121 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 121


Let’s Control Our Energy!



They faced no problems when training with the Werewolves.

However, there were a few unintended overkills at the beginning.


A swing from Haruki’s short sword sliced a Werewolf in half with tremendous ease, and a lightning strike from Karen instantly charred another.

Rhea’s Potato Bullets were now more like a pulverizing machine.


The same was true for Esta.

Every single Werewolf fist was crushed as it came in contact with him as he jumped to block their attacks.


All of the Werewolves had been at the mercy of Haruki and the others’ newfound powers, like a child who had only started to learn how to use chopsticks trying to eat silken tofu with them.


Why isn’t it working!?

Haruki’s head became hot every time they made a mistake.





Every time a Werewolf was crushed under their power, a shriek would be heard from Karen’s pocket.

Chep’s shrieks quickly cooled Haruki’s hot head.


Thanks to those shrieks, Haruki was able to use his cool head to analyze their battles.

In a sense, Chep’s shrieks had been quite the asset for their training.


While Chep was basically shouting out of joy due to the amount of experience she was getting from the Werewolves, Maat showed no changes at all.

She didn’t chirp or move at all, and instead simply watched over Haruki’s fighting like an avid supervisor.


The first one to get the hang of it was Karen.


“That was quick…”

“I’ve had an experience similar to this one before.”

“Ah, yes, now that you mention it…”


That “experience similar to this one” Karen was referring to was back when Haruki revealed his Skill Board to her.

After learning that she could have her skills raised with it, she ended up pestering Haruki to get her Magic tree enhanced.


They had gotten themselves carried away by the momentum and ended up allocating all of their points, but in the subsequent battles they couldn’t control their new power and had a hard time fighting for a while.


From this experience, it seemed that Karen was the first to get the knack for controlling her own power.


The next one in line was Rare.

Rhea also had this experience of having a significant increase in her skill points.

In addition, she was always providing subtle support as an assistant to Haruki.

There were things she could do that Haruki couldn’t, such as repelling the opponent’s attacks with her Potato Bullets.


Esta finished right after Rhea.

This time around, it was Haruki who had the most difficulty in adjusting.


“Damn, I thought I’d be able to adjust sooner…”

“It’s no wonder. After all, you’re the one who has leveled up the most, Karaboshi.”


Karen comforted Haruki with a bitter smile.


Her words made sense.

With his Growth Acceleration, Haruki was the one with the highest physical level of the group.


Moreover, Haruki was learning to use his new Power Attack.

He often inadvertently poured his own energy into his Magic Sword whenever he increased his concentration to the limit, perhaps because his practice with energy wasn’t complete yet.


This was similar to the phenomenon in which a child calls a teacher “Mom” when they first enter elementary school.

His head couldn’t adjust quickly enough to the change, confusing him.


As his concentration increased, his energy would go out of control.

His energy would flow into his Magic Sword almost as a matter of habit.


He might even have unknowingly used a Power Attack to defeat a strong enemy.

The movement of energy that he could do in a concentrated state was so smooth that it made Haruki consider that possibility.


It was so smooth he could end up overdoing it.

He couldn’t control it well, just like when he allocated too many skill points to a single skill.


It took Haruki quite some time to adjust to this.


Before 5 pm, Haruki and the others finished their training for the day and returned to the surface.

With the material of the Werewolves that they had defeated so far, they visited the Akane shop to thank her for earlier that morning.




Of course, Akane was brought to tears of pleasure by Haruki’s gift.


“You’re robbing me blind of today’s sales!!”

“Nobody’s robbing anyone here.”


The transaction had been in accordance with all the legitimate procedures.

Haruki hadn’t done anything wrong.


“That’s what all scammers say!”

“Wait, wait. Isn’t your job to buy materials? And then, you get a profit by reselling those materials. See? Nobody loses here.”



Although it was definitely something a scammer would say, Haruki was in the right.

Haruki thought Akane should focus on selling the materials she had just obtained.


“Ah, that’s right. A request came for your team, Air.”

“Hmm? For the team?”


Haruki squinted at Akane’s words.


Haruki had already accepted a team request before.

It was that request to collect hot stones in the Nakasatsunai Dungeon.


However, Haruki would have been able to clear that request even if he hadn’t been part of a team.

In fact, he had headed for Nakasatsunai by himself in order to clear that request all on his own.


Was this new request going to be like that one?


Haruki and the others still remained a bit insecure on the technical side (though they had improved a bit after today’s training).

If they were to accept that request like that and made a mistake, they could end up losing credibility.

Should they choose to decline the request if anyone with the necessary abilities to clear it could take it?

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