126 Part 1

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 126

Let’s Think About The Road To The Future!



“… What went wrong?”


After Kagemitsu had stopped talking, Haruki’s presence started to decline sharply.

It might all be because Kagemitsu said “Isn’t that mask getting in the way of your drinking? Just take it off.”


After taking off his mask, Haruki’s presence was diminished by blending into the dim light inside the club.

No refill ever came to his empty glass, and Kagemitsu even began to flirt with the young ladies right in front of Haruki.


There was no one sitting next to Haruki, and the place around him was very well ventilated.


Haruki, who had been trembling with excitement as Kagemitsu’s presence had rubbed onto him as if he were some kind of fountain of presence, now felt as if he had been kicked into oblivion.


With tears in his eyes, Haruki had to pour his own mizuwari and watch the smiling Kagemitsu get all the fun with the young ladies.

This was too much for him to bear.


If I enhance the mask to MAX by using the item enhancement function, will I be able to eat and drink with the mask still on?

That way, I wouldn’t have to experience this kind of torture ever again.


With that in mind, the crying Haruki left the club, leaving Kagemitsu to enjoy the advances of those young girls.


“Even if I’m gone, it’s not like you’ll notice anyway…”


Murmuring those words, Haruki glanced back repeatedly.

He already had low expectations until the end, but even then Kagemitsu never came after him saying “Sorry, sorry.”


The reality is always full of hard times.

As he dragged his feet toward Yunokawa, aa white fur ball fell from the sky and onto Haruki’s shoulders.


“… Maat?”



She raised her wings as if saying Yes, this is Maat.


“So you came here looking for me…?”


Maat had a very high Detection level of 6.

That’s how she must have been able to find Haruki, even at a distance.


“Hmm… Wait a minute…”


A wicked idea emerged in Haruki’s head.


Adventurers who dive into the dungeon will always be given 3 skill points.

If he were to allocate them all into Detection, will they be able to notice Haruki’s existence!?


Haruki thought that was a good idea.

He was so drunk that he really thought it was a good idea.


While he was still able to walk in a straight line, his judgment was very clouded.


Not only allocating points for so many people would be a hassle, but there was the risk of being found out as well.

And even if he chose to ignore those things, that wouldn’t make the general public notice him, only a handful of adventurers.

No matter how much thought he put into it, it would never be a good idea.


And at its core, the whole idea was just relying on someone else’s power to find Haruki.

It wasn’t a way for Haruki to get a presence on his own.



“… I see. It was a bad idea, huh.”


Haruki dropped his shoulders and headed for the hotel that Karen had found for them.


Upon arriving at the hotel, Haruki’s slightly reddish face turned pale.


It was almost midnight.

Right outside of the hotel, under one of the few lights that were still on…

A girl stood alone, holding a potted plant with great care.


The front door of the hotel was full to the brim with the wrath of two girls: Karen and Rhea.


“…H-Hi, Karen and Rhea… What nice weather we have… tonight… huh…?”


Looking up at the sky, the stars were hidden behind a curtain of clouds and could not be seen.

The words that Haruki uttered in an effort to make for a jolly encounter fell flat on the spot.


With a smile on her face, Karen walked up to Haruki.

A cold sweat ran over Haruki’s forehead.


He could feel the intense flow of a tremendous energy coming from Karen, even through his mask.





Haruki bit his tongue as he tried to answer.

He instantly panicked and stood up straight, but quickly calmed down after realizing that he hadn’t really done anything wrong.


“What’s wrong, Karen? What are you doing up so late at night?”

“Well, It was getting late and a member of our team wasn’t showing up. I was so worried I thought I’d lose my mind. Though I’m exhausted after running all day to get here, I’ve been walking all over Yunokawa out of concern.”



Haruki’s back was wet with sweat, as if he had just had a long, leisurely bath.

However, his sweat felt the opposite of what it would have after soaking in hot water, as it was very cold.


“Tell me, Karaboshi. Where have you been and what have you been doing that kept you from coming here until now?”


Karen smiled as if she had been possessed by a man-eating demon, and Rhea silently had her two nozzles pointed at Haruki.

If I’m caught here lying…

Frightened by the future he had imagined, Haruki knelt down on the ground in an over-the-top fashion, almost as if he had dived into the spot he was standing.


Haruki was sweating bullets.

What seemed to have been a smooth journey was now coming together as a myriad of arrows, attacking Haruki’s curled up body all at once.


* * * * * * * * *


As he let himself be pampered by the young lady while he continued to drink mizuwari, Kagemitsu was thinking about Air.

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