95 Part 1


Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 95


Let’s Exterminate The Monsters In Kamuikotan! – 4



Haruki was impressed with the Fishman’s ability to constantly block his attacks.


The Fishman had managed to avoid being hit by Haruki’s insta-kills, which were  powered by Weakness Exploit.

Its high physical ability and intuition would be unbelievable for any other adventurer.


No beginner adventurer would stand a chance against it.

How many surprise attacks would it be able to avoid, even from intermediate adventurers?


That’s why this was so valuable.

That’s why this was so useful.


Haruki realized the value of this battle every time his attacks were blocked, even when coming from various angles.

This battle experience was definitely hard to come by.


Haruki’s throat resounded with a stifled laughter.


Concentrate, focus your consciousness.

Assume, execute, retry.


No matter how much he analyzed the opponent and tried to be ahead of it, his opponent’s god-like evasion thwarted Haruki every time.

It felt like walking on a tightrope.


Sometimes, a magical counterattack would fly towards Haruki.

He would dodge them by a hair’s breadth.

The wind pressure from the avoided magical attack would gently brush his body.


His spine froze due to the Fishman’s unabated hostility.


The Fishman’s eyes still hadn’t been able to catch a glimpse of Haruki.

Still, each of the Fishman’s magical attacks were fired off with such a precision that Haruki wouldn’t be able to avoid them without putting all of his efforts on it.


Haruki was almost purring like a cat.


He couldn’t resist the fun he was having, and how happy he was.


Because now, at this very moment…

This Fishman was recognizing Haruki’s existence, even without his mask on!


What a wonderful thing!


Every time the Fishman fought back, Haruki was filled with a desire to thank the gods.


He was finally able to find someone who would notice his presence!

What a miracle!


— I’m so glad to be alive.

— I’m so happy I haven’t given up!


— Can we become friends?

Such a thought crossed Haruki’s mind, but he quickly denied it.


The animosity felt from the Fishman wasn’t so feeble that he could turn friendly.

So there was only one thing Haruki could do.


To express his respect toward the Fishman with his body and soul.

And to respectfully defeat it with all his strength.


Another magic attack by the Fishman.

After dodging it, Haruki took to the sky.


After jumping, Haruki adjusted his stance in mid-air.

After ascending to about four meters, he turned around.


Both the Fishman and Kamui Rock were under him.

Both of them shone with light almost as if they were waiting for him.




However, the Fisherman fired his magic attack upwards so as to prevent Haruki’s actions.

It seemed to have realized that this was a decisive moment. The attack seemed more powerful than ever.


Haruki was in the middle of a free fall.

He was unable to dodge anything in this situation.


However, Haruki wasn’t worried.

He closed his eyes for a fraction of a second, and Shigure’s figure appeared in his mind.


Her sword seemed to be alive all the way to the tip of its blade.

Her Bloody Sakura was so soft it almost didn’t look like a sword.

He had to imitate those movements.


Haruki pushed out his Werewolf Short Sword.

The magic attack hit the tip of the blade.

At that very moment…

He twisted his wrist ever so slightly.


The ball of concentrated magic power slid over the short sword’s blade with its own momentum.

Then it changed its course as it followed the short sword’s soft movement.

Thanks to that, the attack barely passed right next to Haruki.


— I did it!

Haruki’s whole body was excited after having been able to replicate Shigure’s move.


But he had no time to be happy about it.

Haruki was already two meters away from the ground.


Without hesitation, Haruki gathered all of his determination at the tip of his Magic Sword.

He was literally devoting his body and soul to a single attack.


His opponent was right in front of him.

It stood there rigidly, and had no means to avoid Haruki’s blow.


The light of his Weakness Exploit shone stronger than ever.




Releasing a silent fighting spirit, Haruki slid his Magic Sword all the way down from the Fishman’s head.


The Magic Sword made no noise on its path until it reached Kamui Rock.

Haruki didn’t feel any resistance on the blade either. It had been as if he had cut through butter with a hot knife.


Finally lowering his guard, Haruki put away both of his short swords.



At the same time, a large fissure traveled all the way down from the Fishman’s head to its groin.


The black Fishman collapsed on Kamui Rock.

As the Fishman reached the end of its life, a hot fever rose on Haruki’s body.


It was a considerably strong case of Level Up sickness.

But it wasn’t enough to knock him unconscious.


When he defeated the rare species of deer, who was as strong as this Fishman, he completely lost his consciousness. The reason why he didn’t faint this time probably was because Haruki’s level had already raised a lot after defeating the deer.


“That was a dangerous battle…”


Haruki exhaled a hot breath and put on his mask again.


Actually, Haruki had done his best.

He even had to take off his mask as a last resort.


Even so, his opponent had been more than worth the effort.


Esta, Rhea, and Karen weren’t there to help him.

No one was there to cover for his mistakes.

A single misstep could have caused him to be the one laying dead instead.


That possibility gave Haruki the shivers.

The blood running through his veins had become incredibly cold.


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