127 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 127


Let’s Say Hi To The Self-Defense Force!



The next day, Haruki left the hotel, trying not to worry about the piercing gaze staring at him from behind.


Haruki felt as if his life had never been more at risk ever since starting his career as an adventurer than the night before.

That’s what he thought, looking back on the night before.

It had been truly a dreadful night.


I never thought I would be so glad to wake up safely in the morning.


Was it just his imagination, or did the air around him really feel chilly even though they were in the middle of summer?

Haruki trembled and headed for the headquarters of the Self-Defense Force.


The reason he was heading out to see the Self-Defense Force was to carry out his request.

Haruki had already spoken to Karen about what he talked with Kagemitsu regarding that (though that was only during the time that Karen had allowed him to speak).


However, Karen was filled with doubt regarding the Self-Defense Force’s weird behavior.

Haruki had the same feeling, but he knew that there were all kinds of people in an organization.


The printing company Haruki used to work for had suddenly cut costs significantly before reporting in order to make the numbers look as good as possible.

Frighteningly, his boss even restricted the ordering of printing paper and ink for the sake of cost reduction.


Thanks to that, Haruki’s work was delayed.

And even so, almost as if he had suddenly made up his mind, his boss bought a new whiteboard as replacement for the old one, which almost no one was using because it had gotten worn out.


That had been an event that caused a great uproar among all employees present at the moment.


However, organizations would sometimes make those kinds of decisions with a straight face.

The more peculiar the person standing at the top, the stronger the tendency.


Continuing such misjudgment wouldn’t have much of a significant impact on the overall picture of management.

The people standing below would simply have to have a bit of a hard time in order for that impact to be minimized.


That could be said to be a deterrent of sorts.


Therefore, in this case with the Self-Defense Force (good and bad judgments aside), ultimately the members in the lower hierarchies would have to work hard to solve the problem. That was what Haruki was thinking.


Since you can get the same result by acting half-heartedly, the root of all evil would always stay the same.


While waiting in front of the headquarters of the Self-Defense Force, Kagemitsu showed up along with the rest of his team.


Haruki had seen Becky during the previous “Monster Hunting Contest”.

But he hadn’t seen Van, Yoshi, or Dorameko since the battle in Chikaho.


Kagemitsu’s face looked considerably pale compared to those of his teammates. Did he get a hangover after drinking too much with those ladies last night?


Haruki felt a little uneasy.

Was it really okay to come to a meeting with the Self-Defense Force in such a state?


“Morning, Kagemitsu.”


“… You don’t seem too well, are you okay?”

“… All good.”


Kagemitsu seemed troubled, saying that it was all good.

However, such an expression was completely changed by the sharp atmosphere felt from behind him.

It instantly changed to something that resembled a bit more of an enthusiastic face.


That sharp atmosphere was being given off Becky and Doraneko.

Van and Yoshi smiled bitterly at the situation.


Haruki’s instinct warned him when he was about to try to ask what had happened.

This sign… It’s not like when you feel a snake is about to bite you, but more like a dragon or a tiger are right behind you and ready to pounce on you.

Haruki thus decided not to look at the reason behind Kagemitsu’s face.


“By the way, Air.”

“What is it?”

“Why did you bring your creatures?”


Kagemitsu frowned as he looked at Rhea and Esta, who Haruki was “wearing”.


“First of all, I think it’s better to tell you about the strategy of the Self-Defense Force.”

“… Huh? Will they understand us?”

“Of course.”


Haruki nodded with confidence, but Kagemitsu couldn’t help but show his suspicion on his face.


Rhea and Esta began to move as if reacting to Kagemitsu’s suspicions.


Rhea had sharpened her leaves and started to shake them in a questionable fashion as if saying, “I’m sorry?”

Esta was shaking his feelers in a disconnected fashion, as if asking “Can you give me some food?”


After looking at those two, Kagemitsu breathed out a small sigh.


“Those two… I understand…”


Kagemitsu really didn’t understand anything at all, and it showed on his face.


“What’s that tiny white bird you have there? Is it your pet?”

“I tamed her.”


Or at least, I think I did.


Very little was known about Maat at this stage.

She seemed attached to Haruki, and he could see her tree displayed on the Skill Board. From these facts, all he could conclude was that she had been tamed.


With a chirp, Maat jumped into Haruki’s hand.

Seeing that, Becky and Doraneko, who were waiting behind Kagemitsu, couldn’t restrain themselves.


“How lovely!!”

“What a cutie~!

“– Nguooh!”


Pushing Kagemitsu away, the two approached Haruki’s hand.

(The pushed Kagemitsu ended up weeping in the corner.)


An overpowering aura was coming from the two of them, who had “How beautiful!” and “Let me cuddle her!” written all over their faces.



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