102 Part 1

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 102


Let’s Enjoy The Food That Has The Spirit of Hokkaido!



Since they had gotten themselves some lamb meat, Haruki decided to stop exploring for the day.


After all, he had obtained lamb meat, which was considered to be an ingredient filled with the spirit of Hokkaido.

He couldn’t help the need of enjoying it while it was still fresh.


They had obtained 101 sheep in total.

After stuffing them into the magic bag, they ended up filling it up completely.

The excuse Haruki used to go back at that time was that they were so packed that they wouldn’t be able to get another item into their inventory.


Of course, that was way more than they could eat, but they couldn’t let it go to waste.

They kept a single sheep for themselves and sold the rest at the shop.


The clerk of the shop was trembling and seemed to be close to crying, perhaps because she was so deeply moved after seeing such a huge amount of  delicious-looking lamb meat.


Haruki then took the remaining one to the hotel, and asked the hotel staff to cook it for him.

The price of lamb from the dungeon doesn’t go down easily, so it seems that the people at the hotel didn’t have many opportunities to cook it.

When Haruki handed over the lamb, the landlady and the chef seemed to be very pleased.


That night, Haruki fulfilled his heart’s desire to have a lavish meal.


The first dish that they brought in was charcoal-grilled lamb.

The oil was slowly melting into the golden-colored meat.


“Looks delicious!”


Thankful for being alive, Haruki and Karen took their first bite.





Haruki cried out, and Karen couldn’t hide her smile as she chewed.


The lamb meat’s fat began to melt in their mouth as soon as they took their first bite.

At the same time as the scent of lamb, the scent of charcoal fire filled the area.

That fragrance filled their mouths with joy.


The more they chewed the meat, the more the deliciousness oozed into their mouths.


Unlike mutton, lamb meat had less odor.

Even so, people outside of Hokkaido wouldn’t be familiar with its odor, so some people wouldn’t be able to eat it because it smelled weird for them.


Haruki thought those people were fools.

— This smell is exactly why lamb meat is so delicious!


“Karen, would it be okay if I had a beer today?”




Haruki joyfully picked up the menu and ordered a jug of beer.


After all, you can’t have lamb chops without a beer to go with.

After taking a bite of the lamb, he tried the beer.




— That hit the spot!

Haruki had tears in his eyes.

Lamb and beer were the best combination.


“This is so good!!”

“Is that so?”


Karen’s eyes were fixed onto the beer jug. She might have been curious about the combination of lamb and beer.

However, she was still a minor.


— You can’t drink alcohol until you’re twenty!

— You’ll have to make do with sodas for now.


Haruki then put a seasoned lamb steak on a plate with a lot of bean sprouts.

Both steam and a sweet fragrance rose the moment the sauce touched the iron plate.

Haruki purred like a cat as his stomach reacted to the smell.


Once it was cooked, he took the meat and bean sprouts and put it on top of some rice.

The rice was from the Nakasatsunai dungeon. Haruki and others had given the hotel an entire sheep, so the chef prepared it specially for them in return.


After scooping up some of that white rice, Haruki gulped down the meat, bean sprouts and rice in one go.




Haruki felt as if he could almost faint after tasting the delicious mix of sauce, rice and the lamb meat’s fat.


The flavor of the sauce soaked into the meat, and the flavor that came out of the meat soaked into the beans.

And the presence of the white rice complements them even more.

It was the strongest combination.


— This is the flavor I’ve been craving for…!”


Haruki, who hadn’t been able to eat dungeon food for more than two weeks, continued to spill tears for some time.


Haruki enjoyed his dish, eating bite after bite while wiping his own tears.

Karen too let her tears fall as she silently enjoyed her own dish.


Next to Haruki, Esta was chewing on a piece of lamb steak while hiding inside a towel. He probably thought it was really delicious, since he was wiggling his tail.

Being lifted up every time he wiggled his tail under the towel, Rhea seemed upset, as if she were about to yell at him “Stop it already!” like an older sister fed up with her younger brother.


It looked like a happy family meal.

Haruki felt at home.


Karen, who was sitting in front of Haruki, was carrying some more lamb meat inside her magic bag.

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