129 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 129


Let’s Escape The Headquarters Of The Self-Defense Force!



One of the Self-Defense Force members was walking through the old school building when he found himself standing in front of the room where the adventurers had been confined.


“…Huh? What am I doing here?”


He was originally trying to go to the restroom.

But for some reason, he was standing right in front of the confinement room instead.


“Boy, am I really that tired?”


He had been feeling overworked ever since that unusual event that happened in the dungeon.

His fatigue had probably reached its peak.

As a result, he tried turning back the way he came.


At that moment…

(It’s shining?)

The window on the door to the confinement room seemed to be sparkling with light.


It wasn’t actually shining, but his eyes were compelled to look through the window.

As he did precisely that…




His voice burst out of his mouth hysterically.


The room where the adventurers had been confined was completely empty.

Panicking, the man brought his face closer to the window, but his eyes couldn’t find anyone inside the room.


(But there were supposed to be 7 people in here, right!?)


The room was furnished with sofas and tables, but none of those were so big that could serve as a hiding place for that many people.


In his mind, he could almost feel Yoshioka’s rage.


(W-W-What do I do!?)


Mr. Yoshioka is going to kill me!!

His entire body was shaking.


There wouldn’t be any problem as long as those guys stayed put inside that room.

However, if they were to escape, there would be no telling how infuriated would Yoshioka get, being that he had specifically instructed them to imprison the adventurers.


They were in a delicate situation. They had to defeat Mt. Hakodate’s Dungeon Lord.

Probably because of this, the normally-mild-mannered Yoshioka had begun to be on edge more than ever. He was so prone to fits of anger that he could very well yell at you if there was a single strand of hair on your head that he didn’t like.


If Yoshioka were to have such outbursts while they already were in such a delicate predicament, the entire Self-Defense Forces, Yamaoka included, will be taken down by its own anxieties before being able to save Hakodate.


So it wasn’t strange for this man to think, “I hope that everything goes through smoothly…”


He put his hand on the door and turned the key with a clang, which could only be done on the outside.


(Please, please tell me you’re just hiding somewhere…!!)


He opened the door as if praying, and then…



“What? What is it?”


He rubbed his eyes just to double check, but he could clearly see the adventurers there, right in front of him,


(But from outside the window, it seemed that they were gone… So all 6 of them are here, huh?)


He proceeded to count them, and was relieved to find that all of them were there.

Now Mr. Yoshioka won’t have any reason to get angry.


Then, almost at the same time, he realized that he had opened the door, and turned completely pale as a result.

If they take this chance to escape…


(The boss is definitely going to kill me!!)


“…! No, nothing at all. Well then!”


The flustered man left the room, quickly closing and locking the door behind him.

He quickly started to sweat bullets.


“That was close…”


No matter how tired he was or how weak his judgment had become, he couldn’t believe he brought himself to opening the door of the confinement door like that.


He wiped the sweat from his forehead and exhaled a sigh of relief.


“I’m glad all 6 of them were there after all…”


Finally relieved of his worries, his body shook once more.

The reason he was there was because he made a mistake while on the way to the restroom.


Recalling the important matters that had been troubling him from the start, he quickly sprinted to the restroom so as to not disgrace himself on the way there.


* * * * * * * * *


Kagemitsu was both relieved and surprised that the operation had gone so smoothly.


(Now that’s a careless person if I’ve ever seen one…)


Perhaps his poor attentiveness was part of the overall low skill rate of the Self-Defense Force.

But Kagemitsu wondered if there was something wrong with that man’s mental state as well.


Before entering the room, the man’s unprotected face seemed tremendously worn out.


He must have been terribly overworked these past few days.

How badly could things turn out if the Self-Defense Force were to fight the Dungeon Lord’s unique-species in such a state?


While nobody was watching him, Kagemitsu exhaled a sigh of relief, glad that they had been able to pull that off before it was too late.


The one who had devised this plan was Kagemitsu. First, a single member of the Self-Defense Force was to be guided to the room where they had been locked in.

Yoshi’s special skill “Trap” was used to that end.


Back when they were being taken into the room, Yoshi had set a trap to steal the eyes of the Self-Defense Force.

(That’s why the usually timid Yoshi seemed to be so stressed earlier. He was focusing on finding a good spot for the trap.)


He couldn’t just set the trap anywhere. If he had done that, he could end up guiding several Self-Defense Force members to their room.

That would make it nearly impossible to slip out of the room without bumping into someone. That’s why it had to be only one person.


Becky used her “Clairvoyance” to narrow onto their potential target.

After picking an appropriate target’s signs, she signaled Yoshi.


Then, a member of the Self-Defense Force was ensnared in his trap, and guided to the confinement room as a result.


But even though he would be led there, nothing would guarantee that he would open the door.

First, Kagemitsu gave off his strong presence to make the Self-Defense Force member want to look through the window.

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