130 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 130


Let’s Face Each Of The Battlefields!



“…Maybe it’s because this guy’s around.”


Enomoto Youichi (29) Gender: Male

Skill Points: 10

Evaluation: Swordsman



├ Stamina 2

└ Natural Recovery 1



└ Strength 2



├ Quickness 1

└ Dexterity 1



└ Equipment Mastery

├ Longsword 3

└ Heavy Armor Mastery 1



├ Intution 1

└ Detection 1



└ Command 1


This was the skill tree of the Self-Defense Force member with the highest overall skill level that had come across Haruki’s eyes.

He also was the only one that had a Special skill.


Haruki could pretty much guess what that skill was all about, but still tapped it to get the board’s explanation.

He hadn’t been too far off. The “Command” skill added to the user’s ability to lead his troops.


It was still unclear whether it would trigger a buff that strengthened the abilities of the units under his command, or whether it would allow him to control the battlefield as if he were playing chess.

In any case, Enomoto’s “Command” skill could have been the reason why the Self-Defense Forces had been able to defeat the regular Dungeon Lord so far.


After checking their skill trees, Haruki set out to allocate their points.


All of the members of the Self-Defense Force had a total of 10 skill points.

3 points for entering the 1st floor. 4 points for having gotten past the 5th floor. And an additional 3 points for having defeated the Dungeon Lord, for a total of 10 points.


He had to allocate their points in a way that wouldn’t affect their physical sensations.

Specifically, he would have to do the same as he had once done with Kagemitsu. Stamina, Natural Recovery, and armor-like skills.


Everyone’s average Stamina went from 1 to 4.

Their average Natural Recovery went from 0 to 4.

And their average armor-like skills went from 1 to 3.


“…Okay, this should help them not take as much damage.”


It had been a rather rough allocation of skill points, but it was something that had to be done in order to protect them.

Even though it was a bit pushy, when it comes to saving someone’s life, it would be better to just allocate their skill points. Haruki had learnt that lesson through the death of Shigama and the others, and the battle where he teamed up with Kagemitsu.


The Self-Defense Force are civil servants.

They had to keep up with their superiors while being sent to the dungeons against their will to tackle hopeless battles.

There was no reason for them to die here.


When Haruki finished allocating their skill points, the outside of the dungeon became lively.


“What? My body feels so light for some reason!”

“You too? I’ve noticed the weight around my shoulders has become lighter…”


It seemed that the effect of increasing Stamina and Natural Recovery was already showing.

Everyone’s tired eyes started to regain their light.


“I should be able to move normally now.”

“I was about to collapse just a second ago…”

“I could calmly go through this dungeon 3 times in a row, it’s amazing!”

“And I could go through it 4 times!”


Their voices sounded more energetic, but there were still people here and there whose eyes had still not regained their light.


A body that does not break even after doing a huge amount of work is a very valuable thing to have.

But sometimes, having a body that is too healthy can break one’s mind.


In the past, Haruki would continue to work while his colleagues would instead collapse due to the hard work as the end of the year drew near.

At that time, Haruki would ask himself over and over again, “Why am I not falling apart even though I’m working so much?” “Aren’t the others not working as hard as me?”.


If I collapse, I could finally have some rest…


Haruki quickly shook his head as if trying to shoo away the memories of those feelings from his past.


There was no time to be dwelling on the past.

Haruki swiped through his board and got back to Enomoto’s skill tree.


After thinking about it for a brief moment, he allocated his points like so:



Enomoto Youichi (29) Gender: Male

Skill Points: 10 → 0

Evaluation: Swordsman



├ Stamina 2 → 4

└ Natural Recovery 1 → 4



└ Strength 2



├ Quickness 1

└ Dexterity 1



└ Equipment Mastery

├ Longsword 3

└ Heavy Armor Mastery 1 → 3



├ Intution 1 → 2

└ Detection 1



└ Command 1 → 3


He had basically done the same changes as he had with the other members of the Self-Defense Force.

In addition, he also raised Enomoto’s Intuition and Command skills.


Command would be absolutely necessary in order to help reduce the damage to their ranks.

For that reason, he increased it to 3.


Furthermore, having a good ability to judge a situation was an important part of being in command.

In order to increase his ability to lead his troops, Haruki increased his Intuition to 2.


With a clear intuition, he should be able to make the right decision instantly.

And in turn, making the right decision would greatly help his Command skill.


After double checking to make sure he had allocated everyone’s points, Haruki entered the dungeon alone.


* * * * * * * * *


There was a heavy atmosphere in the confinement room.

The reason for that heavy atmosphere was that Air wasn’t there.


“I never thought he’d go ahead and tame such a regular-looking monster.”


A pure-white, fluffy little bird.  Kagemitsu seemed rather troubled because he thought Maat didn’t look like the type of monster Air would normally tame.


For Kagemitsu, it was unthinkable that someone like Air, whose every action was governed by his dream of increasing his presence, would catch such a normal-looking monster.


Could this be an omen of disaster?

He couldn’t help but think that way.


Maat was currently resting on Karen’s lap.

Seeing that made both Becky and Doraneko go all “Aww!”


“Something smells fishy about this.”

“Don’t say something so cruel, Kagemitsu.”


Yoshi smiled bitterly at Kagemitsu.


“Are you trying to say that Air is not being honest with us somehow?”

“You’re too optimistic sometimes. It’s not that. It’s just that Air is a guy who wants to increase his presence, right?”


Kagemitsu was absolutely correct about that.

The result of what he did is what he is now.


“I’m sure that little bird isn’t what it seems to be. It has to be hiding something.”

“Is that so? Like what?”

“Like letting loose tentacles from its body when attacked.”

“…Why, though? There’s no way that’s the case, and yet, the fact that this bird is Air’s monster makes me think that it might be possible…”


Having these wild conversations worked towards dispelling the rough atmosphere of confinement.

While looking at Kagemitsu, Karen smiled bitterly so as to not be noticed.


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