102 part 3

They were no rivals for Haruki and the others.


So far, most of the battles other than the battle against the sheep had been carried out only by Karen and Rhea.

Karen was the main attacker, while Rhea provided cover fire.


Karen took this opportunity to train her magic staff attack against opponents she could deal with by herself.

Whenever there were too many monsters for Karen to handle on her own, Rhea would help reduce the number of monsters.


In these battles so far, Karen had been able to considerably reduce the power of her magic staff attack.


Karen poured magical power into her staff in order to attack with it.

The attack power seemed to go up and down depending on the amount of magical power poured into the staff.


That being said, she still wasn’t able to control it perfectly.

From time to time, she would whine about putting too much power into her attack and ending up blowing a monster’s head up.


Karen’s Magic Manipulation level was 5.

And her Magic tree had been enhanced by 1 as well.


Despite that, the reason why it was taking her so long to control it was that her magic staff attack wasn’t only affected by her Magic skill.


The skill that affected the actual ability to wield the staff, her Blunt Weapons skill, was at level 1.

Haruki thought that this was the reason why she wasn’t being able to control her attack well.


— But since that skill is at level 1, it would be a waste to use the board to add points to it…


It was easy to increase the level of a skill naturally while it’s low.

As long as the amount of Skill Points they had was small, there would be no room for spending them carelessly on skills that were easy to increase naturally.


Karen didn’t have any Skill Points at the moment.

The easiest way to get new points was to reach the 16th floor of a dungeon.

However, it would be a waste to use points obtained by reaching the 16th floor of a dungeon to raise the level of her Blunt Weapons skill from level 1 to 2.


Besides, Haruki’s Skill Board was now capable of enhancing an entire skill tree.

It would be more efficient to invest points into enhancing skill trees that would probably never improve with training, rather than strengthening skills that would eventually improve.


Haruki was now more cautious when it came to allocating skill points.

That’s because even though they didn’t have many options when it came to obtaining new points, they were getting more options in regard to spending them.

Haruki couldn’t help but feel he needed to be more careful with them.


If it’s something they could increase naturally by training, then it might be best to just do it like that.

Haruki chased away the thought of using the Skill Board to increase Karen’s Blunt Weapons skill, and decided to appreciate Karen’s efforts to raise her own skills.


The 9th floor also had Silver Wolves.

They were as strong as the ones found on the 8th floor of Chikaho.

But groups of 4 or 5 appearing at a time were a bit more frequent than their Chikaho counterparts.


Though Kamuikotan had 10 floors, normal monsters only appeared until the 9th floor.

Only the Dungeon Lord appeared on the 10th floor.


After reaching the 9th floor, which was the last floor where they would fight normal monsters, Haruki was excited to see what kind of monsters would appear.

However, he found nothing but more Silver Wolves.

He was really disappointed.


“This is so boring.”

“I don’t think dungeons are supposed to be challenged for fun, though…”



Haruki seemed puzzled by Karen’s sudden serious remark.


“But dungeons should at least be somewhat interesting in my opinion…”

“I think you’re on your own on that.”
“Well, then why do other adventurers seem to be looking forward to challenging dungeons?”

“… To save Japan, perhaps?”


Karen glared at Haruki as if asking him not to forget why they were doing this.

Certainly, the number one reason adventurers were allowed to dive into dungeons in the first place was to defeat the dungeons.


However, boys yearn for exploration and adventure.

When Haruki was a kid, he stepped into a nearby mountain with a stick in his hand, calling it an adventure.


He swung the stick around in order to defeat the weeds that looked like monsters for no other purpose than enjoying the situation.


It wasn’t just Haruki.

Like Haruki, other young boys also devoted themselves to various adventures (although in different shapes).

But back then, none of those young boys could have expected that they would actually dive into dungeons and fight real monsters…


If you went back to the past and told those young kids “In the future, you will be diving into dungeons and enjoying true adventures”, they would surely be overjoyed.


That’s just how boys are.

Even if they understand the true purpose, they can’t help but enjoy going on an adventure more than anything.


Those were the excuses Haruki thought to himself as he tried to escape Karen’s cold gaze.


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