100 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 100


Let’s Get Healed In The Hot Springs!



They continued to explore for a while, but they couldn’t move forward at all because of those tree roots.

To make things worse, monsters would appear through the roots and attack Haruki and the others one after another.


“This is mentally exhausting…”



The monsters that appeared were Black Raccoons.

No matter how many of them came through the tree roots to attack them, they could hardly be considered a threat.


However, as soon as the Black Raccoons found Haruki, they would throw themselves at him in a futile attempt to fight him.

They were like a swarm of mosquitoes trying to suck him out of blood.


He wasn’t excited at all about fighting such weaklings.

With uninterested eyes, Haruki defeated one Black Raccoon after the other as if he was placing dandelions over a stream of sashimi placed on a conveyor belt.


Karen, who had the resolve to always follow Haruki without complaining, also had a certain shadow cast over her smile.

Just as Haruki, she seemed to be tired of the situation they were in.


It’s very painful to keep doing simple work that never ends.

It was mentally exhausting.


“What should we do?”

“We still have to consider your physical condition, so it may be a good idea to go back and think of a plan.”


Haruki’s body became stiff at the memory of the sharp pain he used to feel.

If something like that were to happen during this battle, it could prove to be fatal.


— It may be a good idea to not overdo it and go back for now.

Haruki accepted Karen’s suggestion.


“… I see.”


Also, if they were to go back to the inn and search online, they could find information that might prove useful on this floor.

Haruki nodded and proceeded to turn back.






The path they had used to get there had been blocked by tree roots.

— But we just came through here a few moments ago!


Haruki dropped his shoulders and searched for a different path.

One by one, the tree roots had blocked Haruki’s path, as if laughing at him for wanting to quickly leave the dungeon.


Haruki and the others loitered around the dungeon for about two hours, as if the dungeon itself was toying with them.

Did the dungeon get bored of playing around with them, or did Karen’s Luck come into play after all?


The road ahead opened just before Haruki ran out of willpower, and they finally reached the 5th floor.


“What have we done to deserve this…?”


After reaching the 5th floor, Haruki didn’t feel like exploring any further, so he activated the gate and quickly returned to the inn.


— I’ll have to soak in the hot springs just to restore my willpower…


* * * * * * * * *


After entering the open-air bath, Haruk soaked in the rock bath up to his shoulders and sighed deeply.


“I want to eat something delicious…”


Haruki was craving a lavish meal.


The food at the hotel wasn’t bad at all. He didn’t know how it was before the Stampede, but nowadays, there were dishes that were worth their price.

However, the quality of the food provided at the hotel was inferior to what Haruki could produce out of harvesting in the garage dungeon.


Haruki, who always enjoyed ingredients of the highest quality, was not satisfied with the taste of the hotel’s food.


He had been able to put up with it so far, but this time around, Haruki was mentally exhausted after being played around with by the dungeon.

Because of that, his desire for delicious food seemed to break through the limits of his patience.


“But it’s not as if I can do something about it…”


Haruki had yet to reach the deepest section of Kamuikotan.

He didn’t want to go back to K-Town just because he wanted to eat delicious food, because doing that would mean that he had lost the battle of fortitude against the dungeon.


For a while, he’ll have to put up with the bland taste of the hotel’s food.

With that in mind, Haruki’s sighing became deeper and deeper.


Kamui Spring’s open-air bath, where Haruki was enjoying the hot springs, had a men’s bath on the east side and a women’s bath on the west side.

The men’s and women’s baths were surrounded by a high wall, but there was an open space between them.


It was a mixed bath that connected the men’s and women’s baths, as if it was some kind of landing to a stairway to heaven.

The women’s bath cannot be peeked at from the men’s bath, no matter what angle one would try to look from. But the mixed bath was a different story.


Haruki could feel somebody was in the mixed bath.

He could hear the sound of water droplets splashing around from time to time.


— Don’t tell me…


Did she get into the mixed bath by herself?

But how? Why?


Haruki slowly and quietly approached the mixed bath while watching out for Esta, who was playing in the tub.

The craving for delicious food had completely disappeared from Haruki’s head.


After all, Haruki was a man.

And so, he wasn’t a dead man who wasn’t moved by the idea of a mixed bath.


Haruki’s nostrils swole at the thought of those two words, “mixed bath”.




Haruki wasn’t into masks so much that he would wear his mask while soaking in a hot spring.

Therefore, he was not wearing his mask at the moment.


And without his mask, Haruki was a man with an extremely low presence.

Supposing that a woman enjoying the hot waters of the mixed bath would fail to notice someone like Haruki, it wouldn’t actually be Haruki’s fault.


— That’s right, it wouldn’t be my fault!

— It would be her fault for not noticing me!!


There was a sign at the entrance leading to the mixed bath, that read “Please follow the etiquette and enjoy your bath quietly.”


— I came here to enjoy the hot springs.

— I’m not soaking in the hot springs with unscrupulous thoughts at all!

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