138 Part 1

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 138


Let’s Fight Against the Seed of Evil!



After parting ways with Air’s team at the armor store, Team Aerial was in a diner at a corner in the Hakodate Morning Market that had seafood served up in a line.


It was a famous diner where live squid could be eaten as sashimi on the spot.

However, since squid fishing was no longer possible, they couldn’t serve their specialty anymore.


Their new main product was the “Dungeon Lord Donburi”, a food whose name not only made it difficult to imagine what was inside the bowl it was served on, but also aroused a sense of danger from it.


Even though they were wondering what kind of bowl it was, they couldn’t confirm it because the “sold out” paper was stuck on the menu table, probably because the Dungeon Lord had turned into a rare species.


Kagemitsu and his colleagues enjoyed a dish of Matsumae pickles and the potato spirits –known as shochu— “Kitasato”.

This was their way to celebrate the fulfillment of their request. They would usually be a little bit flashier, but Team Aerial wasn’t as active as usual.

This time, Kagemitsu decided that a celebration of this scale would be sufficient.


“But that Air really is something else…”


As the potato shochu warmed his body and his tongue was loosened, Kagemitsu quietly muttered those words.


“That’s true. Air just became an adventurer this year, right?”


His ears must have been very well trained after all that time spent scouting in the dungeons.

Kagemitsu had been really quiet when he said that, but Yoshi had heard it clear as day.


“That’s right.”

“It’s been what, two years since we first defeated the Lord of Hakodate Dungeon? It’s August now, so…”


How much was the difference in speed between Team Aerial and Air?

Yoshi choked up. He must have realized about that astounding number.


Air and others had reached the same position as Team Aerial, who had been running at the top of Hokkaido for quite some time, six times faster than them.

Of course, that was compared to Team Aerial’s record of the time, which was when they defeated the Lord of the Hakodate Dungeon.


Currently, Team Aerial was still better in terms of records, as they had explored all the way down to the 27th floor of “Chikaho”.

But how meaningful was that record?


It would be safe to say that the individual ability of Air and Karen was already comparable to that of Team Aerial.

Every one of Team Aerial’s members agreed with that.


It would be only a matter of time before Air’s team would overtake Aerial.

Of course, as long as they can go on adventures without any problems until then.


Adventurers heading deep into the dungeons had the most difficulty in continuing their adventures.


“I’ve been thinking about that for a while…”


After drinking the rest of the shochu in his cup in one go, Kagemitsu started pouring out what was inside his heart.


With this event, the extraordinary strength and growth rate of Air’s team became common knowledge among the members of Team Aerial.

As far as Kagemitsu understood, none of the members of Team Aerial couldn’t  see the future that lay before Air’s team.


“Then now’s the time”, thought Kagemitsu, and asked the rest of the members about the future prospects that he had already spoken about with Air.


About having them take over the position as the top team in Hokkaido.

The story was breathtaking, but it seemed that the members immediately remembered the Air’s potential and were quickly convinced by Kagemitsu’s speech.


There were no complaints.


Air headed for the Dungeon Lord’s rare species all by himself and defeated it while protecting all of the Self-Defense Force members, which had an overwhelming difference in power with it.

He had done such a great job that it seemed just too perfect.

Not even Kagemitsu, who led the top team in Hokkaido, could help but acknowledge it as some kind of nonsense.


And Karen, who everyone thought was just walking behind Air’s shadow, had destroyed several meters of a wall of the old school building with a mere swing of her staff.

It had looked like nothing but a casual swing of her staff, without a trace of threat about it.


(That girl, wasn’t she just able to use thunder magic…)


The astonishment of Kagemitsu, who knew she could use magic, was greater than that of the other members, who knew nothing.


That long-range fighter can shoot high-powered attacks even in close quarters!


She would normally attack from a long distance, and just in case someone were to get too close, there would be a high-powered staff attack waiting.

No other adventurer was so versatile in combat.

(Of course, a balancer wouldn’t be as good as someone who’s specialized in one of them…)


It wouldn’t be a mistake to say that Karen was unique.

At the very least, Kagemitsu knew that no one else had such a versatility as she did.


Air’s team wasn’t just Air.
Each of its members were a talented person with the same special talent as Air!


There would have been no one who could argue with the talent that Air and Karen had displayed.


And they would be taking over as Hokkaido’s top team.

There was no objection to this idea, but each of the members would dumbfoundedly say ”Then, why have worked so far all this time?”


Well, that couldn’t be helped either.

The reason is that Air’s team had worked really hard to catch up with Team Aerial at such a tremendous speed.


It took two years for Team Aerial to achieve what Air’s team could manage to do in just four months.

They were still at the top, but it was easy to predict that it wouldn’t be too long before Air’s team would be able to catch up with them.

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