104 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 104


Let’s Check That Strange Stage!



Two hours after the battle started.

A voiceless voice shook the entire 10th floor, and the huge tree stopped moving.


Karen had started to run short of breath on the way, but in the end, Haruki and the others succeeded in defeating the Dungeon Lord without sustaining any serious injuries.


The reason why the battle took so long was not only because Karen, who was the party’s main source of damage, had run short of breath during the battle, but also because the Dungeon Lord’s Vitality was unusually high.


It was so high that it couldn’t be compared to the Vitality a regular boss would have.

It was no wonder this tree was the boss that represented this dungeon.


After dying, the Dungeon Lord was not absorbed into the dungeon.

It remained ingrained to the ground as it turned gray and stopped moving.


As his slight Level-Up sickness subsided, Haruki approached the terrifyingly ashen gray Dungeon Lord and placed his hand on its corpse.


“It’s so hard…”


The Dungeon Lord’s corpse was unusually tough.

Haruki tried stabbing it with his Magic Sword.




The Magic Sword made an unpleasant noise and slid on the trunk’s surface.

There was no scratch where the Magic Sword’s tip had slid over.

It was as if it had hit stone or metal.


“Will this corpse disappear?”

“It might never do…”


A sweaty Karen also approached the tree and placed her hand on its trunk.

Perhaps the temperature on the surface was pleasant, since Karen seemed pleased and more relaxed after she touched the trunk.


“I thought it would be absorbed by the dungeon and respawn when the time came. Do defeated Dungeon Lords stay dormant until they resurrect or something like that?”


Haruki handed Karen a water bottle and allowed her to rest.

Karen gulped down the water and took a deep breath.


After getting the bottle back from Karen, Haruki watered Rhea’s planter with the remaining water.

Rhea skillfully scooped the water with her leaves and comfortably moistened her body.


“Phew. This tough battle got me really tired!”


Coming out of Karen’s pocket, Chep exhaled as if she was tired.


“… And exactly what did you do in this battle?”

“I was desperately praying that Lady Rhea wouldn’t get hurt!”

“Ah, right.”


He wanted to keep pressing her, but he could see himself getting tired of it pretty quickly.

So Haruki instead decided to ignore Chep.


Haruki, who entrusted Rare and Esta to Karen, got the magic bag from her and used it to store the materials collected from the boss.


The materials were, of course, the fallen branches and roots.

They could be used to craft various weapons and items.


The most famous items were Asahikawa furniture.

It was high-class furniture that has been prized by high-class people even before dungeons first appeared.


After removing the mud from the roots and the leaves from the branches, Haruki stored them in the magic bag.


He then checked to see if there were any special items among the materials dropped by the Dungeon Lord.

However, he couldn’t find anything that looked like a rare drop.

Unfortunately, it would appear that Haruki wasn’t blessed with a rare item this time around.


How much would he get by selling the branches and roots that he obtained from the Dungeon Lord?

Haruki was looking forward to selling those materials.

Humming cheerfully, Haruki collected roots and branches that were larger than himself.


The boss had dropped quite a few materials.

Since they were pretty large, the magic bag quickly became full to the point of bursting.


However, there were still some materials left to be collected.

It was going to be a waste, but there was no other choice but to give up on them since they wouldn’t fit in the bag.


“Maybe it would be more efficient to collect the wood while defeating the boss?”


Haruki looked into the sky as he muttered that.


The Dungeon Lord had turned completely grey.

It wasn’t only its trunk, but the branches that were still attached to it seemed to be as hard as stones and metal as well.


If the idea was to collect materials, there might be no better choice than cutting off its roots and branches while it’s still alive.

Rather than defeating the boss quickly, you can get more materials from it by taking your time fighting it.


“There are some adventurers that make a living like that too.”


Haruki was but a fledgling adventurer who just started this season, but other adventurers were different. The earliest one had been an adventurer for five years.


There was no way that any of those senior adventurers wouldn’t have already realized about something a fledgling adventurer had noticed.

It seemed they had already done so much by defeating monsters and ensuring a stable supply of materials.


If the only purpose is to acquire materials, there would be no need to defeat the Dungeon Lord.

It would be enough to simply keep it close to death and cut its branches and roots while it’s still alive.

You can get materials for days and keep them on the market without having to wait for the boss to respawn.


Then, if a large amount of materials were to be collected and kept continuously on the market…

The actual selling price of the Dungeon Lord’s materials may end up getting lower than Haruki could imagine.


Haruki, who was looking forward to seeing how much money he could get for the materials gotten from the Dungeon Lord, dropped his shoulders slightly.


“What’s wrong, Karaboshi? You look a little depressed…”

“Ah. I’ve been happily collecting these things, but now I’m not so sure that they’ll sell very well…”


Karen smiled bitterly.


“Ah, so that’s what it was. I saw you being so enthusiastic about collecting these materials, I got a little worried after I saw you drop your shoulders so suddenly. I thought you might be feeling sick again.”

“Well, my body seems to be doing well.”


Haruki unfolded his hands as if to show Karen that he was okay.



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