to be far superior to him.

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