139 Part 2

When Haruki took a breath, the fragrant scent passed through his nostrils.


The scent of seafood, kelp, and potatoes.

It also had a scent that gently tickled his appetite.


Is this…




Haruki, who looked into the pot from a distance, noticed the true nature of the scent and opened his eyes wide.


Miso was a seasoning that could be called “the heart of Japan”.


Since the first Stampede, fermented seasonings had become very difficult to obtain due to the weakening of the production line.


However, you miso could still be purchased directly from breweries.

But the demand is so high that it would almost always be sold out.


And yet they were using lots and lots of it, right in front of Haruki?


“I had thought that lumpfish soup would have to be salty, but… I can’t believe it, they’re using miso for it!”


With sparkling eyes, Haruki gulped down his own saliva.


Haruki wasn’t the only one captivated by the smell.

Karen was also waiting for her share of Lumpfish soup with gleaming eyes.


Karen had never tried lumpfish soup before.

However, she could tell by smelling it.

She could tell that lumpfish soup was definitely a delicious dish.


The distribution lumpfish soup was quieter than expected and was done without a hitch.

There were no citizens who pushed each other for it. If they simply waited patiently, they would get to enjoy a dish of lumpfish soup, and then go back to the waiting lines for another serving.


It was also good that the Self-Defense Force was in charge of the waiting lines.

They were always low-profile, didn’t intimidate the public, and would reply with a smile when spoken to.

They must have been loved by the citizens of Hakodate. Citizens would often greet them whenever they were out doing their rounds.


The Self-Defense Force protected the city during the second Stampede.

They also defeated the Dungeon Lord numerous times, providing food to the city.

The ingredients for this lumpfish soup were provided free of charge by the Self-Defense Force.


The Self-Defense Force was that devoted to the citizens of Hakodate, and they couldn’t love them any more for it.


While looking at the Self-Defense Force, Haruki picked up a serving of lumpfish soup and sat down on an empty seat.


Haruki and Karen looked at each other and nodded lightly, picking up their chopsticks.


“Let’s dig in!!”


Haruki separated his set of disposable chopsticks and had a taste of the lumpfish soup.




When he took a sip of the soup, the taste of seafood spread quickly throughout his mouth.

The rich soup stock matched the taste of miso very nicely.


The texture of the lumpfish eggs mixed in with the soup was also wonderful.


Most of the lumpfish’s body was collagen.

It was so tender that the moment you put it in your mouth, it melts immediately.


The vegetables put in with the lumpfish also enhanced the soup’s flavor.




Haruki slurped on the lumpfish soup as tears of gratitude started to appear on his eyes.


“Uhh… Uhh…”


Deeply moved, Karen sobbed as she frantically gulped down the lumpfish soup.


Seeing her, Haruki nodded to himself several times.

That’s right, that’s right…


Lumpfish soup was one of the Hokkaido dishes that Haruki was most obsessed about.

There was no way it wouldn’t be delicious.


Esta was moving his feelers, perhaps because he was interested in Haruki’s meal.

Haruki tried giving him a bit of lumpfish.


Esta didn’t seem to like it, as he didn’t ask for another bite.

He must have a preference for crunchy food, or maybe he simply didn’t like seafood that much.




Seeing how Haruki and Karen were enjoying their meal must have made her want to try it as well. Chep popped out of Karen’s pocket and stared at them with greedy eyes.


Though a bit hesitant at first, after noticing Chep’s intense gaze, Karen finally decided to give her some of her lumpfish soup.


“Munch munch!! The collagen permeates into my entire body!! It’ll make me even more beautiful than I already am… What should I do!?”


She was hopeless.

Seeing Chep’s behavior, Haruki dropped his shoulders.


But Chep, are you even okay with eating that?

Haruki’s attention shifted to that question.


(Wouldn’t that count as cannibalism…?)


Chep didn’t seem to notice Haruki’s chilly gaze, as she only had eyes for the lumpfish’s collagen.



It wasn’t long before the three large pots of lumpfish soup went completely empty.

All of the citizens had thoroughly enjoyed the lumpfish soup.


Nobody complained that when the pots were empty.

That wasn’t because they had eaten for free, but because everyone was satisfied with the lumpfish soup.


All of the citizens that Haruki could see were stroking their stomachs with a happy expression on their faces.


Haruki and Karen had had their fill of lumpfish soup as well.


“It was really tasty!”


Haruki and Karen put down their chopsticks, expressed their gratitude for the life they received, the cooks, and the spirit of the Self-Defense Force.


“…Ah, that was amazing!”


Haruki sighed with bliss as he stroke his full belly.


“By the way…”


After finishing his meal, Haruki was finally jolted back into reality.


There was no hostility coming from them, and above all, they were staring at Haruki.

They’re looking at me!! Yahoo!! His heart was excited, but he felt that though it would be a shame to do so, he would have to ask them what it was all about soon.


“…Is something the matter?”


That’s what Haruki asked the men as he quickly turned towards them.

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