98 Part 3


“Well, I won’t know until I actually try it out. There’s no detailed explanation. But each try costs 3 skill points. I think it’s a little too much of a cost just for trying something out.”


As Haruki was explaining, Karen was smiling as if she had made up her mind.

She seemed as if she was asking “So, what are we going to do about it?”


“Can’t you try to use it to enhance my magical skills?”

“I guess… but…”

“Well, you can’t fiddle with someone’s skills without that board. I guess it can’t hurt to give it a try, even if you mess it up somehow.”


Having said that, an idyllic smile appeared on Karen’s face.


If he messed it up somehow, all he would need to do would be to work hard and improve his skills normally.

Haruki’s eyes were opened by Karen’s words.


Even if he were to make a mistake when spending those 3 points, he could simply make an effort to get those 3 points back.

Certainly, her words made sense.


Haruki smiled and nodded at Karen.

Little by little, Karen’s guts were starting to show.

She gave off this very dazzling aura as she moved forward step by step.


Haruki couldn’t afford to come to a stop either.

With that thought, Haruki started off by tapping on Karen’s tree.


Kurosaki Karen (18) Gender: Female

Skill Points: 3 → 0

Class: Hammer-wielding Spirit Master

Divine Protection: Thunder God <Okikurumi>


-Vitality <->

├ Stamina 2

└ Natural Recovery 1


-Strength <->

└ Strength 1


-Magic Power <-> → <+1>

├ Magic Power 5

├ Magic Compatibility 5

└ Magic Manipulation 5

└ Change <Thunder> 4


-Agility <->

├ Quickness 1

└ Dexterity 2


-Technology <->

└  Equipment Mastery

├ Blunt Weapons 1

└ Light Armor Mastery 1




-Intuition <->

└ Detection 1



├ Luck 2

└ Divine Protection MAX


“Just as I thought.”


Like he had imagined, spending 3 points wasn’t the end of it.

When Haruki tapped again, the explanation for the “Tree Enhancement” function appeared just like before, confirming the point distribution.


<< You can amplify the skills under this tree (MAX: 10) >>

What was written in the explanation was almost as Haruki imagined.


After that, Haruki tapped on his own tree.


Karaboshi Haruki (27) Gender: Male

Skill Points: 6 → 3

Class: Hidden Sword King

Divine Protection: Overthrowing God <Medjed>


-Vitality <->

├ Stamina 3

└ Natural Recovery 2


-Strength <->

└ Strength 5


-Agility <-> → <+1>

├ Quickness 5

└ Dexterity 5


-Technology <->

├ Equipment Mastery

│├ One-handed Sword 5

│├ Throwing 2

│└ Light Armor Mastery 5

├ Kicking 2

├ Stealth 3 → 4

└ Imitating 3


-Intuition <->

└ Detection 5

└ Weakness Exploit MAX



├ Growth Acceleration MAX

├ Taming 2

└ Divine Protection MAX


Choosing the tech tree with the most skills would have been more efficient.


— But, but!
— The Stealth skill is in that tree!

— That is one tree I cannot ever allow myself to enhance!!

Therefore, Haruki enhanced his Agility tree for the time being.

Agility is a necessary skill to have in order to fight with a short sword. There was no harm in raising it.


After putting away his Skill Board, Haruki side-stepped lightly.


“Hmm… It does feel different…”


He was clearly more agile than before.

The change he was feeling was the same as, or even better than, the one he felt when he equipped the feather decoration he obtained after defeating the Big Kokko.


This effect would increase even further as the skill raised to +2, +3, and so on.


Normally, skills increased with battles and training.

But what about this “Tree Enhancement”?


If this could only be raised with the Skill Board, it would be better to prioritize it and use his skill points on that rather than allocating them to normal skills.

3 points was expensive, but if that didn’t grow naturally, it would be worth more than 3 points.


“How about you, Karen?”

“I think it’s easier for me to handle my power.”


Karen took out her staff and began to pump magical power into it.

Apparently, she was able to do it more smoothly than before.


Something tapped on Haruki’s shoulder.




As he turned to check, he saw Rhea shaking her leaves.

It was as if she was trying to tell him “Don’t forget about me!”


Esta was poking at Haruki’s belly as if saying “I’m here too!”

He was wagging his tail, full of curiosity and anticipation.


Seeing those two’s lovable behavior, Haruki couldn’t help but burst into laughter.


— Okay.

— Then let’s improve both Esta and Rhea’s skills!


Rhea (1) Gender: Female

Skill Points: 3 → 0

Class: Dual Wielding Leaf Demon

Divine Protection: Guardian Deity of Underground Treasures <Ptah>


-Vitality <->

├ Stamina 1

└ Natural Recovery 0


-Strength <->

└ Strength 5


-Agility <->

├ Quickness 2

└ Dexterity 3


-Technology <->→<+1>

└ Equipment Mastery

└Throw 5

└Double Throw 4


-Intuition <->

└ Detection 1



├ Treasure Chest 2

└ Divine Protection MAX


Rhea’s main form of attack was her throwing ability, so he enhanced that tree.


Esta (0) Gender: Male

Skill Points: 3 → 0

Class: Hard Shell Bug

Divine Protection: God of Extermination (Shinchu)


-Vitality <->

├ Stamina 1

├ Natural Recovery 1

└ Quarantine 1


-Strength <-> → <+1>

└ Strength 3

└ Damage Reduction 7


-Agility <->

├ Quickness 5

└ Dexterity 1


-Technology <->

└ Equipment Mastery

└ Carapace 7


-Intuition <->

└ Detection 1



├ Armor Break 3

└ Divine Protection MAX


Esta was a tank. He had skills like Carapace and Armor Break, but efficiency-wise, it was better to enhance his Strength tree, where he had his Damage Reduction skill.


Both of them were fluttering their leaves and tail each, showing their excitement for having their skills enhanced.





At that moment, that pending question that had been escaping Haruki’s memory forcibly pushed itself into his consciousness.

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