134 Part 2


Then, they would have fought to protect Hakodate, but lost because of their poor equipment quality.

In that scenario, he could proclaim that it had happened because “he had asked the city for funds to buy proper equipment, but blatantly ignored that request”.


Let the city take responsibility for the destruction of the Self-Defense Force and increase their budget so as not to make the same mistake again.

Even if the Self-Defense Force were partially or completely destroyed in the process, it was better than eventually becoming unable to prevent the land of Hakodate from being overrun by monsters.


Deeming it a necessary sacrifice, Yoshioka had sent them to their death.




“How come they all came back alive!?”


The members who returned earlier reported that although there were some injuries, there had been no deaths in the team.


Surprisingly, no one died!

This would make it impossible to request a budget from the city.


“You said you were having problems, but I don’t see any.”

“Isn’t the current budget enough for you!?”

“If you go all out, you can already manage, right!?”

“You come here saying you guys are in trouble, but you’re really just trying to get more money from us, huh!?”


The faces of the city council came to his mind, saying those kinds of things.

Damn it!


They wouldn’t realize how dangerous the dungeon is until Hakodate is destroyed.


That’s why he had come up with that plan.
It was going to be perfect.


He had gone as far as to decide to send his subordinates to their doom in order to increase their budget.

But even that failed!

It was a truly unfortunate state of affairs.


“I’ve just returned, Boss.”


A man entered the office and saluted.

It was the commander, Enomoto.


“You… What on earth have you done!!”



Enomoto stared in wonder at Yoshioka’s sudden fit of anger.

Even after defeating the rare species of the Dungeon Lord, he couldn’t see any indication of Yoshioka calming down in the slightest.


Yoshioka looked as if the operation had been a failure.

Enomoto, instead, seemed to be full of energy.

That was surely rubbing Yoshioka the wrong way.


“You forgot to lock the room where we were keeping those adventurers!”

“…What? N-no. I made sure I locked it.”

“Don’t lie to meEE! I saw the door, it was UNLOCKED!! You forgot to lock it, so it was UNLOCKED!!


“Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut UUUPPP!!”


His body was getting hot. His head was getting light.

His center of gravity shifted as if he was dizzy, and his whole body swayed.


Yoshioka was getting too angry, too excited, and seemingly lacking oxygen.

But even then, his anger didn’t seem to subside.


Where did that anger come from?

He suddenly wondered, but then the question was immediately covered with anger and disappeared.


“You bastard, you’re FIRED!!”


“I said you’re FIRED. The Self-Defense Force has no NEED for someone as USELESS as YOU. Now GET the HELL out of HEEERE!!”


Yoshioka repeatedly hit the desk violently with both hands as if to stop Enomoto from saying anything.


How must Enomoto have felt after seeing Yoshioka get like this?

Enomoto bowed once, and left the office with a frown on his face.


Yoshioka clenched his fist and pressed it strongly against his desk.


That face that Enomoto made just before he left.

It was as if he was treating his leader with contempt.




Perhaps he thought Yoshioka was stupid.

Enomoto didn’t know how much he had been thinking about the future of the Self-Defense Force.

And in spite of that, to be making such a face at him…


Who on earth do you think raised this place from the ground?
Are you trying to get me to kill any ungrateful bastards that dare to look down on their leader?




Filled with that determination, Yoshioka’s heart immediately found some comfort.

I see, I should have killed him from the beginning.


If I just killed those who don’t like how I do things and those who get in the way, everything would work out just nicely!




His throbbing heart pumped his boiling blood.

That blood rumbled across his entire body.

His consciousness seemed to be…

About to…





Yoshioka screamed after seeing the silhouette that suddenly appeared in the room.

What had appeared was… a little bird.

It was a pure white, fluffy-looking young bird.


“…How did you get here?”


As Yoshioka stared at her, the little bird tilted his head.

Her carefree attitude stirred his emotions, which once again began to burn.




Yoshioka uttered such terrifying words with the same tone of voice he would use when saying he would go for a walk.


Before the enraged Yoshioka, the little bird spread its wings softly.

White things began to fall in front of Yoshioka.




The next moment…




Yoshioka’s body was suddenly slammed into the floor.

He could hear the sound of his ribs breaking as he hit the floor


(What the hell is going on!?)


Yoshioka instantly started to panic.

Just as the little bird spread its wings, Yoshioka fell to the floor as if the gravity had become too much for his body to handle.

It’s as if he had been drawn to a powerful magnet.


He couldn’t stand up, no matter how hard he tried.

He put all of his strength into his arms, but it was no good.


As he desperately tried to get back on his feet, the mysterious power that hedl Yoshioka down grew stronger.


“Guh… Ack… Gaahh!!”


Yoshioka felt as if something was being pulled out of the core of his body.

Yoshioka’s consciousness disappeared before he could know what had happened to him.

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