109 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 109


Let’s Deal With The Black Knight!



Karen, who had already put distance between the monster and herself, called out to Haruki.

A magic circle had appeared on the ground of Kamui Rock, which hadn’t had anything of the sort before.


It had been drawn with energy.

And it had the exact same pattern as the one that appeared on the stage on the 10th floor of the dungeon.


“Run away, Chep!”


Haruki called out to Chep, but there was no reaction from her.

Her eyes didn’t move at all.


— Did she faint?

— But why…?


He didn’t know the reason, but Chep’s life would be in danger if he didn’t do anything.

Haruki started to move carefully.


At that moment…

The black knight, who had remained motionless so far, suddenly began to move.




Haruki immediately steps back.


In the blink of an eye…

A jet black greatsword swung past the exact spot where Haruki had been standing.


The black knight, who had merely remained standing steadfast, now had a clear murderous intent.

That evil aura had intimidated Haruki.


That perfect stance. That strong murderous intent. That quick swing of its sword.

All of those things were ahead of Haruki.


“Ha… Haha…!”


— This is amazing.

Haruki laughed at the attack’s tremendous power.


On top of that, the enemy was fully clad in armor.

A knight wearing armor was the worst possible matchup for Haruki, who fought by detecting his opponent’s slightest muscular movements.

Its face was completely covered with a helmet. Haruki couldn’t even read his opponent’s aim by looking at its eyes.


However, it wasn’t Haruki’s first time fighting such an opponent.

During his battle against the Giant Dark Tree, he guessed his opponent’s movements without resorting to detecting the movements of its bones or muscles.


He had to make use of that battle experience.

Haruki shook off his timidity and encouraged himself.


The knight slashed at Haruki several times in quick succession.

Haruki managed to dodge each of its attacks at the last moment.

Taking even a single one of those attacks would throw him off balance.


Rhea also reacted to attacks coming from dangerous angles.

She used her Potato Stones to divert the greatsword’s trajectory.


— Hmm?


At that moment, the knight’s hatred moved.

His attacks were still aimed in Haruki’s direction.

However, the angle from which its attacks were coming from had changed a little.


— Rhea!


Haruki noticed the knight was now attacking at an angle which would allow it to kill Rhea if it hit.

Haruki got really flustered by this, but he gradually regained his composure while dodging the knight’s attacks.


The knight’s attacks seemed lighter.

His murderous intent was the same. The only difference was the angle of his attacks.


— I see…


Haruki understood that the slight change in the angle of attack allowed Haruki to parry the knight’s attack at the last moment.


The black knight and Chep.

And the feeling of discomfort about Kamui Rock he still hadn’t been able to break free from.


Haruki had a lot of questions.

But he couldn’t afford to think about them. There was no one else who would answer them.

Haruki couldn’t allow himself to get distracted from the battle for even a second.


There was little he could actually do.

But if he did nothing, it would be all over.

He would be sliced in half by that knight’s greatsword.


— That’s why I have to concentrate.

— I have to keep focused!


Focus, think, imagine, and assume.

Carve every single one of your opponent’s moves into your mind in order to imagine how it’ll move.


Don’t miss even the slightest habit.

Convert those images into data and use them to improve the accuracy of your predictions.


The knight’s attacks and preliminary moves…

— I have to see them all!


— I have to get ourselves out of this situation!!


His thinking got faster and faster.

Haruki’s brain started to get hot.


Block, avoid, sidestep.

Go around it and attack it from behind.

Haruki found a chance to attack…


— So hard!


Haruki frowned at the Magic Sword’s reaction upon hitting the knight’s back.

It was a sensation he had never felt before.


— Well, it’s obvious. After all, it’s fully clad in armor.

Haruki smiled bitterly at the words that came to his mind.

He then quickly tightened his expression.


Coincident with Haruki’s attack, Rhea opened fire at the knight.

She threw countless Potato Stones out of her two nozzles.

Since they were difficult to avoid, the knight simply knocked them away with his greatsword.


— Can this guy be damaged at all?

Haruki stared at the monster.


Weakness Exploit revealed a faint light shining on the knight’s body.

If there was light, then it could be damaged.

However, there was no line leading Haruki to a fatal strike.


The light that shone over various places of the knight’s body only merely scratched its armor.

— What am I supposed to do, then?


Haruki was very confused.

At that moment…




The knight’s greatsword approached Haruki’s eyes.

Haruki had let his guard down, and the knight had taken that opportunity.


Haruki tried to dodge the blow with all his strength.

But he didn’t make it in time.


All he had time to do before the greatsword touched him was to change his center of gravity.


Haruki was certain that he was about to die.

He looked at the greatsword that would take his life.


Then, the greatsword…




Changed its course.

The reason for that was Esta.

Esta collided with the greatsword, forcing it to change its course a little bit.


It had been but a slight change.

However, Haruki was able to match it.


He managed to block the greatsword with his Magic Sword.

The difference in power was overwhelming.

On top of that, his posture was the worst.


Haruki couldn’t take the shock, and was blown backwards.


His body fell on the ground, bouncing off and ragdolling in mid-air.


In order to kill his momentum, he stabbed the ground with his two short swords as he got on all fours.


The short swords made a loud noise as they carved their way onto the ground.

After sliding for about 10 meters, Haruki finally killed the attack’s momentum.


He was able to take the attack without sustaining any injuries.

However, the aftershock of his sliding caused his limbs to go numb.

The knight’s attack still made Haruki go dizzy.


It was an absurd amount of power.

But Haruki was still alive.


“Ha… Haha!”


A moment that swayed between life and death.

Haruki’s body burned with passion after having his life nearly snatched away from him.

The tension had reached its limit and was causing his entire body to tremble.


This knight was clearly superior to the Lizardman Haruki had fought against before.

This would be a monster he could find anywhere between the 35th and 40th floor of a dungeon.

Haruki felt that even approaching it would be a bad idea.


Even so, Haruki stood against it.

It wouldn’t do to just let himself die without doing anything in the face of such an overwhelming threat.


Even if he was going to die, he would do so while facing his opponent.

Such are these creatures called adventurers.


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