101 Part 1

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 101


Let’s Get The Ingredient That Has The Spirit of Hokkaido!



Having returned from the hot springs, Haruki exhaustedly booted up his computer.

In order to defeat the Kamuikotan dungeon, it was absolutely necessary to do something about those tree roots.


When he searched for “How to end the life of tree roots”, he got thousands of results.

Not all of those results were related to the tree roots of Kamuikotan. Dubious pages such as “Killer for hire” and “Twelve ways you can kill somebody” had appeared as well.


He picked up only those related to Kamuikotan.

Even then, it was more than a hundred results to check.


Several adventurers who were well-known for being adept at defeating dungeons expressed their great stress and frustration regarding those tree roots.

Blog after blog, words of deeply held resentment were written all over the place.


Haruki had fallen victim to those tree roots as well.

Sympathizing with the authors of those blogs, tears began to form in his eyes as he read about their hardships.


— I have to purify and destroy those tree roots by any means necessary…


“Ah… I almost forgot what I was actually looking for.”


Pulling himself together, Haruki went back to searching for a strategy that would help him defeat the dungeon.


The fight between adventurers and those tree roots had a long history.

In the past, adventurers have tried several things in their battles against the tree roots in Kamuikotan.

Some sprinkled powerful herbicides, while others tried cutting the tree roots down with their swords.


The herbicide strategy didn’t go so well.

Those who tried cutting them down could never completely get rid of them.

Both strategies resulted in the tree roots to retaliate and block those adventurers’ path, making so they couldn’t escape the dungeon for a while.


In those sad stories of their battles, some adventurers finally realized what would work against those tree roots.



Of course, it wouldn’t be just normal fire.

They had already tried using normal fire before.


When a certain adventurer used a torch while approaching those tree roots, the roots tried to avoid the adventurer.

Since then, all the adventurers who have defeated Kamuikotan were said to have dived into the dungeon with a torch in their hands.


Those torches needed to be made out of a piece of those tree roots.

It was believed that when you approach them with a lit torch made from those tree roots, the tree roots feel scared as if they were being burned.


It was the same as when placing a scarecrow in a garbage collection site.

By using it as a visual threat, it is possible to avoid mischief in such sites out of fear of ending up like the scarecrow.


Seeing that information, Haruki instinctively clenched his fist.

It was a pity that he couldn’t annihilate them, but at least he had found a way to avoid those pesky tree roots!


* * * * * * * * *


【Demihumans and beast-like】Elf Enthusiasts Unite! 4【Warm Welcome!】


1 Name: Anonymous looked down on by a noble elf

This thread is an adventure record about the demihumans and beast-like found in the dungeon.

Our first goal is to discover an elf girl, which are shy creatures that have yet to be seen in a dungeon, but it’s okay to talk about other demihuman and beast-like girls.

However, elf fundamentalists are not allowed. In addition, those who transgress others’ creeds or religious views will be banned.

Let’s make an effort to find an elf girl in the dungeon while acknowledging our love of elves!


2 Name: Anonymous looked down on by a noble elf

This may be just a report, but I’ve found a demihuman lady

Moreover, she seems to be a princess


3 Name: Anonymous looked down on by a noble elf

>> 1 Let’s make a great record!

>> 2 Really!? I want the details!!


4 Name: Anonymous looked down on by a noble elf

At last!!

How does that story end?

The first post was already the best one lol


5 Name: Anonymous looked down on by a noble elf

Is she arrogant!?


6 Name: Anonymous looked down on by a noble elf

She’s a salmon Fishwoman about 30 cms tall

She’s not a mermaid though. More like a fish with legs and arms…


7 Name: Anonymous looked down on by a noble elf

Ok no


8 Name: Anonymous looked down on by a noble elf

>> 2 How worthless


9 Name: Anonymous looked down on by a noble elf

Come on, you had us hoping for something like that?

Give me back my hopes and dreams!


10 Name: Anonymous looked down on by a noble elf

>> 2 This guy has betrayed the dreams of all of us who love demihuman girls

Don’t you ever wish you could get all lovey-dovey with a demihuman girl?


11 Name: Anonymous looked down on by a noble elf

>> 10 I just came up with a dream like that

It was a dream where a Fishwoman who called herself a princess would approach me

Well, it was more of a nightmare…


12 Name: Anonymous looked down on by a noble elf


So you two are pretty close, I see…

My bad…


13 Name: Anonymous looked down on by a noble elf

Are we supposed to be of the same mind?

Give me a break…


* * * * * * * * *


The next day, Haruki quickly went to a tool shop near the dungeon.

It was affiliated to the tool shop in Sapporo.

Several mysterious items were put on display in this shop as well.


Among those items, Haruki found the torches made using those tree roots, and purchased 10 of them.


“You bought a little too many of these, Karaboshi…”

“Karen. We’re heading into the dungeon. There’s no over-preparation when it comes to equipment and items!”

“Ah… Hah…”


Contrary to the shocked Karen, Haruki’s body was full of energy.

With these torches, they should be able to defeat the dungeon without any frustrations or stress.

Haruki, both an adventurer and someone who loves adventuring, could finally see himself going further into the dungeon, so it was no wonder he would be so full of energy.


With a torch in hand, they headed towards the ticket gate and went down to the 5th floor.

As soon as they passed through the gate, the tree roots obstructed their path.




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