110 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 110


Let’s Strike Back Against The Black Knight!



Her strong desire for survival shook Haruki’s heart.


At that moment, Haruki’s thoughts accelerated dramatically.

His concentration broke through its maximum limit.

All of his efforts were put into breaking the deadlock they were currently in.


Right away, Haruki felt a sense of discomfort.

It was energy.

All of Kamui Rock was covered by energy.


The mountains and the forest weren’t covered by anything.

But despite this, only Kamui Rock was covered by energy, just like the dungeon.


— In other words, this is…


The moment he was convinced of it, he heard it loud in his mind.


— This is a dungeon!


Had it always been like that, or was it a recent change?

In either case, it was clear that they were in a dungeon. The entirety of Kamui Rock was filled with something that wasn’t found in nature.


If this was a dungeon, then he would be able to take out his Skill Board.

Just as Haruki thought, the Skill Board appeared in his hands without delay.


To turn the tides of this battle…

To avoid the worst possible outcome…

Haruki tapped on the board as hard as he could.


Skill Points: 3 → 0


-Agility <+1> → <+2>

├ Quickness 5

└ Dexterity 5


The knight was far superior to him in terms of physical strength and technology skills.

However, Haruki was slightly on par with it in terms of Quickness.


This was due to his enhancement of both his Kokko Feather Necklace and his Agility tree.


By further increasing his Agility, he should be quick enough to avoid the knight’s attacks and escape.

However, Haruki had already kicked the escape option down Kamui Rock’s cliff.


Haruki was an adventurer and there was a monster in front of him.

There was only one thing he could do.


He quickly put the board away and prepared his short sword.

The black knight probably noticed Haruki’s murderous intent, as he stopped walking briefly and turned its face, which was hidden behind the helmet, towards him.


Hostility and an urge to kill filled the air.


The knight didn’t have his greatsword with him.

As long as he didn’t pick it up, Haruki could turn the tides of this battle.


While Haruki was thinking that, the black knight held out its hand.

The next moment…

The greatsword had returned to its hand.




Did it have the same properties as a Skill Board?

Haruki never imagined that it would be able to recover its greatsword without picking it up.


Still, it had recovered its weapon, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Haruki focused all of his consciousness into the battle at hand.




Rhea opened fire at Haruki’s signal.

All of her shots were deflected.


Anticipating this, Haruki sped up.

He got behind the knight and slashed at it with his short sword.


Its defense was strong.

Haruki’s attack was nothing more than a scratch on its armor.

But this time, he wasn’t in a hurry.

His consciousness was focused on nothing more than toying with his opponent.


Focus, gather, bundle, and collect his thoughts.

Concentrate his conscience, compressed to its utmost limits, into that single point of battle.


Observe its conduct, perceive its behavior, predict its attacks.

Counterattack, revise, and retry.


Thanks to the Skill Board’s enhancements, Haruki’s was now a bit faster than the black knight.


However, since he was still not used to his new Agility, his movements were a bit too unnecessary.

This created a gap which the black knight did not waste.


And the timing for it couldn’t have been better.

Awesome reflexes and a terrifying technique.

It was something absolutely nasty.

That attack…




… Was also  blocked by Esta.

However, Esta didn’t come out of that attack unharmed.


The crack on his carapace had broadened due to the impact.


“Esta! Don’t overdo it!”



Esta shook his feelers sideways as if saying “I’m okay!”


“All right…”


Haruki was worried that his friends would get hurt.

But he pulled himself together.


Rhea started firing a barrage of Potato Stones.

During that time, Haruki back-stepped in order to regain his posture.


The knight was uprightly deflecting Rhea’s Potato Stones.


— But it simply blocks my attacks with its body instead… No way!


Haruki had enhanced the Potato Stones in the deepest part of the Kamuikotan dungeon.

Haruki guessed that the knight didn’t use its own body to block the Potato Stones as it did with his short sword because it was aware of the enhanced stones’ high potential.


— That’s actually quite possible.


Haruki quickly put a strategy together.

He shared it with Rhea and Esta.


“Let’s go!”


Haruki raised his voice as he approached the knight.

The knight wasn’t able to react in time due to Haruki reducing his preliminary movements to zero thanks to the technique he learned from Shigure.


Gritting his teeth, Haruki swung down with his short swords with all his strength.

His target was… the greatsword.




The Magic Sword and the Werewolf Short Sword came into contact with the greatsword almost at the same time.

A golden spark flashed in the space between Haruki and the black knight.


The swords were in contact with each other for less than a second.

Being inferior in physical power, Haruki was easily pushed backwards.


However, that interval of a decimal of a second, it was possible for him to deliver three blows.

In the short time that Haruki had given her, Rhea shot with all her might.




All of the Potato Stones that Rhea threw hit the knight’s mask directly.

Each hit caused the mask to dent little by little.


Due to those direct hits, the knight lost is balance.

Its body leant back in a big way.

The knight then promptly lowered one of its knees.


It must have been trying to avoid leaving itself open by falling.

The knight avoided the fall at the last minute.




“Now I’ll return the favor!”


Behind the knight…

With her forehead still bleeding, Karen stood holding her staff aloft.


* * * * * * * * *


When the greatsword hit her body, Karen couldn’t understand what had happened to her.

She didn’t even realize she was being attacked.


It wasn’t strange that Karen couldn’t see the knight’s attack coming, since she didn’t have the physical abilities that someone who fights in the front lines would have.


It wasn’t until she had regained consciousness that she realized she had been attacked.

Her entire body was in intense pain.


“Uh… Ugh…”


It hurt so much she was about to cry.


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